Finding Oneness In Duality

Plant medicine, have we been lied to about all it can do?

October 15, 2020 Inanda Joy & Valerie Season 2 Episode 20
Plant medicine, have we been lied to about all it can do?
Finding Oneness In Duality
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Finding Oneness In Duality
Plant medicine, have we been lied to about all it can do?
Oct 15, 2020 Season 2 Episode 20
Inanda Joy & Valerie

In this episode we discuss some possible origins of plant medicine and how their use has been hidden throughout human history. We have a health-care system that has exploited and pushed highly addictive and destructive substances as "medicine" and has criminalized the use of natural, non addictive substances that have the potential to heal deep emotional wounding such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other things, in one therapeutic session. What if we start looking at plant medicine as a tool for deep healing and reprogramming the default brain patterns we can get stuck in? 
Plant medicine has a reputation of opening people's mind to the mystical and a high number of people who experience a journey lose their fear of death, and find their place of oneness in our world. There is mounting evidence that plant medicine has been tied to religious and spiritual ceremony and ritual since the beginning of time. Plant medicine has been closely tied to major religions and their spiritual practices. At some point, this potent practice has been shut down and history has been rewritten to depict this practice as dangerous and irresponsible. We question the reasons for this, and share some information to challenge this common narrative. Come along with us with an open mind, for a lively conversation, that may just change your mind about everything.

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In this episode we discuss some possible origins of plant medicine and how their use has been hidden throughout human history. We have a health-care system that has exploited and pushed highly addictive and destructive substances as "medicine" and has criminalized the use of natural, non addictive substances that have the potential to heal deep emotional wounding such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other things, in one therapeutic session. What if we start looking at plant medicine as a tool for deep healing and reprogramming the default brain patterns we can get stuck in? 
Plant medicine has a reputation of opening people's mind to the mystical and a high number of people who experience a journey lose their fear of death, and find their place of oneness in our world. There is mounting evidence that plant medicine has been tied to religious and spiritual ceremony and ritual since the beginning of time. Plant medicine has been closely tied to major religions and their spiritual practices. At some point, this potent practice has been shut down and history has been rewritten to depict this practice as dangerous and irresponsible. We question the reasons for this, and share some information to challenge this common narrative. Come along with us with an open mind, for a lively conversation, that may just change your mind about everything.

Speaker 0 (0s): This is Inanda Joy and I'm Valerie and we welcome you 

Speaker 1 (6s): Too. The practice of living from your heart 

Speaker 0 (9s): While Finding Oneness In Duality Don <inaudible> and There good 

Speaker 1 (20s): F*****g morning. Good morning. If you guys don't already know, we use curse words. It does say explicit. Are they curse words really? Let's are they really all right, so here's, here's the truth that I'm really deeply landing in. Oh, I love it. He ready? You already know this truth. I'm ready, but it's, there is something so much deeper about this awareness that is just hitting me. We went and picked up a car in Idaho this last weekend and drive six hours, meet our dealer guy who traveled. 

My husband has been texting and stuff, and he's been super cool and chill. And when you start having, you know, I'd go take it for a test drive and I start noticing, hi, his language is similar to mine. So we ended up having this deep conversation of is so deep and talking about, I mean, it's refreshing to have conversations with people that can go all the places. And there was a lot of things that I didn't know, like the King's list and some different things. And he's like our origins at SUMAR in our history, you know, he was just rattling off, but it was another experience for me to really like the, I don't care what you believe as far as what a slave race looks like. 

We have been dumbed down. We have been sheltered. We have been people that I think, and at one point in time, there was somewhat of an intention of trying to protect or try to, Hey, you know, like a child, Hey, I'm just going to create boundaries. So you don't hurt yourself kind of thing. I think there was maybe an attention have that, but the reality is, is we've had layers and layers put on us that are not true. Our history there's so much that it's not true dumbing down on our psychic a gifts to a psychedelics. 

It's one of the pieces. And we're going to talk about that here a little bit. And I feel like maybe, you know, cause last time we touched on the whole, you brought up the chakra system in moving into higher densities and not higher densities, but 3d 45 D and I, I was We as I was relistening I'm like, yes, like everything can be just as simple as what if we're just here to actually remove all these layers that have been pushed on us, move through the chakra system and really coming into, it's not as much of a sovereign being as it is. 

There's a word that is escaping me right now. Oh, damn. It is just completely resourcing. All the layers are off re remembering who we are and maybe that as a whole purpose of this life on this earth plane, I don't know. But that truth is becoming so, you know, when you have something that's so deep, have a truth and trying to put to is really, really challenging. And we're going to talk more into this, especially with a psychedelics on this thing that you and I listened to. And then I've had some personal experiences of course this week. 

And I know you have a lot of personal experiences too, but you know, religion, even dumbing down our gifts and trying to control and trying to suppress our foods, trying to control, trying to suppress it's, you know, there's, there's just so many pieces of trying to dumb down us as human beings. You know, what would happen if all of us stepped into our gifts, our abilities, our sovereign selves, ah, and lead from our hearts and have more of a peaceful coexistence. 

Nobody can have power over us with that sovereignty, right? Yeah. If our society is, we start moving in to that. Yeah. That'd be pretty, pretty Epic, but that I did that make any sense. Do they communicate that clearly? Hi, Amanda, how are you this morning? We're we're, we're jumping right in. I love that. 

Speaker 2 (4m 2s): That's funny. Cause your like, can you just chat a little bit? And Amanda is like, yes. And this is dah, dah, dah. Okay. Here we are. I love it. I'm going take a deep breath. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel, yeah. 

Speaker 1 (4m 18s): That's what 2020 has been about is unveiling all the layers so that we can see clearly and start to be sovereign beings stepping out of the paradigms out of the matrix out of the systems have control and slavery. I do believe where we're in slave to many systems. So autonomous. That was the word for word. Yeah. 

Yeah. So before we jump in, I'm brought it up. 

Speaker 2 (4m 51s): When we already have, 

Speaker 1 (4m 53s): I brought my goddess power or a coach. 

Speaker 2 (4m 56s): How did what I say made sense. 

Speaker 1 (4m 59s): Yeah, totally. And you know, I think we need a little context around it because 

Speaker 2 (5m 3s): It was a deep dive. Okay. This is just fine. 

Speaker 1 (5m 6s): Is this funny? Not funny. It's a card that popped out earlier on. I put it back in. So a screen Tara. Oh, it is number 17 salivation. I also know her a sovereignty, so it's a green Tyra. It wants to be here. Val is drawing from the goddess power deck. Who is that? Coal at Baron Reed. Yup. Yep. So I'm just going to read this really quick. And I think this is beautiful because she came twice. Like she came in, I was like, Oh, I didn't pick you, put her back in. 

And then she like literally jumped out of the deck and said, no. So, but for anyone who's not familiar with doing any kind of terrible cards. Usually when your doing taro, there are often times the card will literally fall out of the deck or jump out and that's the card and that's what Val is speaking to. Is she jumped out before and then bell put her. 

Speaker 2 (5m 53s): Yeah, no, yeah. Can you yet? And she's like, f**k you. I'm common. 

Speaker 3 (5m 58s): A low. Alright. So the empowerment message of green Tara, the divine has intended you into being and giving you the assignment to explore life through certain perceived limitations 

Speaker 2 (6m 11s): Is this is like, if you can't make this s**t up, 

Speaker 3 (6m 15s): You are meant to learn about life and all its complexities, especially learning about how to be in community with others, green Tara, a Tibet Tibet in goddess, also known as is she who saves says that you will never be alone in life's journey. This compassionate savior goddess of intimate friendship will ensure that the right people will show up for you at the right time. I love this green Tara reminds you that your needs will always be met. You don't need to know the how as that is her domain. You just need to trust. 

And the goddess green Tara will use her magic on your behalf. You are safe and secure and always in the care of the divine green Tara known as she who saves is here to remind you that salvation is contingent on your willingness to release your ego conflicts and surrender your wants and unmet desires to the divine. Do you find yourself swimming in a nagging spiral of dissatisfaction? Are you comparing yourself to others and always coming up short? Do you feel entitled to the manifestation of your wants arriving in the only form you will accept when you are suffering from longing and wanting your, like a hungry ghost that will never be fed blind to the opportunities that are truly yours? 

Never fear just as a true friend will let you know when you're off track green, Tara will let you know when you're out of alignment. She will save you from the destructive qualities of hubris entitlement and a leadism as well as the consciousness of lack with the following alignment tasks, get right with yourself in the world. Again, first, no that you are exactly where you need to be right now. And if that means empty for a time, that is perfect. Instead of looking at what isn't there, bless every tiny aspect of your life with deep gratitude, green Tara will show you that the world is your friend. 

You've only been fighting against yourself. You will then recognize the earth as a place of joy, 

Speaker 2 (8m 3s): Weight and abundance. Amen. 

Speaker 3 (8m 6s): So, I mean, just your story, you just shared. What I was hearing is we're these vortex of creative beings and you pulled in this experience of someone that spoke your language was in the same frequency of you have the things you're exploring. Andy are opening up two and here's this car dealer like the salesman who shows up in your vortex and teaches you new things that is going to put you on this path of what you are asking for. You know what I mean? How incredible is that? 

Yeah, I had the same experience when I bought my car a June, I guess it was beginning of June. I hate buying cars. It's like my, on the list of things to do, like the very lowest. And I just set intention that it would flow and the sales guy was studying religion. And, and so we sat and had this incredible conversation while we were going through the process of buying a car. I was like, thanks, universe. That such a supportive thing that just showed up. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (9m 6s): A hundred percent. Oh, I love that. Yeah. Ah, well, and what was cool is you and I, and T kind of touched on and I forgot about this until I really listened to it, but we did touch on psychedelics towards the end of the podcast. Like that 

Speaker 3 (9m 21s): Talked about it a few times. I feel it's because it's in the collective, there's a huge shift for people to look for alternative ways of healing, that our is not a lifetime prescription of pharmaceutical drugs that actually shifts the brain, which then shifts the experience in the body. Yeah. And psychedelics is showing again and again, as a powerful tool to do that, 

Speaker 1 (9m 46s): That, and I know, especially in Utah, it seems to be a little bit of a trend, you know, how their things that are kind of an a and I say trend only because from what I've been hearing, there's a lot of circles that we'll get we'll gather together and do these journeys together, but then there's no real grounding, right? There's, there's a, there's a deep wisdom. I feel like that I'm understanding and learning in Plant medicine and frankly I've been resistant to it. You and I have had lots of conversations around this were you have a deeper connection with it, and it's been a more beautiful experience. 

What I've, I hope I can speak clearly to this. I've always had the personality that is afraid of letting go of control. So when I did start drinking, I would never get drunk. I was always the one that was the responsible one when I've done different things. Like if I I've had a few times where I feel like I'm, I'm leaving my body and just that fear that I'm never going to come back and, you know, I did feel called to do a suicide, been journey. And I did it with someone that I deeply trust and the whole time I was navigating it, I wasn't letting the medicine take me. 

And, and I kinda made my peace with this is just not for me. And even though with a microdosing and you've brought up a few things and, and I mentioned this to you the other day, that it's interesting because the medicine does, there's a relationship there that's asking to be had if you pay attention. Right. So you had brought up like we'll maybe the one time I use was microdosing and I was super tired. And the other time, you know, I've had a few experiences I'll share share later. So I'm not dying so much, but especially listening to this recent podcast, Holy cow, it's expanding my understanding and awareness of what can be healed through psychedelics. 

Speaker 3 (11m 42s): I feel like with anything, intention is everything, right? And there's definitely the aspect of recreational use and tripping, right. Just to have that euphoric experience. And I don't think that's wrong. I don't think it's wrong. If it becomes a pattern of escape of, I do not want to be in my reality, that may be something to look at. Right. But looking at Plant medicine as a tool for deep healing and re pattering the default brain patterns that we get stuck in that for me is life changing. 

So I've been microdosing for almost three months now and has been for the years of experience I've had in different therapeutics with like different holistic modalities, the integration piece as always for me where the transformation takes, right. We can learn all this information and, and we can conceptualize it. But unless we pull it in on a cellular lived level, nothing changes. So we have all these tools and we're like, Oh yeah, I can do this. 

And then we cycle again. And we spiral again and were in the same f*****g place for me. Microdosing has been an integrative practice where I can pull in an intention and I can pull in a focus. And then I don't get into the brain mind. F**k. I don't, I can't. That is the gift of that. I'm micro-dosing, it keeps me on the present moment. It keeps me in the intention that I am choosing to live and it's rewiring my brain. 

So these healing patterns I've been looking at and working with for years and years, but keep coming up are now finally not controlling my life. What an amazing gift that has been for me. Yeah. Yeah. And then just opening up your brain too, like your mind, it's not even your brain opening up your mind to the mystical, to the what, if's the big thinking of, like, it just makes you, for me, my experience is it's helped me be more and I'm, I've always been pretty open, but just to be more open to the mystic, 

Speaker 1 (14m 2s): What if, what if this, what it is 

Speaker 3 (14m 4s): Is that, you know, and, and what comes through is pretty, pretty amazing. So 

Speaker 1 (14m 10s): I love that you brought up the, you know, the integration part because as, and you know this as a facilitator of healing and you do a lot more body work, we were, I'm doing all on the energetics and when you do healing, it does, it does change the energetics, but there is often time. And I think I spoke to this last time, we do forget about our physical bodies and I am personally learning. So acutely how important our physical bodies are in our, in our progression of healing. And how, how does it is a huge, like your, like, with what you're saying, if you don't integrate it, you will fall back in the same patterns. 

And then you'll put that information back out into the energetic matrix. So really embodying it and moving in. And I what I think is fascinating for me. And frankly, a little bit mind blowing 

Speaker 2 (15m 3s): It is. I so hope 

Speaker 1 (15m 5s): After our last conversation, every time I talked to Valerie, I'm like, OK, fine. I'm going to try microdosing again. Cause Valkyrie is a lot of wisdom with this. It's like, I feel like it's just natural for you. It's, it's a part of my path. And it just keeps it's. Yeah. When I have, I actually have a lot of people in my world that are very huge believers in, especially with Plant medicine, psilocybin, and micro-dosing in fact, we even had a conversation about it at our retreat for a little bit and, and, you know, sharing some stories and that whole brain pathways, there's a certain kind of mushroom that helps with rewiring the, the pathways, which is just fascinating. 

And of course, you know, that whole idea of coming back to the hi, can we be in communion with a planet and the earth? And of course, there's medicine here on the earth that would help in our, in our expansion of who we are and reremembering who we are. And I so after we talked last, I microdose 

Speaker 2 (16m 2s): <inaudible> 

Speaker 1 (16m 4s): Monday and my brain would not stop. And I'm a thinker and I've always been wired that way. And I've really learned in my practice too, to slow that down. And, and again, I've talked about this being in the present moment and, and the present moment, your, your thoughts do slow down. And when you slow down, you're more available for a circular time. You're more available to here, the different things that are coming in. And so having this con kind of on overdrive was like, What in the hell. And I was just kind of trying to be with it and kind of like, okay, what is the, what is the medicine showing me here? 

And there is, I'm going through a phase right now where I'm feeling like its time. My husband, I are both feeling it's time to create something in our lives. You know, we've, it's been a little while since I closed down the business, my business and we closed down my business and it's just now it's feeling like that's time. And so there's those old programming pieces of creation and I'm a big thinker and what if I fail? And so all of this is going through and through and my 41st birthday, right? I I am like, I'm 41. 

What the hell am I doing with my life? Yes, I'm a Sharma and I'm doing all this, but I'm always, I'm a big thinker we want to do. And you know, all of these thoughts, they're not good enough. I failed. Why should I create something, all these things and actually post about this today, this kind of it ties into some of the timeline a few weeks ago is going through a bunch of old boxes of photos and keepsakes. And I come across as birthday card when I was 21. Wow. And my mom signed it, you know, cutesy and my dad who my dad passed away when I was 25 and Oh, I'm going to get emotional. 

I yesterday was like a crazy day for me. And so I F and I'm trying to still be in it instead of moving into my head to try and figure it out. Right. And anyway, and I I'm like, Oh, how cute is this? I take a picture. And I'm like, ah, that I have it. And, and I didn't really pay too much attention to it. And then yesterday, you know, I'm in all these thoughts, I've been thinking a lot about my dad who I've. I find it fascinating how the relationship that I have with my dad is very similar to what I would have. 

Like if I were to relate it with my mother I, we go through ups and downs phases, where we are closer in phases, where we are not phases, where things are popping, you know, in phases where it's, it's cohesive. And I go through the same thing with my dad, even though he's dead and that he's passed away, we still have a relationship. And I had, I pushed him out of my field because I was working through some patriarchy pieces that came up when I was doing my North medicine work. And it, a little bit of that resentment, you know, you're moving through that frustration. And so I kinda pushed him out of my field. 

And I've had a few other experiences where I've pushed them out of my field because just because someone dies does not mean all of a sudden, they have all the answers, even though he's a guide of mine. So it still has been that sovereignty of what do I want to let in and recognizing he is always there. So it's an interesting dance. And I knew he had been trying to get, he he'd been trying to get my attention and I knew it through some different things. And here I read this card, whatever, and a couple of weeks ago, and then I'm sitting yesterday and I had been thinking about my dad because I'm like, how old was he when he started his business? 

And he was older, I think he was late thirties. I'm like, okay. Being 41 doesn't mean that, you know, my life's in the downhill because that whole adage, right. Oh my God. Now we're on the downhill spiral and I can never create anything. And this is a long story now, your good. Anyway, as I am, I go, I'm going through my pictures and I see this car to go in and I reread it. And it's, 

Speaker 4 (19m 46s): It says I have to pull it up so I can see it. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (19m 48s): Incorrectly. And I, and again, I was already kind of an emotional wreck, trying to think what I wanted it, Phil, what I wanted to do with my life, trying to get focused, feeling a lot of confusion. And this card says life really begins at 21 or is at 41. Well, anyway, your mother closer. Oh. And I'm like, how did I not, how did I not see that? I read it, but I didn't connect the dots of all right, dad, I'm, I'm paying attention. 

I'm listening. So this comes in and I feel emotional because there are those times where it's like, Oh, it's nice. Knowing when we feel supported on the other side, even though the other side is an other it's right here, that's just being quiet enough to pay attention. And, and then I had something, a conversation with someone in my life who happens to know the right things to say at the worst time that triggered all my s**t, my long winded story. And it's actually still up, there are some huge deep pieces that popped and I got to go see Christy yesterday. 

So it was perfect timing and some fractal pieces that are really fascinating to look at and sit with, and I'm still sitting with it. And it is all because of the f*****g mushroom. And, and, and I'm realizing more and more of that. Like, it's like, does this because you microdose because I microdose, I feel like I'm realizing, or seeing that it's possible that this Plant medicine has the ability to pop things that are ready to be looked at so that we can, because this is a huge piece that is coming up for me, like huge and, and painful. 

And as I'm laying on the table and with Christie, she's like you, she goes, of course, you're going through this and the physical, because if this is something I'm wanting two and a, who knows what I'm going to end up teaching At, although that's always been something in my wiring as teachers, we, the best teachers are the ones that go through. 

Speaker 2 (21m 49s): Right. Right. You can teach from your experience. Right. 

Speaker 1 (21m 52s): Yeah. Anyway, but it, it was like this deeper, Holy s**t. Like, is it really possible that when your talking, cause there's, I feel like there's a few different branches maybe with the different, you know, whether you're doing a deep dive journey and you, I don't know if you want to share any of that, but, or your micro-dosing is like, wow, maybe this has a possibility of a really bringing up your stuff because the more we bring up the stuff, like I spoke to you in the beginning of the more of those layers dissolve and the more we become autonomous beings, sovereign beings, I like the word autonomy better. 

There's something about that. Fear feels cleaner for me. 

Speaker 2 (22m 33s): I I feel if we reframe the field around psychedelics and that's this Joe Rowe grant, Joe Rogan podcasts that we can dive into, but reframe it into Plant medicine. And there are guides. It is a consciousness held within this Plant medicine that it becomes a guide. 

Speaker 1 (22m 58s): It is a spirit attached to this medicine. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (22m 60s): It's a guide and, and trusting where it takes you and you have to let go of control and go through the door. That's the scariest. 

Speaker 1 (23m 11s): Right. And this is one of the things I'm like, all right, now I'm seeing more of, instead of, well, maybe that's just my wiser self, blah, blah, blah, psych. No, this is showing up as something that when I'm ready. Yeah. So, which of course scares the s**t outta me, of course. But this reminds me with the podcasts that you just mentioned. When I, again, when I'm speaking to the beginning, there are certain individuals that have been on this planet that it purposely, you know, when we talk about Anna, for example, are Mary Magdalen. You know, they were labeled as whores when that was not the truth. 

Right. And they were in tapped in and turned on a new their gifts and were extremely powerful on this is why they were labeled as that right. There is now becoming scientific. There is scientific evidence that's showing back in. However, what was the year, the entire history, like a biblical time, 

Speaker 3 (24m 5s): Like they were seeing that the Sphinx in your car in Egypt is actually over 12,000 years old. Right? 

Speaker 1 (24m 11s): Like even that timeline in that piece was, and you can dive into it in a minute, but, but just how much even that has been stripped away or labeled as bad or evil, and it kills people. And it, you know, here's your brain on drugs and, and there are certain drugs that yes, they are not well. And their, the ones that are illegal that paradox, I'm talking about. Some of, you know, like you have some drugs that are really, really bad, like a bass salt's that kids were doing. And yeah, 

Speaker 3 (24m 41s): But the opioids, right. That's a very natural, it's a natural substance, a manmade that has been put in money power, but the OPM Plant write, it has been used in Asia for years and years, but it's highly addictive and highly destructive. And yet it's put into our modern day, I'm using air quotes medicine, right. Which think about that for a second, highly addictive, highly destructive. And now it is a recommended programming met like a re recommended as a method of whatever in the medical field like that is a mind f**k. 

But then these plant medicines that actually opened your mind that heal your soul, heal your body. Like PTSD like all of that and free you from the matrix for you, from those programs, our war on drugs are criminal as criminal. It's a criminal offense to open your mind. What, what, what let's look at 

Speaker 1 (25m 41s): Is that what I did think that was an interesting thing that he did talk or touch on was the war on drugs. When he mentioned brought that up in the, how it's just part of the, you know, the matrix that's been created to keep us suppressed. 

Speaker 3 (25m 54s): Well, if you look at the time in history, it was during the Vietnam war. People were not on board with that. And if you do research around the Vietnam war, the whole thing was, it was made up. Yeah. The reasons why we went in were made up and they needed the people to support that decision for the few that would benefit from mass destruction. Right? And the people at the time were taking psychedelics. LSD was huge at that time. Mushrooms are a huge at that time. And there are starting to wake up and said, no, we won't go along with this program. 

And then down comes the iron fist, right? 

Speaker 1 (26m 29s): This is evil. This is follow us. This has been a criminal. 

Speaker 3 (26m 32s): Well, we're going to keep you in enslaved. That's a powerful to look at that with observing eyes, like what, what really is going on here, you know? And then when you look at the history 

Speaker 1 (26m 46s): Of psychedelics through that, 

Speaker 3 (26m 49s): The entire time on the planet, that's the podcast we keep referring to as a Joe Rogan podcast. I don't know what episode I didn't bring my phone over a, do you have any 

Speaker 1 (26m 57s): That? And we'll sign it in the notes 

Speaker 3 (26m 60s): He's interviewing. What were their names? Something Hancock, Graham, Graham Hancock, and a, another guy when's an Egyptologist. And the other one has done intensive study on psychedelics in his life, psychedelics and mind altering substances in conjunction with religion and history and mystic ceremony. 

Speaker 1 (27m 24s): And this is someone who's never actually taken any taken any. And he's an attorney. I thought it was funny. Cause he had just released this book that he had, that he had published and his wife has, you know, how he talked about how his wife is like, what are you doing? Yeah. And yeah, he has found, I thought one of the it's one of the fascinating things. I think the guy who wrote, wrote too is the elite Elisa is elusive, elusive, elusive. Yeah. How back in, what was it? 1970 something or 1980s, early 1980s that he had published this book and he was one of the, he was really known as a class, this class assist and his world. 

And then he publishes this. It talks about psychedelics and in There elusive was a place that people have gone too, as a place of healing. What would, what would you say? 

Speaker 3 (28m 15s): I think healing and mystical experience is like where people would like the Mormon temple, 

Speaker 1 (28m 20s): But it was a place that was people prepared like lifetime for, to go to this place, this elusive, this, and then have a journey that would then they'd talk a lot about how there's a lot of writings that they no longer fear death after they had gone through this journey. But they had prepared for however many years to go through this. So this guy, and I don't remember his name had written this book and he got ostracized from his profession, from his career from, you know, the college college. And they told the student's not to contact him. 

And then years later he's in his eighties, this it's not Graham. It was the other guy had found scientific proof to what he was saying in the, I think it was the beer because there is a psychedelic that grows on barley. And I can't remember the name of it. Oh. But they tested vials and found that what he was saying. Cause he was proposing this as, but there was nothing scientific that proved it. And this guy who spent 12 years of his life found it found a scientific proof and it was like, good God. 

He had to feel, you know, <inaudible> everything that I was speaking to. I thought that was a really cool a part of the story. But it, it would be, do you want to speak a little bit to the podcast? Cause I thought it was 

Speaker 3 (29m 38s): Yeah. Yeah. It was fascinating. And like, to me like the big picture of why this has all been lost is I feel the essential spirit of these plant medicines are the divine feminine. They are the goddess. They are There, they're the, it's a gateway into tapping into our feminine aspect and in worship of the divine feminine. Right? So you have a patriarchal system that comes in. 

That is science-based that wants to control. That wants to suppress. That is calling Mary Magdalene a horror calling the mother of Jesus while she was deified. But they're pulling that back. Right. So of course they're gonna strip the tools that enable you to find out, to be in that aspect of who you are. So there's an imbalance, right. And if there's an imbalance, then your not integrating into your whole self. Right. And then you're more likely to be controlled. Right. 

Speaker 1 (30m 37s): Well, and you have to go outside yourself to find out. Exactly. 

Speaker 3 (30m 40s): Yeah. Which is fascinating in the podcast, they talked about how Catholic priests, the, I don't know what they're called, but the little lantern thinking that they would swinging as they're walking through the church, actually they've tested. Like, I don't know how, I don't remember how they got the samples, but it had, we found an old temple ruin. Yeah. I can't remember your talking about the stuff they were smoking. And it had THC in, it had CBD in it. Like they're getting everyone high for this mystical experience because these that's what these things do. 

They opened that part of your brain that is open and available to that mystical experience. And that has been so suppressed. And if you look, that's been S need to finish my sentence, that has been so suppressed through history. But if you go back and look through like any religious texts, there is a mystical piece that has been taken out over time. 

Speaker 1 (31m 39s): I loved how he talked about was it Paul's letters too? That the Corinthian. Yeah. Yeah. So Paul's letter to the crib 

Speaker 3 (31m 49s): Corinthians or the theologian, the Thessalonians. I don't know. 

Speaker 1 (31m 53s): I don't remember, but he sites it and he says, and he, this guy that wrote the book is brilliant. He was fascinating to listen to because he is a linguist. Yeah. On top of whatever else that he has in his coffers of knowledge. But he was able to dissect Latin and all sorts of different languages. And he said, he's actually chastising the people who are mixing the drugs wrong and it was causing death. And it was causing some things that were unhealthy is chastising them, like for their own, 

Speaker 3 (32m 26s): For their religious ceremonies. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (32m 30s): Yeah. And they were misusing the drag is what I gathered from what he was saying. But to see it is going back through the whole, like saying is probably the beginning of time that this has just been something that's been known that they were mixing things in the wine. And I didn't know that wine actually was what they would mix medicine's in all the time. Yeah. That was part of the agent that they would mix. And there was somebody that had written all these things for, and this, it reminded me of this book. 

Speaker 2 (33m 2s): Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (33m 2s): Don't worry about it. But as I'm listening to that have shown you this book. Now this is a book that nobody knows what the language is interesting at all. And it has, it's called the boy niche, man. 

Speaker 2 (33m 16s): I know I'm glad nothing broke. 

Speaker 1 (33m 18s): Do you have a book thing? Wait, you should say the title I it's called the <inaudible> manuscript. And the only reason why it's named that is because of the person that found it. And what's interesting is the guy that found it knew that whatever he had, he could be killed for interest. And so this is a bit like, I can't remember What who put this all together, but here I'll hand it to you. The text, nobody has any idea what it is, but all throughout this whole book is plant's. 

It just dawned on me the other day that there's Plant, I'm on what page you're on throughout this entire text. Wow. And what if Plant medicine has always been part of, 

Speaker 2 (34m 3s): I believe that to be true because you do 

Speaker 1 (34m 5s): To go back and look, okay. So Egypt, the time I thought that was fascinating, they were talking about how the, the erosion level that's on the Sphinx. It doesn't match the timelines for what people are claiming Egypt was in that they had a civilization and they're not even willing to even consider this because it would kind of throw everything out, what they've put in their boxes for us as the linear time for him, our narrative, our history, and you know, everybody who has dived anything into Egypt knows that there is no way in our mentality of what we've created as what the timeline is with their dumbed down version of, you know, we assume that everything has to, in a linear form, things only progress. 

It's not possible that back then, there's actually other technology that they had or other civilizations that were there, which I believe that there were, you know, different alien kind of technologies they're that help build the pyramids. And they were portals and points of, of light on certain grids in the planet and that they had electricity and they have the ability to laser a flower of life on one of the oldest pyramids in Egypt. But this has just been a part of, here's a part of our history that I think has Come been completely demolished and taken out. 

And how awesome is it that someone's out there? Who's never done Plant medicine, but has stumbled on something that he's so deeply wanting to go through and reveal the truth. Right. And 

Speaker 2 (35m 31s): Beautiful that it's right now, because I feel like that that is what 2020 is about this year about 

Speaker 3 (35m 39s): Lifting the secrecy and unveiling truths and adding the ability to see things clearly I'm in our process of waking up our process of our evolution of who we are so that we can't be controlled, right? Because if you control the information, you see this in the Mormon church for a long time, the narrative that was given is not truth. And they could suppress it because they controlled it. And then with time with the internet, with more people asking questions and bringing things to light, there is this a mass amount of information that people can now read and go, wait a minute. 

That's not what I was taught about this religion. That's not what I was taught about Joseph Smith. That's not what I was taught about Brigham young. And that's not what, and it is. It's all sent in like, Holy s**t, I've been lied to my whole life. You know, 

Speaker 1 (36m 32s): Deep breaths for everyone who that cause you, it, if that one's a hard one, is it easy for people when you feel like you've been lied to me to go through those emotions? It is hard. That is yes. And Joseph Smith was a seer for God's sake. Well, he was a mistake, right? 

Speaker 3 (36m 46s): Like he's looking at Stone's in a hat. And my, I really believe that they were tripping on mushrooms when he was getting these, like these paradigm shifting vision 

Speaker 1 (36m 54s): Or DMT, whatever it was that was used on barley, I have for you 

Speaker 3 (36m 59s): Really interested, it's a natural, fun guy that Grose at, but it, it does have a psychedelic effect. Can we? Sorry, not barley. I can't remember what it's called. 

Speaker 1 (37m 8s): There was, there was history that's like, why did so and so I can't remember who it was go to these other parts to supposedly help them farm wheat when they actually already had their farms intact. And the belief is that they were there to show how to do help with these psychedelics. There was, where was it? In somewhere in Latin. America was no, it was Spain going to say Spain, where they were finding these Greek temple. And it would, again, just showing that they were taking. And I love that analogy that they used. 

So, you know, Iowasca used to only be something you would go do in the Amazon jungles, but now it's becoming available for all of us to really go and have that opportunity of journeying and experiencing that the Plant and it's similar. He was saying to what they believe happened back then have taking this information because people couldn't necessarily get to Alisa ellipsis, but now moving it across the country so that it was available for more and more people to have this experience. And I believe Christ was one of them, you know? 

And I was thinking about the last supper in the wine and the bread and, and symbolism. It's like, <inaudible> 

Speaker 3 (38m 16s): Okay. Yeah. Well, they were, they even talked about that. The, the podcast, the Eucharist are a body of Christ was actually a Plant medicine offering. Right. Which makes sense. If you look at, you know, Shoua as a teacher of how to become like your God self that's, how I'm viewing him now as a teacher, a conduit, a example of you, every one of us are gods. And how do we access that? I believe that's what Christ consciousnesses. 

I, a hundred percent agree. And Travis was wondering if he actually took drugs to slow down, to appeared as well. That's what they said in, in the podcast. How should they, they said that the, the death of Christ was actually, it, it was a drug induced state. I don't know. I mean, but then we've read things where the temples of ISIS in Egypt was a writer at the school, or yeah. That was a ritual to actually practice that death life, death cycle. And is it possible actually that in order to achieve that you would use Plant medicine to help slow down and move the contract, you know? 

Yeah. Well, it really just separate the spirit of the body, you for sure. And if you look at the idea of what death is, I I had an experience, have an ego death this last weekend of complete, uhm, what's the word of God. It was complete. I was completely dissolved as an individual aspect of source. I was completely dissolved. It was I I still don't have words for it because, Oh, I'm going to a little emotional. It was, it was on that. It was beyond words. 

That experience soul level. Yeah. And just for me, it was this interconnectedness with like you came in, there is several people that came in, like my field of vortex, this interconnectedness, and it all came down to love and it was like, I don't want to choose who I love. Love this love is, love is love is love is love. That is what we are, we are love. And our ego is what separates us in a good way. 

And in, in a bad way, you know, like that love to me. That's where I landed in the life. It was a deconstruction of who I am and then a reconstruction in this new vibration. Yeah. And again, it's really difficult to put into words because it is a place of its the place of the divine. It's a place of the sacred. Yeah. Yeah. So if we look at death in that terms, an ego death, perhaps that's what the Rite of this application was. 

Was it going through this sacred ceremony of dissolving our sense of ego, our separateness from source, from each other, from our planet, from really that high frequency of source, which is love and doing that again and again and again, because then it changes you on a cellular level, it changes you on a biological level, it changes your on an energetic level and you engage in the world differently in that podcast, in the podcast they talked about, they think as it should be a requirement that every politician does at least 12 have of the hero's dose have a psychedelic. 

At that point, they probably wouldn't want to be a politician. They would just want to spread love because that is 

Speaker 1 (41m 43s): Y'all just get loud. Well, that is an essence, right? When we dissolve the ego, 

Speaker 3 (41m 47s): Oh, the stories, the wounding, the, the painful experiences, that's where we're gonna land. That's where we're gonna land. 

Speaker 1 (41m 56s): Do you know when, as you were talking through that, I was thinking in this podcast, they talked a lot about how the goddess per 70, there's a lot of evidence of her that they, they really worshiped in the story behind <inaudible> this one's really similar to a few other goddesses, but this one essentially is that you are going to speak to this better. Will you still talk a little bit about, yeah. 

Speaker 3 (42m 17s): And I, I feel like it depends on which culture holds the name of the goddess. So per Stephanie Demeter, a Nana is that the archetype is that soul's journey of going from the, the human plane down into the depths of hell or our shadow, right? We go down to really see that aspect of ourselves, do that healing work and claim those pieces of us into an integrate a whole. And then we come back up into our enlightened self and you cannot get to enlightenment without claiming your shadow. 

And for me, if you look at humanity and the evolution of the soul, and I'm going to reference Richard red, if you haven't looked into the gene keys, he speaks beautifully to this of the Involution of spirit into form, which is where spirit comes into density and keeps going down in to density, keeps going down in to density. You can take that all the way down into the, the shadow aspects of density, which is still source write, and everything is slow. 

Everything has dens. It takes a long time. And you look at the history of man, like going back to, if you will, the caveman days that was slow. That's a first chakra, like a tribal times trying to survive, you know, really trying to find our place on the planet. And then once per Stephanie Demeter and on a journey, right on an archetype, a level onto a physical history level, once you're down there and you're claiming these aspects of you coming back up and that's the evolution that's when spirit is now moving from density and moving back up into a higher vibration of enlightenment of a higher vibration of remembering where, where we came from, right. 

Or who we are are, are re remembering. Yeah. Just our, our, the truth of us, you know, and both are true. It's not weird. This, not that its we are this and that. And to me, that's where last week we were talking about, or maybe a couple of weeks ago, the collective is each of us, like we are, we can't be separate from any of it. 

Speaker 2 (44m 32s): Right. Because we are it because we are God inform, we are God's information. I don't know if that makes sense. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (44m 40s): That makes sense. That makes total sense. And the reason why I was bringing it up as, as, as you were sharing earlier, when we were talking about Yahshua, from what I read and I believe this to be true. Cause they do in that Ana book, they talk about how, you know, he was an initiate, all the mother of Jesus, they were all initiates and Yahshua was two and he was going through these different rights. And there was one 

Speaker 2 (45m 5s): Chipped in the temples of ISIS. Yes. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (45m 7s): While in the, actually it was just talking about the great pyramid two and how they all play in a different part in a lot of sound harmonics, you can actually win in a sarcophagus and have some initiations that it happened. And this was also part of his initiation was to go through the depths of hell in the death of, you know, he's cruising, right. 

Speaker 2 (45m 28s): It has to be. Yeah. Well 

Speaker 1 (45m 30s): We, in the book, they said that he was doing it so that other two to lead the way so that other people could also go through this and come out of it, which I find, you know, who this is somebody that had written in is channeled. So Finding, you know, whatever your truth is that lands there. It's interesting to think about, especially with some of the new information for me, that's coming in where, whether it was before or after Yahshua, believe it was before that people did travel to this, this place. That was the whole purpose was to go through the depths of hell and come back and have no more fear of death. 

And like I was sharing earlier, you know, I think a lot of us do forget that we aren't separate from these other realms. We have been programmed 

Speaker 2 (46m 14s): That we are separate. 

Speaker 1 (46m 16s): And, and this reminds me too of, I know this, maybe this is a second hand story, but in one adrenaline, a little milk has an Dick's books. He talks about the scientist. That's just brilliant. Name is slim. Our good friend actually hit her sister had dated this guy and knew him very, very well. And he was contacted by the government to make a untraceable additive to foods. And what they said to him is that it would be a, a suppressor. 

Well, it was a military warfare, so to speak for other countries so that they could suppress it. We kind of dumped down the population. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (46m 56s): I'm sure it was for other people. This ad it, not 

Speaker 1 (46m 59s): This attitude. There is no question. This attitude, especially Doritos is always possible. 

Speaker 2 (47m 3s): It's all processed food. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (47m 5s): And he was later killed. He died, but he was murdered more than likely because he was very aware and awake. He, he developed this machine that could dissipate pollution and the way you turned it on was using Reiki, essentially art, math, the heart math. It's not hard math. It's in the heart book, but it's not called HeartMath the <inaudible> journey to the heart I think is, 

Speaker 2 (47m 27s): Oh yeah. Living in the heart. It's the other side of you right here 

Speaker 1 (47m 30s): In this book. It's a small book. It's an easy read and its in that book. But, and again, this is what I speaking too in the beginning I think every to your point. Yeah. 2020 is perfect vision. So all of this stuff's coming to like if you're, if you're ready to look at it. Yeah. Some people I think will still keep their head in the sand because 

Speaker 3 (47m 51s): It's hard to look at those places 

Speaker 1 (47m 52s): Where wait a minute, the first time you ever talked to me about the idea of the Annunaki and the reptilians and us as a slave race, I'm like, f**k that. No way. There's no way I chose we've come so far. And when I was what I loved, this is talking about the dealer guy, the dealership guy, the dealer, the dealer guy, he was talking about, you know, looking at our DNA and how fragmented it is. And fragmented usually shows that it's, it's been there's other smear peanuts and there's other species. 

And he, for some reason, he brought up the cheetah and I can't remember exactly why, but he goes, the cheetah actually has both canine and fascinating dopamine feeling and canine yeah. DNA in it. Interesting. And I think it's not fragmented. I can't remember. But yeah, he was away going off on the DNA, which there is so much, I mean, we've talked about this before, too, especially in the one book, the archery, an anthology. 

Speaker 3 (48m 52s): Well, yeah. That's why I thank you for bringing that up. Okay. What I was thinking of is Arcturians are the protectors of life, Liberty and freedom where, where it is. I'm warranted. Like if it's a, I can't remember I wanted it. Oh I wish I had the books with me. It's okay. 

Speaker 1 (49m 14s): I wouldn't be able to find it, but it's in the bathroom. I was taking it 

Speaker 3 (49m 18s): Reading in, in the book. Arturian anthology. Yeshua is presented as an arc Torian. Right? And so I love bringing all the different threads together. So if you're a shoe is our Patreon and their mission is to protect life where it is worthy of protection. That's it, that's what they said. And to help with that evolution of life, 

Speaker 1 (49m 43s): For that bothers me as worthy of protection, who deems that it's worthy of protection. Have you read octree in anthologies, but it's been so long and I that's why I'm like, Oh, I need to pull this out again. The example they used in your book, you have to remember, you're so good at retaining information. Most of us are not wired like you about this is the way to this because I'm like, I'm probably going to botch. 

Speaker 3 (50m 3s): Is this so the judgment of, and they actually, the judgment of who's worthy of life. So in the beginning of the book, Tom Kenyon, who is the one channel in the book, he has this experience where his vibration, his vibratory state has changed. And he is on an arc Taree in ship and he's meeting the pilot. And while he's up there, there's the, the, that is trying to create havoc and interfering with the progression of life on planet earth. 

And they obliterate them. And Tom Kenyan is like, wait a minute. You guys are these advanced people like has judgment against it. And the pilot poses, the question was that compassionate. And it comes back to the idea of we're are protecting life. That's worthy to protect. But if someone's, if some life form is trying to interfere with something that has a greater purpose and meaning in his mind, it was justified and again, truth, 

Speaker 1 (51m 2s): Right? And there's so many different subjective and there's so many different layers of perspective. If you look at it, it, the greater whole, that is an interesting question is that compassionate, you know, do you want people to continue living in pain and sorrow and sacrifice and torture and all for what purpose? 

Speaker 3 (51m 19s): Believe that what happens on our planet is B the effects are beyond humanity because of our DNA. That is multi-sided by many star seed nation's we are not just playing out human stories. Well, we're not just human that we are playing out multi Speecy stories and healing, having the ability to heal those stories. But that's a little side note. So back to the yashuah, if he is our Arturian and he is holding this high objective high ideal of protecting life, ensuring freedom. 

And I can't remember the third part and he comes down in human form. Right. And he goes through these experience, have the, the life death lifecycle in the supply occurs of Egypt. And to me what you were saying, so it sounds like ego death. It sounds like what happens in the temples that the rights of this aplicar that's what happens with psychedelics when you take mushrooms, 

Speaker 1 (52m 24s): See even still the thought of it, because there is that I, every time I felt pulled out on my body and it's scared. I mean, I I've been pulled out on my body and I'm like, I'm never coming back. You always have, you're still here because I go into panic and I'm like, somebody brought me back to my body. But, but that's, so what happens, we were to happen. If I let go, that's exactly what I, 

Speaker 3 (52m 45s): I'm going to tell you. That's exactly where you need to go. 

Speaker 1 (52m 48s): That's what are we speaking to earlier? I'm seeing more that, okay. That showing up for me as a place to go, like in my physical day, two day density and the emotional part, I'll go look at that stuff. I've got that. I figured that out, whatever. I'll go suck. You can control it. It sounded horrible. Please don't get a visual with that one. Well, I did. And now I feel like I'm, it's popping to my personal healing is popping to a different level or layer level. And this is something that's coming up of. 

Oh crap. This is something that I'm going to get to go experience. And it petrifies. 

Speaker 3 (53m 23s): And that's where you need to Valerie petrify. 

Speaker 2 (53m 26s): Hear you. I feel it on the other side of the room, I'd feel it. And I'm going to tell you, I know I'm telling you, I know that it's exactly where you need to, because this is why this is why is it 

Speaker 1 (53m 38s): Life, death, life, cycle, this, and it's on a whole other way. 

Speaker 2 (53m 41s): Yes. And the other side of it is freedom. I have, 

Speaker 1 (53m 45s): Yeah. I a hundred percent realised that, and there is a, There actually is a part in me. That is what if I did that? 

Speaker 2 (53m 51s): What if you did die? Right? 

Speaker 1 (53m 54s): I'd be fine with that. I don't want to leave my kids. You know, there's an element of that travel would be fine. Although if he was sitting here right here, he's like, that's not funny, but there is an element that it's like, Oh, I'm not done here. And what about my kids? 

Speaker 2 (54m 6s): How would you die? Right. That's why would you die? Then if you're not done here, you're not going to die. And every single person who goes through that ego death through that experience of psychedelics comes out without a fear of death. 

Speaker 1 (54m 22s): I know. And I was at a gift like that. Maybe I should go. Cause I'm such a researcher. How many people have died from doing mushrooms, Mike, non zero, zero. And there's a long, so programmed within us, this idea that people go crazy. You can't control them. They do wild and crazy things. It ruins. I mean, you think about the level of programming that has, especially in religious groups, especially when I started drinking in front of my kids after leaving Mormonism, they were, 

Speaker 2 (54m 51s): Oh yeah. Cause now you're going to be a child abuse, like right. These are prostitutes. Yeah. Yeah. That's not even close to the truth. 

Speaker 1 (54m 59s): It can bring out negative aspects that people, depending on who's drinking. But for me, I usually get silly and funny and goofy. So yeah. 

Speaker 2 (55m 7s): What's wrong with that. Yeah. And I would argue that some of these Plant medicine, like pot, I feel is a better choice than alcohol because alcohol can have such a negative impact on your, in your body. Yeah. I, a hundred percent agree. And with anything, if its used as a tool to get out of life, to escape reality, to, to disengage, then that's something to look at and it may be fine for our time. It may be find for a whole lifetime, but maybe that's something to look at. 

Like I don't hold any judgment about it. And it may be something to look up 

Speaker 1 (55m 43s): That whole piece of being in balance, right? Like with anything in our life, we can be addicted to work. We can be addicted to find that it can be addicted to anything and how we got it 

Speaker 2 (55m 52s): To exercise. Like things that are good out of balance are not good. Right? Yeah. Even, yeah. Even sex. But I know. Yeah. There's people that argue you can have too much sex. Well, yeah. I guess the context of what that is anyway. Yeah. I would, I would say when you're ready, you do not have to, don't go there before you're ready. 

And when your ready it'll present every time 

Speaker 1 (56m 26s): I know we were going to go to Peru this year, but then didn't have to 

Speaker 2 (56m 30s): Actually, we were supposed to leave in two weeks. I'm so sorry. 

Speaker 1 (56m 33s): And one of the things I'm that we were going to go experience was not Iowasca and Pedro San Pedro. And what I loved is that Danielle was putting together this really a meditation and kind of your preparing your body, your physical body, your mental, emotional body, and there's the meditation of how to connect with San Pedro with the Plant. And again, this goes back to even this podcast, if you're listening to an in ancient times, it was, it was very respectfully used and honored for what it was. And as a, if you were to take, if we were to have a mystery school on this planet right now in, in different places, when you go into different aspects as a sham and I go in with a lot of respect and a lot of integrity for it, for the energetics and that the field that I'm stepping into in, in, in our own personal journey is why would we not do the same thing? 

Exactly. And if I'm trying to grow and, and, and enable my spiritual gifts going in with more, have that respect, that TAC, that honoring of this process in ceremony. Yeah. You know, when I did do an Iowa and Iowa ASCA, when I did do silicide, then it was a very much of a ceremony creating space. I had my intention at the time was a little bit, it was when I was wondering if I had cancer. And so that was part of what the journey was. So it was a little bit different than necessarily like a whole spiritual thing. 

And yet that spiritual in itself too, with, with D is this really true? But I think that is, that is the core piece that has been taken out of our history or misconstrued and taught in a different way of, no, this was used very much in ceremony and that's why it was found in the temples. And that's why there was a one temporal that was found, I think, in Spain where they were, it wasn't for 70, it was the goddess 

Speaker 2 (58m 24s): Death. 

Speaker 1 (58m 26s): And they were sacrificing dogs to her feminine diags female dogs. I'm trying to remember. I can't remember her name right. The second Demeter Noah. Oh <inaudible>. And they were using this temple ceremony in a way in a ceremony process in a way to connect with their loved ones that had passed on. And so there was different gateways, so to speak of where, where you wanted to go in, if you did look at it as a mystery school kind of practice, I think it could be, it would be an, it is, there is a need In and thankfully this started to come more acceptable and X and assessable in our planet. 

It's just bringing more alignment. I think two, what it actually holds what its purpose is and using it with a sense of honoring. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (59m 15s): I, yes. I would say set and setting is everything from my own experience when I've journeyed 

Speaker 3 (59m 22s): I I make a, a sacred practice. I set, like I set intention through meditation, lighting candles. I pull goddess cards that are holding the direction's for me. I bring my, my rocks that are Crystal's that hold the energy like, so I'm creating a container. And then the person that I journey with has also prepared and is a ceremonial. Like I got to hold the mushrooms in their whole forum and connect them, feel the spirit they're and make that energetic connection with them. 

And then I actually broke them up like a sacrament. And then he, you know, ground them down. And it was a sacramental experience for me, where it was held in such ceremony and ritual. And that changes everything, the container. Yeah. And that was my intention. And then I know other people it's being out in nature and taking mushrooms to commune with the spirit of nature. That's a whole other set and setting write and neither is right or wrong. It's like, what, why are you it's finding your, why? 

Why are you doing that? What is your intention for this experience for me? So I've had two journeys, one was three and a half grams. So it was enough to get me out of my way. And I was, I still felt like maybe there is some control. There like I was still in control a part of that experience. So I wanted a full hero's dose where there's no way in hell I'm controlling what's happening. Just because I was curious as to what would come through and I've done a ton of healing work. 

I didn't feel like I needed to delve into past healing work. For me. It was like, where, what is my soul's journey? Like why, what, where am I being led? And this last, a weekend when I did the hero stows, the clear message when it, when things are, and its, it is crazy because your in a different reality, but the clear message is you are a bridge, you are a bridge. And so I'm sitting with that wanting to figure it out. And at the same time as that, yeah. 

Not wanting to figure it out and let that unravel. But your bridge between worlds was the clear message. And then there was a lot of healing that came through and in that process, I'm blindfolded with music. 

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 47s): Okay. So that 

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 50s): That's the container and its an inward journey into yourself. And that was what was so fascinating to me, both times I had this idea that I would be outside of myself for this deep spiritual experience. And it was actually an evolution of going within me to find the truth. And within me, I was connecting with cosmic beings. I was connecting with cosmic truth. I was connecting with it. 

Speaker 2 (1h 2m 14s): Yeah, yeah. That's and then 

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 17s): It was fascinating to me and I'm, it was just a few days ago. So I'm still allowing things to move. But for me it was very much healing around second chakra energy and it was an individual, it was a familial level. It was a collective level. And it was asked to title, it was on an archetype, a level. And having all of these playing out at the same time, like you cannot conceptualize it in this dimension because it just doesn't make sense. 

And in that space, it, I was along for the ride and it was like, wow, wow. 

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 55s): While they, I wonder, thanks for sharing all that, by the way. I mean I'm, I wonder to our good friend, Holly had shared with someone that she D was a good friend of hers that she got to witness when he passed him, communicating to her, you have no, you know, you'll just that ability to have a completely different level of seeing once we're out of the physical body. And I I've thought about that often because there is, you know, especially because well, a lot of us are in the mental plane, like, well what, well, what does this mean? 

Instead of just being with it and understanding that it'll, it will make itself known in whatever way it needs to and trusting in that experience and the process. And I, and I wonder too, as you're speaking, the reason why we can't put words to this is a, we're using different parts of our brains. You know, it is expanding the, the brain waves, that brain patterns, the ability to utilize more of our in fact, I'd be really curious if there has been any scientific research, if it does. Do you know if that has been 

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 58s): Both? So the person that facilitated my journey was T was speaking to this because I said, there's no language for it. And he goes, absolutely. And they found that the language center is In I can't remember us right. Or left, but it's behind the ear, like kind of that lower quadrant of the brain and that they can test that. It can access that in on the opposite side. Lets so I'm going to say left. Cause that's the one I was drawn to language was on the left side, behind the ear kind of in that temporal parietal lobe area. And then on the opposite side, they haven't been able to figure out what it's for. 

But when you're on psychedelics, that is the heart of the brain that has started to be activated because we don't have the language in our human forms. And that's where, that's the part of the brain that's starting to wake up and be accessed in this, in the trip, like in the experience of the Plant medicine, 

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 54s): How many cars, when Christie was working, she was doing her little percussion thing. And she went right here and I was li I was instantly started to leave my body. And I'm like, well, I guess if we're going to do that, cause that that feeling, and then she stopped and it went away. So it's interesting that you say that part of the brain, but you do as, as our progression expands on, on the planet and we're accessing more and more parts of our re remembering we actually are. And the ability to communicate telepathically is something that We known is, is a piece that a lot of actually native, especially cultures has yet been able to do. 

Yeah. That probably is part of how we communicate telepathically. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (1h 5m 35s): Oh, is that, and he did say that. Thank you for saying that he did say that, that as a telepathic communication or in any book that I've read that is channeled, have other alien species there, like your language, his so archaic, like What and to us it's like, what are you doing? 

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 52s): Yeah, he's sophisticated. We are, the advanced speeds 

Speaker 3 (1h 5m 55s): Are the events. I, no, in fact the Arcturians, they kind of use that perceptual seeing state where they can view from all different perspectives, like a whole three D aspect around. So they can see all possibilities in the, in the one moment, which that is a telepathic experience. And that's actually a practice that the Arcturians give to develop that ability to communicate on a different level is to start practicing the perceptual CS scene state, which I think is beautiful, comes from a shamanic practice because the shamans are the ones that have held that mystic knowledge and wisdom and tradition on the planet. 

Since the beginning of time, 

Speaker 1 (1h 6m 41s): Always what I love about it, it's been an oral tradition. It has been passed down through the, through speaking and through teaching that way and nothing that's actually been written down anywhere, which I think it's fascinating, but is this just screams to me more and more with ms. Six schools going to start popping up over and over around the world. And I've been sitting in with this of opening up one myself, and I know there's several people of us that have been feeling that because there's, that need so much on the planet. And even to what you're speaking to, when you start opening up those skillsets, it's almost like, Oh my God, it could totally, it could blow your circuits. 

It, depending on the, on the person, but its like if I can, all of a sudden see from a different perspective at all things that are possible, how am I moving forward? You know? And that's where the mystic school comes in. Whether it's just opening up your gifts and the abilities to see or hear or feel or whatever it is or even these with, with what you're speaking to. Cause when the more and more you're doing, whatever your healing journey looks like, you are opening more and more aspects of yourself. And it is not something that we're taught in our school system. We're not taught how to communicate with our emotional bodies. 

And yet our children are somewhat suffering because they are communicating with their emotional bodies all the time and have no idea. I don't fit in the paradigm. Right. And there's no teachings that are happening right now and a common, regular acceptable basis of, Hey, let's talk about energetics. So let's talk about the fact that we are energetic beings and live in an energetic world and this is a matrix of your own creating creation and how to navigate better. And here's a school there's a better tool set instead will two plus two equals four. 

And actually sometimes it could be a different equation because I'm going off into the sea in a different, and I think our time is moving circular. Yes. Instead of linear, 

Speaker 3 (1h 8m 29s): I actually think the souls coming in that we're calling children because biologically they hold a young age, we'll be our teachers. I think they're already coming in with this knowing and this connection and they don't understand it. But if we get the f**k out of their way, they will be our teachers. Like that's been my experience anyway with my children or the soles that I have been able to travel with is they have been my greatest teachers in my evolution. 

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 57s): Right? So I feel like part of the thing that I really loved and we've spoken to this before is I do now I'm learning a skillset that I can teach my children. And that is one of the things years ago. I remember I always felt called to working with youth and with kids, but it had never been my, what I was, I was actually going with. It was more the adults that we are working with. Well, why wouldn't we be teaching other parents? Hey, guess what? Your kids are struggling with panic attacks because their energetic beings and they don't know how to navigate this 

Speaker 3 (1h 9m 31s): Right. There empathic and their feeling, all the things they and how to learn, how to have boundaries because in this world where we need those 

Speaker 1 (1h 9m 39s): Well. And I think I love so much that science is backing this now because 10 years ago there wasn't scientific proof that actually said, yep. You know what energy is? Or a mass is 99.9, 9%. 

Speaker 3 (1h 9m 51s): It was, I think the science Did back. It, it just wasn't available. It was suppressed because we were in a paradigm of control of slavery and that's, it's not good. That just can be the case of the one thing, 

Speaker 1 (1h 10m 2s): God, for more and more people are waking up enough to be able to go and stand up and say, this is wrong. And this guy that spent 12 years of, of his life going to prove going through and proving that these things have yeah. Been out there and nobody's looked for it, but he is. And now he's proving that guess what psychedelics have been used for thousands and thousands of years. And this is actually part of our history that has been lost. That's not spoken to because whatever reason and actually our history is not what we've been told. 

How about that piece and unraveling that little nugget and that's something I'm, I'm really looking forward to diving into. And this gentleman shared with me a thing called the King's list that actually talks about King's that we're an hour and I just barely touched on this, but it's different artifacts that have been found through different, in different areas that actually all go together and it sharing different Kings that have been on this planet. And some of them are mythical, which doesn't mean in there that's baffling people that it's listed as a King on this planet. 

And some of them have reigned for I. I want to say a thousand plus years, and again, it's mind boggling and people don't do it 

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 16s): As you can in our linear time, 

Speaker 1 (1h 11m 19s): Do you have a progression? Well, we started out as a cave man. And then, 

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 25s): Which is true on one level, it's true on one level and it's not the only truth, right? It says In congruent, truce holding the space for this can be true on this level. And this can be true on this level and this can be true on this level. And they all exist in the same place. 

Speaker 1 (1h 11m 40s): Ann, isn't that fascinating? I love it. You know, opening and that's what drugs do they open and expand your mind and the ability to hold in different perspectives. And if we all, a lot of us can get to a place to where we can hold that in congruence, truths and C from a different level, yet we will have more of a peaceful planet. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 59s): Well, and I would, so Lee, I don't know if challenge is the right word, but you've said this a few times that it can blow your circuits. And that to me is referring to maybe a fear of then what am I going to go crazy? My belief is it's going to open your mind to accept a different truth of reality and you will be supported in that process. 

Speaker 1 (1h 12m 24s): And I'm glad you clarified that. Cause there's, without a question I've actually carried that a fear. 

Speaker 3 (1h 12m 31s): I think that's part of the program as well. It's war on drugs. 

Speaker 1 (1h 12m 34s): And it's actually sum, there's a fractal piece that I'm working with right now that I personally am. This is very vulnerable for me to share that I'm destructive. That actually my dad carried as well. That for some reason that I am holding, I was born into a world where three deaths had happened before I even was born. And just, and then you go to just follow the context of my life, but there has been because it was planted in my head at a very young age, young age of 19 that something was wrong with me mentally. 

And I'm bipolar that there is a part of me, even this triggered this recent dosing and my mind just going, going, going has triggered Holy s**t. Like just the feeling of craziness because there's no, you can't contain it. And so it's something that's active for me right now. And, and I do believe very strongly that most people, that self suffer with bipolar that suffer with a 

Speaker 3 (1h 13m 35s): Schizophrenia 

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 37s): Actually have a s**t ton of gifts. They just don't know how to hone it. And so in that aspects, there is a little, when I say blown circuits, that's a little bit of what some people dive. And I know of some people who've had this where they, and I, and I'm not saying this for a fear aspect. Again, it's a level of respect, right? Of way of recognizing where your at and where, where you are. It's time to go instead of trying to push it too far. Does that make sense? Because there are some people that have gone a little cuckoo because they pushed it 

Speaker 3 (1h 14m 8s): To far, or maybe they appear cuckoo to us. We're not in the same level of openness and they're actually not a cuckoo, but in our normal world, if you will, they appear that way. They're not, I think it's a Hackney a reframe. It has to be a reframe. Wow, 

Speaker 1 (1h 14m 26s): Wow. This is that whole in congruent truths. Right? So in the physical world, they're not necessarily functioning individuals and, and, and that is true. And then on the soul level, maybe that's experienced, they're choosing to find it, 

Speaker 3 (1h 14m 39s): How many of them are now being treated with pharmaceuticals. Right, right. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (1h 14m 43s): Dumb that down, suppress whatever that is. 

Speaker 3 (1h 14m 45s): So take it for what it is. Mental, the mental health world. I don't know a ton about. And perhaps we need to look at it differently. I think of Holly seminar when she told her story of her awakening and it did blow her circuits, but she's been supported every step of the way she could have judged it herself and said, I am f*****g crazy. I need to go, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. And she didn't like her path was something different. 

Speaker 1 (1h 15m 11s): It was the other one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Speaker 3 (1h 15m 15s): I don't have experience there so I should not speak to it. But I think if we can maybe start looking at things with a different lens and lending support in a different way than we've done in the past, especially those things that look scary are challenging or frightening two us, because it threatens our own sense of security security and what is real. 

Speaker 1 (1h 15m 38s): And again, this goes back to, you know, if we had say on this planet, we actually had several mystery schools and, and places where people could go for healing of the soul, mental mine, all the, all the body's energetic bodies, along with the physical and how to create harmony within all of them, then you would be using different types of drugs or medication with situations like that, where it would be a, okay, this is happening. 

How do we bring this back into alignment within and bring a cohesiveness within all the energetic in the physical bodies. And I think that is something hopefully that we're moving to because right now you have what's the whole right now, it's pretty acceptable to go and do what is the drug that it's a dose with a doctor? 

Speaker 3 (1h 16m 29s): Oh, I know what it is, but I can't think of it. 

Speaker 1 (1h 16m 33s): I can't remember either a it's not DMT. It's not, it's like a 

Speaker 3 (1h 16m 38s): I. Yeah, I can't think of it, but it's 

Speaker 1 (1h 16m 40s): Is coming more and more acceptable. And, and there are certain States that are now making a psilocybin legal because they are seeing the medicinal evidence and there's no negative. You don't get addicted. No, there's no deaths, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And how healing it is, even marijuana, you know, it's like going to sakes. Why would that not be a more acceptable form of healing? And have you have pain in it's an ant natural anti-inflammatory, non-addictive all the things I was to. 

I think it would be, what would your advice be to someone who's like, Hey, I'm wanting to go do a journey. How do I find? Because I think there's certain people that hold a certain vibration and have the ability to hold space. Just like with any type of heeler in general, sometimes people come in with their own agendas and they think that that's something that is important when you're trying to find somebody are a place where you can go have a journey and have this experience for yourself, that you're very conscious and aware of whoever's holding space, where the mushrooms are coming from or whatever it is that you're taking and, and trusting yourself in your alignment. 

And even, I don't know, I don't know if you want to share it or anything. Cause I think In well, 

Speaker 3 (1h 17m 57s): But this is what I'm going to say. We are powerful creators in our world. We create our vortex. And if we can get clear on what we want to experience, we set the intention every time the exact right person will come into our field write that has been my experience over and over and over again. When I get clear in an alignment of what it is that I want, and then I get the f**k out on my way. And I trust what comes in every time and it's getting more and more honed in and I will, I am that powerful. 

So the exact right person will show up in my world where I'll hear our conversation or someone will say, Hey, I just did that. And that is that exactly. Yeah. That next step for me. So it's, again, this affirmation that we do not let need to look outside of ourself to guide us or tell us what we should do. We need to go within too our own sovereignty, into our own ability to create what we want to experience and then put that out there and trust that it will come to us. That's what I would say. 

Speaker 1 (1h 19m 2s): No. And I love that. I think it's always such a simple reminder to, to be reminded of over and over again. And I fell like that was my similar to my, it was like, okay, it felt time to do a siliciden journey. And then I happen to have lunch with a good friend of mine who then talks about a journey. She just facilitated. And I'm like, Oh, you're my person. Yeah. Let's, let's go do this. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (1h 19m 23s): I mean, as it happens, it's happened time and time and time and time and time again, like its to a point where I'm just like, I'm not even gonna question this. Like those deep synchronistic things is an attunement piece of like, Oh, I'm dialed in and we can be conscious with it where we can be unconscious with it. If we're unconscious in our world and we're holding these fear based experiences, I'm going to say COVID as part of that, if were unconscious in, in the, the fear based paradigm, I'm going to get COVID guess what your going to get and you just attracted that are going to get COVID. 

Yeah. So it's as powerful There as it is. Okay. This is what I want to experience. I would really like to have this, this and this speak that out into the world. Our words are creative. We are so powerful. Like words are vibration. They are frequency and a spell casting. That's what they call a spelling spray and get one, putting it out there in In form. We'll draw two us. And then the are the biggest piece is just trust it and trust it. Trust that what shows up is in response. 

I just had a powerful experience with that in my personal life, with a relationship I've been calling in very intentionally and it came in fast, it came in strong and it came in exactly what I called in. And I'm like, Holy s**t. And of course it did. So then when I start to go into these questionings, have it as like, what am I doing? Right. What am I doing? 

Speaker 1 (1h 20m 49s): It just deprogramming. And that's the kicker. It's just, and I think that it's a good reminder remembering that we have been running a certain programs yeah. For generations. 

Speaker 3 (1h 20m 60s): Yeah. And these constructs of what things should look like are need to look like our, what we talked about last week. That things need to be hard. Yeah, no we're done with that. That is the lower density that we are moving from in this evolution of spirit. Things are gonna happen fast. They're gonna happen quick. They're gonna happen magically because that was a, 

Speaker 1 (1h 21m 22s): Yeah. I feel divined in, in alignment with who we are. 

Speaker 3 (1h 21m 25s): Yeah. And are, are I think the challenging piece is can we trust it? Can we trust ourselves and that process 

Speaker 1 (1h 21m 33s): As well. And that whole adage, that we're more comfortable in our pain than we are in our, in our joy, in our bliss, because we're, we're used to that. It's familiar. So we have a tendency to end stepping through and breaking through. And that's where I do think drug's can help with that. Oh, absolutely. Is breaking down that barrier to be able to live more in the other, the other spectrum of life can be blissful. It can be enjoyable. It can be fun. It can be all of these things that I say, say I want, but when I have it, I don't, I can't stay there because it's not, it's like the, you know, self-sabotage in some aspects, it's just part of the programming. 


Speaker 3 (1h 22m 15s): Is like Marianne, Williamson says we're not afraid of what we can't do. We're actually afraid of what we absolutely can do. 

Speaker 1 (1h 22m 22s): Yeah. We're afraid of our greatness. Yeah. That's another our darkness that we fear. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (1h 22m 25s): Its our greatness. Yeah. So what's their ass today. That feels like a good little wrap up point. 

Speaker 1 (1h 22m 33s): I don't even, I don't know what her asking us today. Maybe there isn't an ask. I'm okay with that. Yeah. Let me to, okay. 

Speaker 3 (1h 22m 47s): That got us. We were just in the moment and accepting the truth of the moment is a prison. 

Speaker 1 (1h 22m 52s): Yeah. No ass today. Thanks for listening. As always, we hope you have a beautiful blissful day and find the sweet nectar in the flowers of life that you get to participate and partake of 

Speaker 2 (1h 23m 6s): Every day. Make a fan f*****g tastic. Thank you so much for joining us today and spending some of your valuable time with us. We hope there was something that you gained in your awareness that you can now share into the world. Remember you are a divine creator. So what are you creating today? Come check us out on Instagram. Finding Oneness In Duality we'd love to hear your feedback. We just love to hear from you. Please feel free to come check us out. 

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