The Lentil Intervention Podcast

Dr Malcolm Mackay & Jenny Cameron - Melbourne Lifestyle Medicine

September 13, 2021 Ben and Emma Season 2 Episode 34
The Lentil Intervention Podcast
Dr Malcolm Mackay & Jenny Cameron - Melbourne Lifestyle Medicine
Show Notes

Dr Malcolm Mackay and Jenny Cameron are two of the pioneers of the plant-based movement in Australasia. Malcolm is a GP and board-certified lifestyle medicine practitioner and Jenny is a nutritionist, wellness coach and research librarian. Together they offer consultations, group education programs and resources through the website Whole Foods Plant Based Health.

Recently, along with Dietitian Dr Peter Johnston, Jenny and Malcolm have launched their new Endeavour; Melbourne Lifestyle Medicine. Their flagship 10-week program is the first of its kind in Australia and provides participants with the knowledge and skills they need for real and lasting change.

In this episode we discuss:
• Jenny and Malcolm’s respective backgrounds and what inspired the transition to a plant-based lifestyle for them both
• Transition strategies for people wanting to adopt a whole foods plant-based diet
• The importance of focusing on what’s being added in, rather than focusing on what’s being removed
• Potential pitfalls and nutrition tips for athletes to be aware of when changing their diet
• Understanding the principles of calorie density for weight control and meeting nutrient needs
• Being aware of appropriate portion sizes to avoid inadequate caloric intake on a plant-based diet
• Whole Foods  Plant Based Health and the resources offered under the umbrella of Plant Based Health Australia
• Melbourne Lifestyle Medicine, which expands on other domains of lifestyle medicine in addition to nutrition
• What will be on offer with their 10-week lifestyle medicine program and the expected benefits
• Useful resources and tips for a smooth transition to a whole food plant-based diet, including Whole Food Plant Based on $5 A Day
• Upcoming events and immersion programs

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