Gwen Gets To Work

The Dentist

April 27, 2020 Gwen / Leentje Schade Season 1 Episode 3
Gwen Gets To Work
The Dentist
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Do Dentists ever get people with really bad breath? Does this Dentist wear a uniform? And why is she sometimes happy when it's really gross inside someone's mouth?!

In this episode we will learn about what a dentist really does, with Leentje Schade.

Tune in to find out what colour this dentist's chair is, and about the unusual places she has been a dentist in!

I am a 7yr old. My name is Gwen Rose. I wanted to do this podcast so all the girls, boys and me could learn about what adults do all day. Visit our website for past episodes and to find out what's coming soon:

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Gwen:   0:03
Have you have been asked? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Gwen's mum:   0:09
Gwen Gets To Work.

Gwen:   0:11
I like talking to people. And they like talking back to me. Well, that's what I think. One day I asked my mum, what, how do I know what I want to be when I grow up? My mum said,  if I interview people about, like their jobs and things like that well, I will find out and like, all the people who are listening. Um, you will find out too, if you don't know. Let's get to work!

Gwen:   0:50
Hi, guys. How you are you doing with the quarantine? Um I hope you got lots of chocolate for Easter, and I also hope you had a lovely Easter holiday. Um, I got lots of chocolate eggs. Did you? Um, but my mum said my teeth will rot. And that made me think I should interview a dentist.

Gwen:   1:23
In this week's episode, EPISODE 3!, I interviewed a dentist. She was once a sailing dentist. She went to villages in West Africa on the coast. She set up a dentist room on the beaches or in the village schools and looked after the local children. Then go back on her boat and sail to the next stop. I've seen her boat and it's pretty cool. Now she lives in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, on a boat. Lots of people in Amsterdam live on boats boat. I've got a funny joke for you guys. Where do ants live on houseboats? In ANTsterdam!

Clip:   2:35

Gwen:   2:41
People always ask what you want to be when you are big. What did you want to be?

Leentje:   2:50
I wanted to be an Archaeologist because I thought it would be fun to look for dinosaurs.

Clip:   2:59

Leentje:   3:02
I wanted to be an Astronaut because I thought it would be fun to fly. But then when I was 17 and I had a lot of a lot of my uncles and aunties and my father, everybody worked in the hospital. And I knew that I didn't want to work in the hospital. I didn't want to be a Doctor, but I was I had really good grades, so I thought I should go to university. And then when I was 17 I went to the Dentist. And then it was the first time that he gave me a shot, and then it didn't hurt at all. And I thought, OK, you need to go to university to be a Dentist. You're not a doctor, but you're sort of a Doctor. So then I decided I would be Dentist, but I would be a nice Dentist.

Gwen:   3:59
Do you love it?

Leentje:   4:01
I love it. But now I can't do it anymore. So I'm thinking maybe I have to go back to school to learn something new.

Gwen:   4:12
Because you can't do it now. Is it because of the Corona virus?

Leentje:   4:17
Yeah. Yeah, I quit work last month.

Gwen:   0:00

Leentje:   4:25
But what is your favourite colour?

Gwen:   4:28
My favourite colour is basically pink.

Leentje:   4:32
So how old you now?

Gwen:   4:34
I'm seven.

Leentje:   4:37
So in 20 years time, you could be a dentist so you could take over my pink office.

Gwen:   4:44
Hee hee. Um what exactly do you do all day at work?

Leentje:   4:52
I have my big chair, the reclining chair, and I have my patients. Because I have a small office, I know all my patients by name. So when when they walk in and I hear them talk, I know who it is and I say hello. And they come in and I treat them. I ask what you want, do you want cleaning, do you want a check-up. Do you have any pain? And I help them. And then they're happy. And I'm happy. Then they go and the next patient walks in.

Gwen:   5:20
Do you wear a uniform?

Leentje:   5:22
Yeah, When I didn't have my own office, I always had a white uniform and I had a blue uniform and when I was younger I was wearing the polo shirts and I had them in every colour of the rainbow. But now that I have my own office, I bought a little pink uniform.

Gwen:   5:46
Do you ever go wrong, like, do you ever like, accidentally get the wrong tool rigor something like that?

Leentje:   5:56
Um, sometimes I have a patient and he says, I have a pain here and then I do a check-up and there's nothing wrong on the lower jaw. And then I do a check-up on the upper jaw, and sometimes there was a cavity on the upper jaw. And then they say, "No, no, no, no, it's it's here" and I tell them, and I show them the picture like it's, it could be this one. And they said, "No, no, no, no, it's here". And then I give them an injection for the upper jaw and then they say, "Oh, now the pain is gone."

Clip:   0:00

Gwen:   6:34
We are taking a quick break to talk about looking off your teeth. Here are some important things to remember: One - brush your teeth twice a day; Two - brush using small, circular movements; Three - remember to brush behind your teeth; Four - spit out but don't rinse; Five - use a soft tooth brush; Six - don't eat too much sugar or drink too much juice or fizzy drinks. Seven. Go to see your dentist. I love my dentist. He is really nice. So back to our guest.

Gwen:   7:29
Is pink your favourite colour?

Leentje:   7:31
Yeah, my whole office is big. It's a shame that I'm not there for the Skype interview, but I can send you some pictures. And in the new office that's going to be on the boat, my chair is also gonna be pink.

Gwen:   7:45
Hmm. Do you ever get people with really bad breath?

Leentje:   7:50
Yes, but usually I don't, I have the cup here *points over mouth*, so I don't really smell it. And then sometimes they say, "Oh, I'm afraid that my breath is bad" and then I have to take off my cup here and go *sniffs*, Oh.

Gwen:   8:08
Is it ever gross when you look in people's mouths?

Clip:   8:11

Leentje:   8:18
Yes. But because I have the protection, sometimes when it's really gross, it's more fun because then I know I can help them.

Gwen:   8:28
Um, why do you Why do you do it?

Leentje:   8:34
So I can help people.

Gwen:   8:38
When you a sailing dentist on a boat? Did you wobble and make you go wrong?

Clip:   8:43

Leentje:   8:43
I didn't practise on the boat at that time, but my new office will be on the water. So we just had our tools, and then we went into the little villages where the people didn't have a dentist and then I would have some tables and some chairs and make a little office. And we just be outside and the most fun office that I made was underneath a couple of palm trees on the beach.

Gwen:   9:19
Wow. Will, you have stuff on your boat?

Leentje:   9:24
Probably yeah. Right now, I don't have any staff, which is okay because of Corona. But on the boat, I would like to have a dental hygienist and an assistant.

Gwen:   9:41
What is laughing gas?  

Leentje:   9:47
We actually don't use that in ours. So people have to do the treatments while they are awake. But laughing gas is something they use in America to make it a little bit like you're half asleep, and then it's sort of easier.

Clip:   10:09

Gwen:   10:28
Who pays you?

Leentje:   10:31
The patients and sometimes health insurances.

Gwen:   10:37
How often do you get paid?

Leentje:   10:40
Well, I used to have....this is a difficult subject. I used to have a billing company, and I would sell my bills to the billing company. But then I found out that I don't have to do that. So now whenever a patient comes, I give them the bill and they pay. It's a lot easier.

Gwen:   11:04
Um, how long do you spend at, well, how long did you used to spend at work? And how long did you used to not spend at work.

Leentje:   11:16
I used to make really long days, so I would be at the office at nine. And I would leave at nine or ten. So that's a 12/13 hour day. And then I would go home and I would work a little bit more. I would send in the bills. I would, yeah, I would make the appointments. Yeah, so easily 14 hours a day and that it's also like I can bring Emily. So sometimes on my days off, I tell my patients, you can come today. But it's my day off. And then I just bring Emily and give her the tablets and she's next to the chair and I'm working.

Gwen:   11:58
Who is Emily?

Leentje:   12:00
Emily is my daughter. I have a little picture of us. This is me at the office with my coats. And she is on my shoulder. [Laughter] Yeah. I live here.

Clip:   0:00

Leentje:   12:17
What do you want to be, Gwen?  

Clip:   12:22

Gwen:   0:00
I want to be an adventurer.

Leentje:   0:00
Ooo. But if you would be a Sailing Dentist, you could be an Adventurer and a Dentist.

Gwen:   0:00
I could actually be one of those.

Leentje:   13:03
Yep! But when Corona would end, because otherwise you're training for a job that's not there. You're better off just being an Adventurer.

Gwen:   13:03
I think I have a good idea of what a Dentist does all day. Thank you for talking to me. I wish you were my Dentist.

Leentje:   13:12
You can come visit when Corona is over. It's not far. Are you in England?

Gwen:   13:18
Um, yeah.

Leentje:   13:22
It's not far.

Clip:   13:23

Leentje:   13:26
Okay. Nice talking to you Gwendoline.

Gwen:   13:29
You too.

Leentje:   13:30
Bye bye.

Gwen:   13:31

Leentje:   13:31
She's adorable.

Gwen:   13:37
Thank you.

Leentje:   13:37
No problem, bye bye.

Gwen:   13:42
In next week's episode I will be talking to a real life Artist. Thank you for listening. It has been very nice to have you. Please, smash that subscribe button and leave me a review. That will make me happy. Thank you very much. Bye.