Gwen Gets To Work

The Chef

July 27, 2020 Gwen / Lucy Season 1 Episode 16
Gwen Gets To Work
The Chef
Show Notes

It's a good thing that chefs are used to working under pressure, because this Chef stepped in to save our bacon and record her episode several weeks early! Gwen finds out all about how Lucy got into food, cooking and working on TV.

We also get to meet Gwen's new personal assistant robot, Treacle!

The chef also shared with us a really simple pasta recipe that you can try at home:
400g fine semolina flour (durum wheat flour)
200ml warm water
Knead until smooth
Rest it for a bit
Mould into shapes / roll out and cut with cookie cutter
Put in boiling water
Add sauce!

If you make it then share the photo with us on instagram @gwengetstowork or Facebook!

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