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October 05, 2020 Gwen / Jim Season 1 Episode 22
Gwen Gets To Work
The Podcaster
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Show Notes

Podcasters go head to head in this week's episode when Gwen meets Jim, host of The Bloody Vegans podcast.

Can you record a podcast in your pyjamas? What got The Podcaster into the game? And what equipment does he use? We were so inspired by the tech chat in this week's episode we decided to try and help Gwen take her podcasting to the next level with a Go Fund Me equipment drive. Click here to support her: GO FUND GWEN!

Credit: Intro Song by Zak Abel - Vegan [acoustic version]

Every week in the Gwen Gets To Work podcast, Gwen finds out about what a different adults does all day at work. Visit our website for past episodes and to find out what's coming soon:

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