Gwen Gets To Work

The Formula 1 Engineer

October 12, 2020 Gwen / Rich Season 1 Episode 23
Gwen Gets To Work
The Formula 1 Engineer
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Show Notes

Zoooooom zoom! What a thrill! On Saturday, Gwen got the chance to talk to one of the Mercedes F1 engineers just after the Qualifying for the Eifel Grand Prix 2020 - German F1 Race.

They talk speed, sound and what it means day-to-day to be working on these super fast cars for the best team in the world...and why the most impressive thing about the Formula One cars is not their speed.....can you guess what it might be?

You can watch the highlights of yesterday's race on the F1 website and hear the moment that Lewis Hamilton, on the Mercedes team, equalled the current world record for race wins set by Michael Schumacher.

Don't forget that Gwen is fundraising for some better equipment so she can get out and about, interviewing people at work. Here is her Go Fund Me link - all donations most gratefully received!

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