Gwen Gets To Work

The Professional Footballer

December 21, 2020 Gwen / Adam Season 1 Episode 30
Gwen Gets To Work
The Professional Footballer
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Show Notes

What dreams are made of - in this week's episode Gwen talks to Adam, a Professional Footballer! Is professional training a bit like what Gwen and her classmates do at school with Mr Eldridge? Does The Footballer know his football trivia? And what would he do if football was no longer an option?

Don't forget that Gwen is fundraising for some better equipment so that she can get out and about and interview people like Adam at their places of work, once it is safe to do so. Here is her Go Fund Me link - all donations most gratefully received.

Every week in the Gwen Gets To Work podcast, Gwen finds out about what a different adults does all day at work. Visit our website for past episodes and to find out what's coming soon:

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