Gwen Gets To Work

The Comedian - Joe Lycett

December 28, 2020 Gwen / Joe Lycett Season 1 Episode 31
Gwen Gets To Work
The Comedian - Joe Lycett
Show Notes

Christmas Special with Joe Lycett! Gwen and Joe chat Strictly Come Dancing, Christmas Baubles, furry coats and, of course, what exactly does a comedian do at work all day?

We hope you love Gwen's festive treat and have a very happy holiday.

You can see Joe presenting, and dancing, in The Great British Sewing Bee's Celebrity Christmas Special on catch up. And if you haven't seen his show Joe Lycett's Got Your Back you should definitely go check it out!

Don't forget that Gwen is fundraising for some better equipment so that she can get out and about and interview adults at their places of work, once it is safe to do so. Here is her Go Fund Me link - all donations most gratefully received.

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