The Biblical Wealth Podcast

Should I Wait to Age 60 for LTC?

February 09, 2022 Episode 62
The Biblical Wealth Podcast
Should I Wait to Age 60 for LTC?
Show Notes

Questions Answered:

I have my $1000 emergency fund that’s sitting in my savings account gaining no interest. Should I move it to something where it will gain some kind of interest just sitting there? - Pierce  

Julie says... "Let's talk long-term-care.  I'm 54, in great health, and single.  It's the only thing I'm concerned with in my financial picture.  Dave Ramsey says wait until 60 to get it, but this just makes me a little nervous.  Can I hear from you regarding your experience?

Opinions on Home Life Protection Policies? In case of an unexpected spouse death, the mortgage will be paid off by this kind of insurance. - Mirnalyis  

I started a new 1099 job in December and love it! Which is better financially? Contributing to Roth IRA I already have set up. or starting a new SEP IRA? Thanks for any help!  - Pam  

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