The Biblical Wealth Podcast

How Risky is Real Estate Vs. Stock Market?

February 23, 2022 Jared Williams Episode 64
The Biblical Wealth Podcast
How Risky is Real Estate Vs. Stock Market?
Show Notes

1) How risky is real estate investing compared to stock market investing?  - Krey in TN 

2) How can I diversify real estate investments? 

3) Hi, I’m brand new to investing largely because I had less than $0 that wasn’t devoted to bills.  I made a career shift that jumped my income and now I’m trying to get my accounts and plans in order.   
Last year I opened a Roth IRA and maxed it out, and that has been my plan for this year as well.  I will be eligible for a 401k in a couple of months that I plan to max as well.   
There is a high likelihood that I will not qualify to contribute to a Roth this year.  So here are my questions:  

1) what do I do with what I already invested in my Roth for 2022?  It’s tiny but I want to make sure I don’t get a fee for contributing to a Roth if I no longer qualify.   

2) what do I do with my post-tax dollars?  Should I just put extra post tax money in a brokerage account and call it a day?   

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