The Biblical Wealth Podcast

What Would You Do With $500k in Home Equity?

March 16, 2022 Episode 67
The Biblical Wealth Podcast
What Would You Do With $500k in Home Equity?
Show Notes

Today's Questions:

1) I live in a high COL area and as a result, I don’t think local real estate will be part of my investment strategy (400k-500k base prices are standard). Buying real estate outside of my state (or on the opposite side of our same state) seems complex and I’d have to hire a management company plus there may be out of state taxes…any suggestions for different ways to invest other than stocks, bonds, ETFs, and index funds? Or tips for real estate investment for people in a high COL area?    Learn more about turnkey investing here:

2) Curious... If you had $500,000 in equity in your primary residence...what would YOU do with it?

3) I’m just not able to invest big amounts of money into the stock markets because of ups and downs but I feel more comfortable with real estate for some reason. I’m 41 and completely debt free. I’m almost a millionaire and will be before the age of 45. I’m really considering buying an apartment complex let’s say for a million with 20 percent down payment. Where should i start?

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