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Back to the Future of L&D w/ Donald Taylor

April 26, 2023 Axonify Season 5 Episode 26
In The Know with Axonify
Back to the Future of L&D w/ Donald Taylor
Show Notes

We’re jumping into our DeLorean to discover the future of L&D!

2023 is a critical year for the L&D profession. After three years of nonstop disruption, L&D pros have an opportunity to define the role they’ll play in the future of work. To make smart investments, they must get past the hype and focus their limited time and resources on the best ideas. But how can L&D specialists determine which ideas are worth pursuing and which will fade out fast? It’s not like they have a time machine—or do they?

Join Donald H Taylor and JD Dillon on a journey back to the future of L&D! Don’s had his finger on the pulse of the industry for years thanks to his annual Global Sentiment Survey. Don and JD will turn back the clock to find out how the biggest trends impacted the workplace over the past two decades. Then they’ll travel 88 mph (or 142 kph) to explore new ideas that are shaping the future of L&D, including AI, reskilling and the metaverse.

Dona also provides a sneak peek into the Learning Technologies Conference happening May 3-4 in London, England.

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