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Fashion Alert: Climate Faux Pas with Kavir Mootoo

July 15, 2020 Derval Barzey / Kavir Mootoo Season 1 Episode 9
The Climate Conscious Podcast
Fashion Alert: Climate Faux Pas with Kavir Mootoo
Show Notes

In this episode host Derval Barzey and artist Kavir Mootoo discuss the environmental and  socio-economic implications of the trillion dollar fashion industry. While fashion represents creativity, self-expression, glamour... it also represents 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. When we talk fashion, we must also talk about pollution and water scarcity, sweatshops and modern day slavery, micro-plastics and waste. Fast fashion, consumerism and materialism are driving nature to its limits with the insatiable desire to be in style.

It is time we examine our relationship with fashion and the manner in which we assign value. Applying the seven Rs of Sustainability to the Fashion Industry highlights ways to reduce its heavy burden on the planet by disaggregating Fashion from overconsumption and waste:
1. Rethink
2. Refuse
3. Reduce
4. Reuse
5. Repair
6. Repurpose
7. Recycle

As consumers, we can look good while doing good by making better choices and acting responsibly. Buy Less. Choose Well, & Take Good Care.

Kavir Mootoo creates wearable art and 2-D art and is passionate about environmental sustainability, fashion, nature, landscape architecture and societal issues.
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