Dynamics 365; Power Platform Podcast

EP3: May 2020 Monthly Update Part 2

June 25, 2020 Kevin Neely / Ryan Anderson Season 1 Episode 3
Dynamics 365; Power Platform Podcast
EP3: May 2020 Monthly Update Part 2
Show Notes

Monthly blog updates

The Premier Field Engineer team for Dynamics 365 published a monthly update to our blog.

PFE Dynamics Monthly Updates 

Power Apps 2020 Wave 1 updates

  • Power Apps Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Power Apps mobile app
  • Building Quality apps with testing and debugging tools
  • Unified Interface updates

Power Apps Wave 1 Updates 

Power Apps Portals 2020 Wave 1 updates

  • Simplified themes in Portal Design Studio
  • Simplified Portal identity provider configuration
  • Custom Entity Search
  • Power Apps portals General availability in France

Power Apps Portals Wave 1 Updates 

Dynamics 365 Marketing May 2020 Updates

  • All features now generally available
  • Beginning in May, updates will occur automatically
  • Organizations can still update manually

Dynamics 365 Marketing May 2020 update 

AI Builder 2020 Wave 1 updates

  • Form Processing
  • Object detection
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Language detection
  • Identifies the predominant language of a given text.
  • Key phrase extraction
  • Text recognition
  • Prebuilt flows

AI Builder 2020 Wave 1 updates 

File and Image data types for model driven apps

  • Supports annotations for images
  • Images are not supported on mobile
  • Multiple fields on an entity are allowed for this data type
  • Store a full image in addition to the thumbnail image

File and Image data types 

Omnichannel for Customer Service

  • More digital messaging channels - WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter Direct Message, LINE
  • Elevate a live chat to voice or video call
  • Co-browse and remote desktop capabilities

Omnichannel for Customer Service