Dynamics 365; Power Platform Podcast

EP7: August 2020 Monthly Update

August 25, 2020 Kevin Neely / Ryan Anderson Episode 7
Dynamics 365; Power Platform Podcast
EP7: August 2020 Monthly Update
Show Notes

Monthly blog updates
The Customer Engineer team for Dynamics 365 published a monthly update to our blog.

2020 Release Wave 2
Covers releases from October 2020 to March 2021

Business Applications at Microsoft Inspire 2020
Digital learning content available on-demand

Company News Timeline Deprecation
Delivers relevant news from Bing News about customers
Deprecation date July 10, 2020.
Support provided until September 10, 2020
Starting September 10, 2020, will need to uninstall solution which will remove news widget from Account record pages
To remove solution, go to Advanced Settings and Solutions, select CompanyNewsTimeline and then Delete
Alternative: News Power Apps PCF

Column Comparison through FetchXML, SDK, OData
Column comparison in CDS-based queries.
Use FetchXML, SDK API, or OData to perform column comparisons of attribute against specific value or comparison of two attributes to return records with matching value
Only columns for single entity
Only two columns
Multi-value condition not supported (i.e., "in")
Attribute data types must be compatible (i.e., "int vs string").

Monitor tool now supports model-driven apps
Stream events from user session to diagnose an issue
KPI for page loads, command exe's, etc
Network request details
Warnings for synchronous XHRs
Custom script errors (e.g. onload, ribbon rule evaluation)
Form execution event details (e.g. onload, onchange)

Simplified Power BI integration in PowerApps Portals
Power BI Embedded as first-class component in portal designer similar to Forms and Lists
Add using portal designer property panel, no liquid code

Power Apps Portals - Caching changes
No change to existing 15 minute SLA for data transfer between CDS and portal
Improved caching in version 9.2.6.x and higher
Data changes done in portals will reflect immediately in CDS

Learning Corner - Convert ideas to solutions with Power Platform
Learn how to solve a business problem with Power Apps

AI Builder - new prebuilt models
Receipt processing
Text translation - translate to more than 60 languages
Available in Power Automate

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