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Legalize Freedom (ft. Arshy Mann)

February 06, 2022 Big Shiny Takes
Big Shiny Takes
Legalize Freedom (ft. Arshy Mann)
Show Notes

Do you hear that horrible honking sound? No my friends, that is not the sound of freedom. It's the sound of another episode of Big Shiny Takes!

This week, Canadaland Commons host Arshy Mann joined us to talk about the dumbest political action in the entire world: the Trucker Convoy. This convoy, which is not astroturfed at all, is demanding that avowed Marxist-Leninist Justin Trudeau remove any vaccine mandates for truckers.  This conveniently ignores the fact that 90% of truckers that cross into the United States from Canada are fully vaccinated. It also ignores the fact 900,000 people in the United States are no longer alive because of the abysmal COVID response in the US.

This week we read a column in the Edmonton Journal from a newcomer to the shitty takes game, Nathan Steinke. Steinke, a noted political loser, spends a few hundred words fetishizing truckers as a symbol of working class purity. He also compares the convoy to Woodstock (the festival, not Woodstock Ontario).

It should be noted that this episode was originally recorded on Friday February 5, 2022 - the night before the counter protests in Toronto. If anything changes in convoy news and it's missing, please keep that in mind before you yell at us for not talking about it.

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