Big Shiny Takes

Socialist Fantasyland (ft. David Moscrop)

April 07, 2022 Big Shiny Takes
Big Shiny Takes
Socialist Fantasyland (ft. David Moscrop)
Show Notes

If you read the latest IPCC report, you know it's time for the latest episode of Big Shiny Takes. This week, the Big Shiny Takes Institute is joined by columnist and writer David Moscrop to read an insufferably bad column from Conrad Black. Yes, we are aware that doesn't narrow it down.

This temper tantrum is directed at the federal NDP and Liberal parties for unparliamentary behaviour (acting like parties in a parliamentary system). Thankfully, Conrad breaks up the monotony by expressing dismay at Canada's slide towards socialist oblivion with promises of means-tested dental care and clean jobs training centres. He also manages to jam in some genocide denial and transphobia because, believe it or not, the Lord of Crossharbour is not a good person.

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