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Socialist Coup, or Return of the Big Red Machine (ft. CEO of Antifa)

October 16, 2020 Season 1 Episode 19
Big Shiny Takes
Socialist Coup, or Return of the Big Red Machine (ft. CEO of Antifa)
Show Notes

We get a bit tankie in our latest installment, featuring a dearly-departed posting legend, Ray the Red, whom you might also know as the CEO of Antifa.  He got banned from Twitter for saying mean things about J.K. Rowling.

The National Post has been on a red-baiting tear recently, more so than usual. We've got two batshit insane op-eds arguing that Justin Trudeau is a socialist mastermind. Huge if true. It would also be a marked improvement from his milquetoast neoliberalism.

First up is third-place Conservative party leadership loser, and likely future of the party, Leslyn Lewis, who tickles all those right-wing survivalist funny bones (except Venezuela, conspicuously) — big government, 5G, the COVID tracing app, debt, you name it. She also uses the word 'insidious' a couple of times, just so you know she isn't fucking around.

Next is Denis Tsarev, who is the co-founder (and co-member) of Truth in Consequences, a think tank nobody's heard of, warning us about the dangers of left-wing populism in Canada, as represented by the dangerous socialist radical Justin Trudeau. This Rebel Media contributor wants you to know that you too can have a nuanced perspective on the world, if you just listen to him.

We'd also like to announce that we're re-branding as the Big Shiny Takes Institute!


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