Big Shiny Takes

Dr. Sebra D'oh (ft. Abdul Malik)

May 10, 2021 Big Shiny Takes Season 2 Episode 7
Big Shiny Takes
Dr. Sebra D'oh (ft. Abdul Malik)
Show Notes

Abdul Malik (@socialistraptor) makes his triumphant return to the Big Shiny Takes Institute to talk about two simpletons writing in newspapers to let the public know that diversity is bad, actually.

One columnist is Intellectual Dark Web C-lister, furry enthusiast and Jon Kay podcast co-host Dr. Debra Soh, who's writing in the Globe and Mail to warn us of white genocide, coming to a university campus near you.

The other is Lawrie Macfarlane in the  Victoria Times-Colonist. We're not sure he actually exists, but if he does, man is he stupid. Macfarlane is very concerned 

Throughout it, we also name doctors, both real and fake, like Soh.

Plugs and Rec(ommendation)s

Off Court

The Hoser: Why We Write

James Harkin - Sign of the Times: Caliphate and the perils of reporting online

Taylor Lambert - The Human Cost of Climate Change

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