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Rex Murphy is a white supremacist

June 16, 2021 Big Shiny Takes Season 2 Episode 9
Big Shiny Takes
Rex Murphy is a white supremacist
Show Notes

We're back for hopefully the last time reading one of Rex Murphy's ramblings. Literally the day after a Muslim family was murdered by a white supremacist, Rex is here to tell us about the real scourge of our time — anti-white racism.  While he denied last year that there was systemic racism in Canada, he appears to have changed his mind.

We also talk about Postmedia's role in fomenting the hatred that continuously leads to Islamophobic murder.

Plugs and Recs

Frank Magazine - Portapique 911 calls reveal what RCMP knew

Robert Hiltz - Frank Magazine Was Right To Publish Portapique 911 Calls

Abeer Khan - Racist jokes, fear of my hijab being ripped: As a young Muslim, I know Islamophobia in Canada is nothing new

Jeremy - Are Calgary police favouring some protests over others?
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