Big Shiny Takes

The Capitalist Manifesto (ft. Shama Rangwala)

January 15, 2022 Big Shiny Takes
Big Shiny Takes
The Capitalist Manifesto (ft. Shama Rangwala)
Show Notes

It's 2022 and things are bad!

We're kicking off a new year of reading bad takes with Shama Rangwala. Shama is an Assistant Professor at York University and co-host of Replay, a new podcast on the Harbinger Media Network.

The column we read this week is one of the dimmer takes in the National Post's year-end series called The Capitalist Manifesto, and was written by Joanna Baron. Baron runs the Canadian Constitution Foundation, a group of idiots pushing for important things like no mask/vaccine mandates, choice in health care (privatization) and free speech (lol).

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