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Your Youth Ministry Retention is Going to Suffer if You Neglect This!

April 21, 2022 Kristen Lascola Episode 97
Ministry Coach
Your Youth Ministry Retention is Going to Suffer if You Neglect This!
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Promotion season can be such a fun time in Youth Ministry!  Yes, it can be a little sad seeing some of your students move up to the next level of student ministry, but getting the new class of students into your ministry is so exciting!  As we talked in our last episode, there are a lot of planning factors and intentionality that need to go into making promotion Sunday a smooth transition.  This week, as an extension of that, we go even deeper into something that is too often overlooked: retention.  We've probably all experienced it in one way or build your youth ministry up, you've equipped them, discipled them, poured into them...then it's time to hand them off to the next youth ministry and then....they are gone.  No longer coming to youth group, no longer coming to church, no longer plugged in.  So what happened?

 One of the most common factors is that there just wasn't continuity between the student ministries.  If a student is blindsided by a culture shift from one ministry to the next, often times, they are inclined to just stop coming.  While ministries inherently will be different because of the age/needs difference (as they should be), there shouldn't be a night and day switch when going from one ministry to the next.   So how do we help with continuity between our ministries so that students don't feel like they are no longer in the same church?  Today, we will be giving you 5 ways to help with continuity between youth ministries to help with retention from students transitioning up!

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