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FREE TIME YOUTH MINISTRY GAMES - 6 Pre-Service Activities!

October 20, 2022 Kristen Lascola Episode 121
Ministry Coach: Youth Ministry Tips & Resources
FREE TIME YOUTH MINISTRY GAMES - 6 Pre-Service Activities!
Show Notes

This episode covers 6 free time youth ministry games for your youth group to play pre-service. When students arrive at your midweek youth group or Sunday morning church service, it's always nice to have some games and activities that they can play to help bond, build community and get to know each other in an easy way.   Instead of having them just sit in a chair staring at the stage, or standing off to the side like a wall flower, waiting for the service to start, they can engage with each other by connecting via free time games.  These pre-service games are the type that students can play without having to have the game be officially organized and monitored by a leader...they can simply walk up and start playing with other students.

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Supply and Shopping List for the games mentioned in this episode:

9 Square Castle Squares:

Four Square Ball:

Painter's Tape for 4 Square:

Nintendo Switch:

Extra Controllers:

Mario Party for Nintendo Switch:

Table Games (Your first choice is to see if anyone is getting rid of one they can donate to your youth will save you money and students are rough on these so unless you are willing to spend a decent amount of money, the durability may be a problem)

Foosball (this particular one is reasonably priced, has good reviews on Amazon and claims to be "durable"...I'm not sure if that equals 'student ministry durable' or not though):

Ping Pong:

Hyper Pong:



Throw Throw Burrito:

Throw Throw Burrito Extreme:

Coloring Books:


Kristen Lascola:

Jeffrey Lascola:


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