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GIFT IDEAS for First Time Visitors at Your Youth Ministry!

March 02, 2023 Kristen Lascola Episode 137
Ministry Coach
GIFT IDEAS for First Time Visitors at Your Youth Ministry!
Show Notes

**Make sure you check out our Shopping List below for some gift ideas resources!** Youth pastors all love to see it when a new student comes to their youth group - whether they were invited by a friend or just checking it out on their own, it's a chance to help them in their walk with Jesus or even being able to share the Gospel if they aren't already a believer.  It's so important to make newcomers feel welcome and valued.  And one great way to do that is by giving them a small gift that shows you're glad they came.  

We've put together a list of 9 gift ideas for your new guests as well as some incentives to get them to come back AND some incentives for students who invite their friends as well!  If you're looking for ways to enhance the hospitality & friendliness of your student ministry, then be sure to check out this episode! If you have some great gift ideas that you've done for your first time visitors, head over to our YouTube channel & leave a comment on this episode so that others can see it too!

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