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Equipping Your Student Leaders to Reach New Students in Youth Ministry!

April 27, 2023 Kristen Lascola Episode 145
Ministry Coach
Equipping Your Student Leaders to Reach New Students in Youth Ministry!
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When a new student comes to our weekend service or midweek program, it's very natural for us as the youth pastor to go and welcome them.  If you have a solid volunteer team, they will more than likely go up and introduce themselves to the new student as well; however, what makes the biggest and best impression is when your students are the ones welcoming a new student and introducing themselves to them. In this episode, we give you some practical and actionable tips on how to equip your student leaders to actively welcome new students into your youth ministry so that they are more inclined to come back again and again.

Books mentioned in this episode:
"Sticky Teams" by Larry Osborne -
"Sticky Church" by Larry Osborne -

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