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Leadership Skills for Youth Pastors - 9 Effective Leadership Traits (Part 2)

June 24, 2021 Kristen Lascola Episode 59
Ministry Coach
Leadership Skills for Youth Pastors - 9 Effective Leadership Traits (Part 2)
Show Notes

This episode is Part 2 of 2 on 9 traits of an effective leader.  Youth pastors are notoriously "thrown into the deep end" when it comes to leading a student ministry.  No coach, no mentor, no support - just figure out how to swim...and that's hard!  Do you know how to be a leader?  Are you born with those leadership skills?  Can you learn those leadership traits?  Does being a leader need to be taught and refined?  For youth ministers to be effective and have leadership that's sustainable, intentionally learning, exercising and sharpening those skills is critical.

In today's episode we talk about the last 4 (of 9) leadership skills that any valuable and effective leader should have, but specifically how it relates to being a leader in youth ministry.  We all want to be great leaders, we want to be effective communicators, we want to have high functioning teams, we want to be able to implement vision, we want our youth ministry to be a thriving and healthy community....and effective leadership practices are the only way to accomplish those goals.

This episode was inspired by a candid email we were sent from one of our listeners about his beginning stages of being a youth pastor.  We love hearing from you all and we do our best to provide powerful and insightful content on a weekly basis to be that coach you may not have, but desperately need.  If you have a story to share or have an episode idea, please email us at [email protected]!  Thank you for listening!

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