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How to Do Youth Ministry at a Dying Church

January 20, 2022 Kristen Lascola Episode 85
Ministry Coach
How to Do Youth Ministry at a Dying Church
Show Notes

Have you been hired as the youth pastor at your church and been tasked with the job of growing your youth group but the congregation's average age is....well, very old?  This episode will be able to help you look in to some of the macro and micro level things you can do to help grow not only your student ministry, but your church as a whole.  Even if you are working at a younger, family oriented church, you might get some great tips on how to make your ministry more attractive to new members to draw them into a closer relationship with Jesus.  This episode was a suggestion from one of our listeners, thank you for the contribution!

Books Mentioned:
"Lasting Impact" by Carey Nieuwhof

"Growing Young" by Kara Powell

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