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Francis Ingham
October 26, 2017 Francis Ingham
This week I caught up with Francis Ingham ceo of The PRCA. This is the latest in a series of PRmoment Podcasts with some of the leading lights of UK PR. The PRCA has grown from an organisation with revenues with £700K to one of nearly £3.2m during Ingham's ten year tenure. Francis and I discuss: How he was brought up on a Manchester council estate Why he hated school and refused to go for year Why he left home and school at 16 and spent two years living in the local catholic hostel How the headmaster at his school subsidised his education How he got into Oxford University Why he’s always been good at "arguing back!" How his time at Oxford shaped his passion for politics Why he left the CIPR for the PRCA His greatest achievement at The PRCA What’s next in Francis Ingham's career path
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