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Frank PR founder Graham Goodkind on The PRmoment Podcast
March 12, 2018 Graham Goodkind

Frank PR founder Graham Goodkind on The PRmoment Podcast

This week on the PRmoment Podcast I’m talking to Frank PR co-founder and Chairman – Graham Goodkind.

Graham started his career at Lynne Franks PR, rising from account exec to MD. He left Lynne Franks when it was sold to Ketchum in 1998. He then became a bit if an internet entrepreneur before starting Frank in 2000.

Here are the highlights of what Graham and I discuss:

  • How Graham developed a passion for the media
  • What it was like working at Lynne Franks PR, where Graham started as an account exec ended up as MD.
  • Where he learnt how to run a profitable PR firm
  • How he started the internet start-up
  • What the genesis was for Frank PR
  • Whether it’s possible for a consumer PR firm like Frank to retain an "edgy" market position for a prolonged period of time
  • Why there is no correlation between the quality of an idea and the amount of time you spend developing it
  • How Frank PR has been able to retain it “talkablility” edge?
  • How Frank PR has managed to retain its good margins in a very competitive consumer agency market.
  • How Frank has retained its ability to come up with ideas?
  • The 3 pieces of advice Graham would give to young entrepreneurs starting up a consumer PR firm today
  • How it came about that Graham, in effect, sold Frank and then bought 25% back
  • What the structure of the deal was that was agreed with Photon (now Enero) and how it became unstuck
  • What’s different about running an independent firm compared to one owned by a holding company?
  • What the future hold for Graham Goodkind
  • How Graham outranks Jamie Murray in a racquet sport ranking"
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