Celebrating 100 Episodes - E100
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Celebrating 100 Episodes - E100
Sep 13, 2022 Episode 100

This week, we are celebrating the 100th episode of the EduGals podcast. We have handed over the reins to two amazing guests, Stephen Hurley and Doug Peterson, to interview us about our journey with podcasting and the future of EduGals!

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**For detailed show notes, please visit our website at https://edugals.com/100**

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Welcome to Stephen Hurley and Doug Peterson
  • How we got started with podcasting and blogging
  • Why we podcast
  • The topic of our second podcast - can you guess what it was?
  • Do we listen to our oldest podcasts? 
  • Our recording process - from detailed outlines to what we do now (topic, separate research, just hit record and have a conversation)
  • Our gear - started with USB mic and a rubbermaid container; now using Rode PodMics
  • Our impact - greatest in our own professional growth; we see it in our classrooms
  • Listener connections are important to us!
  • Podcasting is a problem solving process for us
  • MoteCon - check out Rachel's session
  • PD sessions - EduGals is presenting at the ISTE Creative Constructor Lab in October 2022!
  • Our vision and why we stay separate from our school board
  • Four introverts walk into a Zencastr room!
  • Podcasting with students - start small, think micro-podcasts, build scaffolds
  • Staying fresh in the crowded podcasting space
  • Upcoming topics for the EduGals podcast 
  • Our publishing process and division of labour
  • Getting started with podcasting - equipment, ideas, just hit record!
  • Episode 200 will be on Google Sheets

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