The Lisa & Cheree Podcast

Homeschooling tips and tricks with Lisa & Cheree

May 10, 2022 Cheree
The Lisa & Cheree Podcast
Homeschooling tips and tricks with Lisa & Cheree
Show Notes

Where do I begin if I am thinking of homeschooling my children?  There's so much out there to choose from! How do I know if I am doing what's best for my children?

Are you asking yourself these questions and more?  

Join Lisa and Cheree as they discuss the exciting journey of homeschooling and how you can get started. They take a look at the different aspects of homeschooling. Learn how to discover your child's learning style and your own teaching style. 

 Lisa and Cheree discuss the benefits of the Homeschool option, provide resources and take look at the different ways parents can homeschool their children. Cheree shares her wealth of knowledge she has gained from homeschooling her 5 children from Pre-K through High School.  If you have already jumped into the homeschool life, this may give you fresh eyes on learning and encourage you to keep going.   

Curriculum Resources Mentioned in Today's Podcast:
The Three R's by Ruth Beechick
Preschool & Kindergarten- Starfall
Ambleside Online: free classical education online
Gather Round Homeschool: great for teaching multiple children at the same time
The Good and the Beautiful curriculum
Sonlight Curriculum
Veritas Press Curriculum
Khan Academy
Konos Curriculum
Dual Enrollment: options for college credits in grade 11 & 12

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