The Lisa & Cheree Podcast

Marriage Maintenance and Staying in Love with Duane & Reyna Britton

December 09, 2021 Cheree Season 2 Episode 18
The Lisa & Cheree Podcast
Marriage Maintenance and Staying in Love with Duane & Reyna Britton
Show Notes

Are you intentional about maintaining your marriage?  This conversation with Duane & Reyna Britton, will equip you to grow in healthy communication and keep investing in our marriage.  We pray that this podcast encourages you, blesses you and helps you grow in your marriage to see it be what God intended it to be.  

 We talk about:

·      How to learn healthy communication skills.

·      How to invest in your relationship through regularly scheduling date nights and fun.

·      How to work through financial differences.

·      And yes, we even talk about sex! 

Mentioned in Today's Podcast:

“Check In” Dialogue Questions to ask your spouse, when things are going well:

·      Ask this check in question when things are going well, “How are we doing?” And then respond with what “we” can do to make changes to address or respond to any concerns or thoughts that arise.

·      Check the fun gauge by asking, “How much fun have we been having together?” It takes work and effort, and it takes more work when you have kids, but be intentional to schedule fun times to look forward to.

·      “When we are having a good week sexually, what would that look like to you? What are you looking for sexually in a relationship?”

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Podcast

·      Britton Consulting Group, one of their services offered is Marriage Enrichment for Leadership Couples

·      Crucial Conversations

·      Communication Key to your Marriage by H. Norman Wright

·      Search for Significance

·      How we Love

·      People Can’t Drive You Crazy Unless You Give them the Keys


Quotable Moments from Today’s Podcast:

“Look to enquire, rather than accuse. And at the same time be real with (your) feelings.” 

– Reyna Britton

 “Communication is key to the marriage…” -Duane Britton

“Everyone has a flawed way of communicating. And most of us just model the flawed way of communication that we saw in front of us.” -- Duane Britton

Ephesians 4:2-3 The M

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