DJ Mr.Chris - Hip-Hopcalypse

R&B Pop Artist - Roger Ortega

September 14, 2020 Chris Warren Season 1 Episode 27
DJ Mr.Chris - Hip-Hopcalypse
R&B Pop Artist - Roger Ortega
Show Notes

Its real in da field on Hip-Hopcalypse. I have a man that has been putting in work in the music industry since he was a teen. 

He released his debut album in 2012 "'RnBPoPWrytr'"while releasing his sophomore album that reached #8 on the charts titled "The Lottery". 

With Jammin songs such as "Spread Love" "Better than Coffee" "Drink up, Freak out" and an amazing cover of the late great George Michaels " Father Figure", Roger hung out virtually with DJ Mr. Chris to talk about his roots, current plans and his future in music. 

This was a dope interview that was alot of fun and insightful

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