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04 Sannssi - I'll Name This Biography Later

May 08, 2020 Ropafadzo Murombo Season 1 Episode 4
Afro Comb Podcast
04 Sannssi - I'll Name This Biography Later
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Afro Comb Podcast
04 Sannssi - I'll Name This Biography Later
May 08, 2020 Season 1 Episode 4
Ropafadzo Murombo

Sannssi is the head of collaboration at an organization that promotes the development of investment in African entrepreneurship. He is also the founder of Motivation Bros, which curates motivational content geared towards second generation immigrants in Germany. In this conversation, we discuss growing up Afro German, his Guinean heritage, his love for personal development, and his reasons for founding Motivation Bros

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Sannssi is the head of collaboration at an organization that promotes the development of investment in African entrepreneurship. He is also the founder of Motivation Bros, which curates motivational content geared towards second generation immigrants in Germany. In this conversation, we discuss growing up Afro German, his Guinean heritage, his love for personal development, and his reasons for founding Motivation Bros

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Hi. Welcome to the Africa input cost. This is your host, Ropa, and I'm so excited to have you here. Listen, listen. This is a pod cost where every single episode is an interview with a person of African descent living in Europe. So why don't you come along with me as I get to hear some of the most interesting, inspiring, heartwarming and also funny stories from some really, really, really dope people. Yeah. Reunited. And it feels so good. You know what? I heard my voice through the headphones as I was singing that, and wow, what a wow. Um, yeah. It seems like I'm not gonna be quitting my day job 80 time suit, because I really sorry for subjecting your ears to that. Um, but it's not even about the voice. Um, it's really about the message off the song. I don't even know if you all know it is like an old school song by peaches and her cold reunited. I don't know if you know it, but that was just my dedication to you, my love, that of these moments where get to be together with you again are what I have to look forward to, so Yeah, Welcome. Um, if you're new here Ah, you're very late to the party. I don't even know where you've been, but I'm happy you're here now, so let's get right into it. Welcome to Episode four, guys. This is actually the very first interview I ever recorded. And you will probably be able to tell because it sounds like it was recorded in a bucket like you're good Says had no clue what she was doing. And in fact, the version that you're going to hear is off to someone help me edited. So you can only imagine how bad the original sound was. But listen, I I love this interview. I love it because it was the 1st 1 I ever did. Andi, it represents the fact that this podcast started from the bottom. And don't get me wrong like we're still in the neighborhood. We're still very close to where we started from, but we're heading in the right direction. So I really love this interview. And I also think I was so fortunate to find the best possible first guest anyone could ask for simply because this dude was just so patient with me in addition to being just brilliant, funny, open and interesting as a guest, he was incredibly encouraging throughout the process off recording this interview. So yeah, our lovely guest for episode Ford's name is San See. He is the head of collaboration at an organization that promotes investment and entrepreneurship in Africa. He is also the co founder off Motivation Bro's, which is a platform that curates and creates content geared towards second generation immigrants in Germany. And I really enjoyed this conversation because we touch on everything we talk about his Afro German upbringing since he was born in Germany to a German mom and a dad from Guinea on. We talk about all these experiences with that, and we also talk about like things like dating and personal development and his career and internships. We we really talked about it. Also. Let's cut to the interview, make sure you stick around to the end because I tell you all about what to expect from the next episode. So, yeah, speak to you soon. How are you doing? I'm good. Thank you so much for bringing Teoh come onto the cost. Immediate having a Facebook invitation. I am going to start with a random questions that you get to know you. I see where you were for context. Nobody wears a suit birth. I think 1st 6 times met, you see wearing. Yeah, I

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think that really I was working for German African Business Association for years, so we did a lot off business. Government, government, government. Of course, you said with those families like best, they want you to worsen. So thanks.

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Gives me context. Okay. I was always wondering working with C A. He's on some Syrian. Okay, now that's changed A little bit

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has changed changing night shift. That my foot was I was always interested in start up scene. So don't only focusing on the African start ups, and they don't ask me to wear a suit. That all So when it sells for 1100 governments, so that were super. Okay. All

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right, now you're rolling. These are my keys on the streets. Okay, cool. So would you like to tell me a little bit about yourself? So were you born from? All right,

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over? Yes. So I'm sensing. See? Said so. Seasonings. Name, game. So my father is from Guinea, Mom's German was born in Germany in front foot to reverse specific. I grew up their temperament. One secret for you, little names. So that's a very

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I think. Like how much? Yes, I e give

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the street a place.

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I need you.

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No one. Seriously? Yes. That's all makes between getting in Germany grown here. Yeah, I spend most of my life direction. Raymond now working with a great Cup car foundation supporting Afghan startups on also building my own company called innovation.

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And why Green Tech or White African started You mentioned it earlier. But like, why? Why this

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particular role? Sure, sure, Let me tell him so since I started working actually was very much focused on Africa. Which off course is caused by my own upbringing? Your father being from Guinea, I think many covers on the company have like huge potential which is very much under utilised. And we have a great future. Get your graphics. The continent likes population will double in the next 25 years. You have creative youth on me being published like growing up year on having education, benefitting from, or medications have university All that stuff I think, for needs something good to work with my roads. Yeah, that's why I decided to work with them for cup. And now also, folks in the youth part of it. And I think it's important

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any city boys like star I've

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always liked but not specific. So tell you, my dad always will. Self employed. Right? So he had that entrepreneur spirit. Finally. Andi. So I always wanted or like, maybe he did the inception off being on German. So that was interesting. Your business

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Internal Good. All the way. Yes. OK, so you you kind of have that like your upbringing. Like you was surrounded by you had someone in your home waas a startup owner? Essentially.

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Yeah, Yeah, not as they say today. Like technology stars all that stuff.

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And you see yourself being my started. I guess motivation growth is start up. Do you?

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Yes. Actually, it doesn't start a startup we're basically trying to do is try to give some positive input. Intel community, right? Bring personal involvement. Actually, two people usually don't make use of it. Yeah, so we're not, like tongue groups off traditional coaches on motivation. Trans, I'm so speaking off second generation migrants grew up here we have a live background on who can. Actually I think we can do more than you know on that. Will individuals actually comes in getting observation, orientation and Sean Parcel to evolve from isan important or second generation immigrants tohave motivational content geared towards them because our challenges are not the same as those off. People grow up here look like Georgia, right? So we have different challenges. It starts with all parents. Be enough from here. So they have different, different 90 years and go to a good life. What is important, what is not important, right? So that's the first challenge. Like that difference or the disparity between what they learned home and what it is like going outside, George, is that it's the first trip. What any goes on, of course. Like discriminations. One challenge, even though I don't put that in focus of motivation, Rose. Yeah, because I think you get off course complaining all the time. However, it's important to see what you can do right and telling me to complain. But I can tell people what they Yeah, so that is a foursome with vegetables, and I think a lot off like people like Romans right on It doesn't have a bedroom about here. She doesn't with me. It's just inside us that we want to have people look like it's a

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representation of the masses. Want to see yourself in high places? You want to see yourself in the places you want to go? Does no one wish? I do have those. Why or what exactly? From May be your own life made you feel it was the personal reason that made you feel like Okay, I have to do this. Obviously you grew up. Makes you as a second generation. It's immigrants in Germany, but yeah, what is that personal connection that made you feel like you have to

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do this? OK, good question. Good question. So, in fact, it's just what you said, like personal experience that I just had grown up here, but also a lack off having something like this when I was like, I think it was 22. 23 on. I started actually, by chance go more into like person development on personal growth. Right? And it wasn't a time that was quite difficult for me. It's not a diversity, you know. That was the first time that I was more. That's the only foreign you know, foreign under oath right before they don't want to dropping into straight Everybody look different Where all the Children in school were actually the Turkish, Arabic, African, some Asian Frank for that wasn't Berlin.

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Okay. Okay. So you have you avoided crime for moved here when you were 12. Okay, so then

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it was very challenging for me to come into university where sort of things that I did were strange togethers and evaded. It was strange to me the way corrupt journalist, No. What has cased German a German and then also started starting to work. And then I fell into, luckily into the topic off person development helped me so much throughout the last years to grow to follow up. Look like a few years ago, I run by my internship after studies and received, like, 2050 euros, right? I had to work as a waiter on the weekends to make a living

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your way. I I live holds right. It was You will work your entering the woman. I guess they're unaided gets it gets worse. Okay, So Connecticut learning Because I had

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this this this mindset developed off be like pushing through on looking at the good things you can take out of it, right? So that was for me, actually, that I went to the company and you I wouldn't state into, like they would employ me. And that was my goal. That's why some 20 years and then six weeks after they gave me a contract, right? So only due to the fact that I had this back home that I read on person bottle in that red all how to go through life collection, go through that face right and to share that with our religious systems. I think that's so crucial, because through this, then people can reach different things, would have fought off the conclusion and go through phases which hard?

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I think it's also wasn't toe Get that confidence like when you I think something that you gain from personal development was that you were confident enough to know and believe in yourself that you could get into this under 50 year internship and there was a way that you could come out of it, not just as a your intern. Incredible value to adds to any young person in the world and particularly to like I said area these young people whose experiences a particular stories are not usually addressed. Politics are not usually interests whatever on pop culture or movies. So I think this is an incredible value. But another question that I have is about your particular like the fight that you make. So your mom is German? Yes. Your dad is from Guinea on. Did your sign that you feel like you connect

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more with very difficult. So I grew up in Germany, so obviously socialist German, right, Right. However, the first phase of my life I identified a lot with being African game first when my father was very problem African heritage, which I really love. Having any isn't Waas but then you're in Germany on you notice that your office is different. So you rather identified with your difference then with all the other aspects which actually saved with the society would make identify through your differences. So I didn't fight very much without for a guy that I still love the continental so working with and on the continent in different countries. However, when I went for the first time or from a more frequently to giving each other countries. I realized that my socialisation, if you consider that was is rather German Alright, What age was this? This was I was quite old actually I was 18 19 whenever a first time home country as some countries unfortunately had back in that time we had a dictatorship on My dad was rebel on the other side, so we didn't have a chance to go. So back then I say it's a mind you have to school that it was working with working and then my against for the full for the plane with at me. And then we went through it, OK, And then you realized, actually, when you're on our for colic for school people, if you make they don't see you as African a century. So is your wife. So of course changes your perception, right? So then you realize actually

spk_0:   17:01
so in getting when your makes your Sina's white Yes, it's not necessarily makes look is like

spk_1:   17:07
Germans when they see a person and the person can be very dark black or can be a bit lighter for them. It doesn't my person Same is in most African countries. So either you're black and everything that is lighter in weight.

spk_0:   17:22
Oh, I see. Okay, The part of African from Zimbabwe, you, if you are, you could be black everywhere. You can call it that. That's a term that it's a culture. You know, there's actually neighborhoods in Zimbabwe where we like colored people live their accent. Yeah, I wish I could impersonate, but that's not my skills, like, yeah, so Okay. But I told you Understand what you're saying that in guinea you were not identified with black. Okay, So is the first time in your life you were not black.

spk_1:   18:00
Yes. Yes. And then you realize that actually, you draw less attention in Germany than you do in your so called home country, right? When I walk down the street here that say I mean, I get supporters way where movement, movie vetting. And so I feel really, really hope, you know, like, hard. Like no way with Oh, he's not from here. The only place you might be where there are places like certain environments and situations that can be workplace, right? We would be different, can be a touristy where you very different. You know, people will will see you notice that your from Germany. But you're different, right? But in my neighborhood I'm not different on from how I look, I can be mixed. I can even be believing thing on Arabic. We have a very big so I'm not that different in Guinea or in other countries. I am more different than here in my neighborhoods, at least of course, not in villages were and then and then in trouble that

spk_0:   19:05
yeah, I do question which which which one is more difficult? So when you're different in Guinea, is that like a positive difference? Or is that mutual different and which differences wanted? It

spk_1:   19:22
really depends on what you do, what you do. And I know from a lot of people from the diaspora wins back and you know, when they make us, it's hot for them. And professional life, because they received was different even though they spent 10 years and Europe and then come back and those cargo for your right. So this can be hard. However, I like me enough countries, right? I think the difficulty is rather you accepting that you're not the same when you're not like it's a whole different, like accepting it. And I think that it's a bit difficult. You have to accept it for you. If you come from Germany, you haven't off guard. I think you that's my country. I once you get over it, then it can be interested in can be nice, driven present. You would like also specific people. You're right.

spk_0:   20:19
Yes, right now. Okay. So what was the most difficult thing like that? You remember from your childhood, your child in specifically where you like. Oh, I'm

spk_1:   20:33
different. Well, I mean, that's painful. So the most painful thing about being different toe funny thing first and want my story I think about So it is here. You might not even think it's funny. I thought, I have to write last and we have force place and then teach us, as you know, that the German Children go on the side and they play in a team. And before now it's going the other side of time. So first of all, it's a very

spk_0:   21:20
strange I was 20 years

spk_1:   21:24
ago, there wasn't such a consciousness, and I think people even do it now. It wasn't like so so on I was reading was 67 years old and used hold There was different because my father always emphasize, like never, like, let people treat you badly because of your skin. Or

spk_0:   21:48
even when you were six, he was already in.

spk_1:   21:51
Like like if they ask you to clean something and you're the only one who has to clean, like, say no, right, I know, To be honest, I didn't get that role, right. But no, of course. Then you understand because they he scared that they treat you like like the black guy can clean. Yeah, you know. But by that time, I didn't understand then says the Germans in one corner before and I was like So my mom's German and my dad is from Guinea. So where do we go? And she's like you. You go to for months

spk_0:   22:31
what you wear

spk_1:   22:39
calling the n word and all that stuff in Germany syndrome years, not only even only Germans both performance, right? So you heard that loved her. I loved my father arguments that people calling him, like, again word of something so yes, actually have quite some experience is I would say you only get the better of me because then starts being associate with being cool to be black. You know, there's also stereotype, but then it's cool. Look, look, I said Chris problem. Whatever.

spk_0:   23:14
So I actually like the more you use that example, I actually kind of I I'm turning like OK, yeah. So now if you like your teenager,

spk_1:   23:34
So my basketball, if you go to a club to step, you can dance, can have so it gets easier. Even those, like, Right? Right. But then it gets easier.

spk_0:   23:49
O'Hare. So if we go back to the fact that when you started growing up being black, it's more cool does that also spilling like your dating life. Like, is it easier? Do you think you're more? Do you understand? What? Yeah, Yeah, because you know I know, you know. Yeah. You feel me? I know. Definitely.

spk_1:   24:21
I think when you get and when it comes to dating leftist also, it gives you certain coolness. Right? So you're black. And this again, the story times. And it makes it easier for you, I think. Yes. I don't want to say that you get a girl and all that, but it makes it easier for you for that and even have people telling your girls. Yes, it's I can't This with one girl. She was like, Yeah, it's a cool time. Like gold for my boyfriend. Well, that's right.

spk_0:   24:50
So that's the way it

spk_1:   25:08
makes it easier. Of course. Like the goal dating life in General Edison is to have someone. It doesn't matter if she's black way, but who's not. Okay, so

spk_0:   25:21
you don't want to be token. I fantasized. I want to be dated. However,

spk_1:   25:28
it's just she

spk_0:   25:30
has Okay. Where? I'm not gonna go. Google. Where? Jessica Alba. I haven't heard from her

spk_1:   25:39
a long time. Like you know what's funny enough? I googled, like, 23 weeks ago.

spk_0:   25:45
Looks like you're doing really well. OK acting. But you're doing that. Okay, So, Jessica Alba is where is with me as Christians when you don't? Yeah, Yeah, you can get away with a lot of Okay, So you feel like the coolest that it helps you date? You don't feel ok? How else This question that I'm asking this question Black. Right. Okay. So I feel like I mean, being my blackness sometimes is a hindrance. Teoh Wightman approaching me not not because they're whatever not even in the resistance. But somewhere in there they I don't feel like giving approach towards is easy for me to meet people as it is for like, I just want white woman next to write. I'm making to these, like layers of stereotypes that are on top of whatever is. But you don't feel that way. I

spk_1:   26:56
don't feel that way. I have to tell you, like for you being black Fuller. I can only imagine why, like the wet men, women torture that much. And I think it's because we didn't used to be so president can all that right? Yeah. So I only started thinking about that also a few years ago when you start like thinking about more about that stuff that you you know, the radius like they don't show black woman on TV. You like women again in magazines. So you said you don't have the relation. You know, you don't put the relations through TV, but so we don't have relation.

spk_0:   27:35
You don't see

spk_1:   27:35
black women. Actually, right now it starts more. Think, right.

spk_0:   27:39
I never thought about this. I think that's

spk_1:   27:43
one of reasons Contract for me being mixed. I didn't have much contact to especially black women. So right rather than men, Because you hang out your voice going on that I only few years ago a realized actually media's putting, like is is Kasich fading up like Doesn't show you the black woman, so they know you're right on that. I was like, Oh, no, that's changed that, you know,

spk_0:   28:05
again. And I guess it as a young boy. Your discovery off your attraction to women is in some ways influenced by media. Buy everything. You see, you're watching. Okay. And if that black women are not in that, Lance gave it all This makes a lot of said. This makes this OK, so But you're saying you do. This is not something that you experience. You don't feel like white women like, but he's no, maybe, maybe, but they don't. Because you know what? I'm asking this because I'm actually curious. If I find a second generation African immigrant was entirely black, I would love to ask the same questions to see if there is action. Like a slight difference. I can

spk_1:   28:55
imagine the business like friends gamble. There still was colorism right, right on and so being mixes like you bit exotic. What you're not like to the friend like you're not black, black, black So I think there's this color is way. Also see that you like Chris Brown fiance so that many, many mixed or light skinned like face people right? They also

spk_0:   29:21
get what you mean and the if you bring up colors and it's the issue. When those few like women are seen on TV. It's the light skin. So I get

spk_1:   29:34
what we need, especially for a woman, especially for women if, like, way Gobert when I was a kid. But then there was like 15 years, no famous, like black women, just

spk_0:   29:47
queen just doing I get you, I told you. Understand that? Okay, yes, what you like. What are you

spk_1:   30:01
most afraid off? That's a very good question. A very personal question is funny that I concluded Movie is movie The circle and the lady comes into the office 17 job. It's like a company like Google. What are you afraid off? And she says she thinks what she says underutilized potential. That is what I can identify with 1%. That's what I felt before always was always my fear to wake up being like 54 60 Looking back life being like, Well, you could have done better. So that is my biggest fear not training potential of using the opportunities that there but where the moment try to use it cards everyone else I need to do it

spk_0:   30:54
right. I think that a good friend of mine always used to say was that when he died What he wants is is here lies empty. Great. Okay. His whole thing Waas which I think is pretty is that he wants to live a life where he these he's no there's going be no potential Great. What has to give it is going to be given my point that you guys, I kind of also resonated with me when he explained that to me because exactly what you're saying. Like you have all this potential. You want to become something you want to realize it's not

spk_1:   31:42
binary knows they're like it's given God. Give insulin, embrace it again. Put it over

spk_0:   31:50
happened. How then do you find the balance between wanting to realize it potential little's or not? Putting pressure on yourself I? No,

spk_1:   32:05
Seriously, I think it's a learning experience. Right on. It is a learning experience for me, as it is for everyone else. I think you don't stop, which is good, because otherwise it would be boring when you 30. And then I learned everything. I learned everything

spk_0:   32:20
I used to hope. Like when I was 21 I started going through this like myself. E into it. But now I'm discovering this that you knew. You learn, You grow from something and then you start over. You need some learning something. You I

spk_1:   32:39
think that's it. Once you're accepted. Then again, I think you are at the station. Your some someone, You feel good. But you feel good stable knowing that you change all the time to learn all the time. And I student

spk_0:   32:53
yesterday. And how do you like in your day? Week? You're how What are you doing? What steps are you taking to make sure you're you?

spk_1:   33:06
It is a day I thought you go again, back to

spk_0:   33:08
dating. So let me come back for questions.

spk_1:   33:16
So how do you make sure that

spk_0:   33:18
yeah, I don't remember. Oh, yes. How do you What are you doing like E. Yes.

spk_1:   33:26
So it's a good question that comes to the perfect time. Cast like, First of all, it's a great initiative. On the second of all, you asked the right question without knowing you. So So So I tried to work on this. Since I actually come into came into the sphere of person to vote right, I try things like, more successful, use my full potential. But it's not easy, right? So it takes time to get. I think there some very like practical steps you can do. And there's some, like almost visitors fits right on for the practical stuff actually started with something I think is rather more women like men. And it's called the Bullet. So it's no book, right? Has Very So you started with the table, So you ever I don't know what we just right to stuff down everything you need to do. You have a tape of conflict and it starts with with the money, right? Any gem. Okay, Jen, any of your first day Monday first. And then you just know that which wants to that day. And you have a very specific system on how to write with We toss what your dreams out goes off. Just notes. Right. So you are very you can very They're organized. Strike you have, Denny, but day by day. And by using this, what happened to me is actually easily like See what happened last day. We're having the day before and see which wants me different next time. Right? So that helped a lot in terms of organization, in terms of how can I improve myself in terms of looking back and see, like, why did I actually feel bad last week? And then you bring through what you did and you see a monday actually sat down with I know this this friend that is so toxic and then, like a week went shit. So it has to be like, drawing conclusions. Yeah, well, hasn't plan. And also, like a tractor happens that I want to.

spk_0:   35:26
This is so structure. It's Do you consider yourself a disciplined person? I'm listening, Teoh. I am able to run. Had analytics on my last week. Should do that. I

spk_1:   35:44
have to do it off it as just a surgeon. Reality to my writing, with a pen.

spk_0:   35:53
So every day at the beginning with

spk_1:   35:55
a and B get two times. Beginning today I write down what I wanted like I really thinking. And then I also think about the wide because to do list don't make sense because you don't think about why. Just look back to do this. But if you think about why did you do that? You become more intentional. Yeah. So then maybe, instead of 20 things you see actually to five things that inspire things. So that's what I didn't morning and then an evening Go back mostly. And after telling that to take the pressure mostly you don't do all the things you put down, right? But can't see which ones did you do you cross them up And then also you can congratulate itself on things direction. Did you understand that you did something that they sometimes you feel like Oh, days over. What did I do? You should know

spk_0:   36:45
that You

spk_1:   36:48
see that you actually can be probably some countries.

spk_0:   36:52
And you think this helps? You won't. But this does help you stay on. Try to accomplish your goals. Get things done.

spk_1:   37:00
Look, a certain happens like apart from the things you want to do everything I am. You said can through this, But they certainly haven't said you really do everything you know down. And it's like a game like you see after month, you see between crosses and every everyday or didn't you? I have things like waking up at 6 a.m. Or like can be easy things like doing half of it. Because if you don't do that, you next next next week, Any never. So

spk_0:   37:29
speaking my eye. You attack? No. Absolutely. Right. So I told me understand that what you're passionate about now. And I also understand how you do it, right? You know one thing that I'm still curious, like what actually drives you like one business that's making you once the region full potential. What is it that's making you get out of bed? What is it? That's do you understand? And that is not also

spk_1:   38:03
not an easy question time question. But I will try to find it. And yeah. So first I think we have to step away from thinking that there's some people who have this this very strong passion and they just wait,

spk_0:   38:19
Wait, I haven't more

spk_1:   38:30
difficult, right? Actually, I think everybody has to push him or herself. And it doesn't work every day. But you have to remind yourself off the reasons off your wise quiet. And for me, it started very early and very basic in, like making my federal along with families live their best life, right? So financially, most matinees. So I want to be a support for right. That's how it started. But then know that I grew older, of course. Always like one thing that is very important to me and will be will stay in court. But anything? Okay, What can be young that for community. And what also can I do for you need to feel good because, like doing something for others. Good. I know for me they're not. You see, Di Natural, They're not contradictory. Okay? Yeah. Doing good for yourself and doing good for others to me that because in the best case you do something for others. If you create real value and

spk_0:   39:37
I know better word not neutralise they both happened exactly. Actually, that Wow Yes, change.

spk_1:   39:59
So, Tony, I'm very sure that helping on this supporting of us and supporting yourself and helping yourself are not mutually exclusive. So actually they grant and have em. So once you create value for others eventually also bellowing for yourself I think you should not be like apologetic about it. You do something to have a big community toe, others. But you also make sure that yourself you grow right. So that's it.

spk_0:   40:34
That's beautiful. Okay, so we were answering the question. What drives? What holds you back? What you have to push through? Yes, levels. It's as

spk_1:   40:52
with everyone, there is a certain fear inside. Right fuel thing risk probably, especially if you grew up in Germany. And if you are German, we have risk averse, right? So, yeah, so it's, I think, like very often we can just take the risk, everything not even aware that you're scared. Not even where were like Okay, let's do Let's say that this pot cops running domains through this book and you're like, Oh, I do Tomorrow Next week ever offers not only even amazing this, but it's like you're afraid, right? Because once you put something out there, you might get Chris is my criticism. You don't even realize that you're afraid, but just don't do things because you are afraid and scared of losing opportunities. Someone, office, your job, good money and anything. But I want you to my own project. And you're like, Oh, what this job like having already? What? My project doesn't work. And then there was one. They and oh, I think it was coming. Came from John Kerry.

spk_0:   42:02
I I heard speech for right. He said,

spk_1:   42:12
like he was looking at his father and his father actually had also committed. I mean, intelligence could be a comedian, but he chose a job that was, like safe because he was scared of failing at being right. And then one day his father's job and Van Ingen Curry says, Like at that day, I realized that you can also figure out things that you don't like. So why not do the things that you like and maybe reveal with them?

spk_0:   42:43
Yeah, you can also fail. I think that safe because that's also what I'm picking up from your story. Like you, you can choose the safe thing. But even then you don't even have a guarantee. No, don't. So I do think that signature into that love that Yes, So you wanted. But I feel like sons yearning incredibly positive person just from the colonization. You spend everything around into something meaningful, something motivational. But yeah, I think natural

spk_1:   43:19
way to what is the alternative? Like? Like, wanna look good life. So push for is not that I'm working out with smiling, but you don't think it's like is your actions is not only about being positive and optimistic, but it's both your actions that actually drive if you can be possible people can try is like with loving like to say, Look, we're a couple of were you married and we don't like there's no love but then you as the as as non right. But you also look at it as a verb, so to love his actions, you know? And I tried

spk_0:   44:04
to exit positivity accent, I keep I eyes is there was

spk_1:   44:14
t but are you positive? I

spk_0:   44:18
Oh, I love that. I'm gonna make like a quote from this positivity is doing words push through. Yes. Okay. So thank you so much. He I really enjoyed this. I think this is did too. And it's just so much to learn so much to pick up from organization one costing before we closes, like

spk_1:   44:44
all years. If I was writing your buyer right now, where would you want

spk_0:   44:51
me to call it? Theme Giving something. I mean, like 2026 2026 year olds on there. Until but sons, 10 years from now. Now.

spk_1:   45:12
Wow, that is tough. Yeah, you say the toughest for the end.

spk_0:   45:19
You mean Teoh? You take time.

spk_1:   45:30
Maybe What? I will take his like, and you still have a chance to see

spk_0:   45:35
Oh, yeah.

spk_1:   45:39
It could be something referencing you shall Obama. Even though I didn't read a book, I've been referenced a title. It's like, No, I can't do that to her books. Becoming actually means exactly the same.

spk_0:   45:55
I eyes this. What you think You Yeah, I don't think

spk_1:   46:02
I'm there yet. I don't know. Anybody is there at any time, but I'm on my way, and I think, but of course, life could change everything. You know, you can have Carson answer your old action just but I feel like step by step involving, and I want you over trying to move up and

spk_0:   46:21
something like, this is what you said. Because this is exactly why I ask you. And I guess this question. The type premise off my cost is that I believe that were there. You know, I believe that whatever point that you are at your life story, your experiences, your pain, your earnings, that is a biography that is there. What in Boulder? Simplicity in old baby is boring and uneventful. In your opinion, maybe it's you haven't accomplished as much as you want in a bowl of that. At any point in your life, you argue about why this question you already. Your story is already inspiring. Your story is already interesting. The little small little challenges that you will come so that you know, even I think this will. But they say that you and so yeah, but anyway, thank you so much weight. Have it, babes. That is my lovely conversation with Sun Sea. And how dare How dare I forget to ask him to shamelessly plug himself on the podcast off shameless plugging? I can't believe it, But you know what? I'm going to do it on his behalf. So what you need to do is go to Instagram and search motivation. Breaux's, that's Motivation Bros. Or you can also do the same on YouTube because they have the YouTube channel and they recently started a pod cost. So you can also search for motivation Bro's on Spotify, iTunes or wherever it is that she listened to pod cost. That's Motivation Bros. And yet that's that and tapes. I know, I know, I know. We've come to that heartbreaking moment where you and I have to part ways and I'm not ready. Neither are you, and it's going to be so tough for both of us to just survive two weeks without each other. But you know what's going to get us through. You want to know what's going to get us through. It's knowing that in exactly two weeks we get to reunite. And not only do we reunite, we reunite for an amazing episode. And let me tell you, let me tell you all about Episode five. You know when you put popcorn in a part in the detector Is this popping is doing its own thing. That's exactly what Episode three is, because I have not just one, not even just two but three amazing guests, their sisters, and they talk about growing up Afro German in Zimbabwe and all I can say to you just be there Because these ladies have so much personality. They carry the whole episode. I didn't even need to be there, to be honest. So that's how we're going to survive without each other. We're going to look forward. We're going to hold onto the Hope off tomorrow where we get to be together again. Okay, so yeah, until then by

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