Sense-Making in a Changing World

Episode 117: Permaculture Enterprises with Emily & Josh Prieto and Morag Gamble

December 27, 2023 Season 9 Episode 117
Sense-Making in a Changing World
Episode 117: Permaculture Enterprises with Emily & Josh Prieto and Morag Gamble
Sense-making in a Changing World with Morag Gamble
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Show Notes

Tune in to this episode for a conversation about regenerative business with the fabulous Emily and Josh Prieto - founders of Seeds of Tao, regenerative business educators, world explorers, and homeschooling parents.

It was fantastic to chat about their journey into permaculture, moving to Panama, their attraction to regenerative design and how they are applying it to business. We talk about how you can make a permaculture living

At the heart of their vision is the integration of permaculture design thinking and regenerative ideas into a balanced business life - that leaves space for living well and homeschooling their four children. From valuing the marginal in the challenges they face to the importance of obtaining a yield, it was inspiring to hear Emily and Josh's approach!

Seeds of Tao is a community of entrepreneurs, supporting and educating each other to create regenerative enterprises - through bioregional support hubs, mentoring, educational resources, a course and a podcast (which I have been on). Check out their amazing work!

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