Adulting Decrypted

S-4 E-3 How to be Better at Dating(ft. Leta Greene)

July 21, 2021 Season 4 Episode 3
Adulting Decrypted
S-4 E-3 How to be Better at Dating(ft. Leta Greene)
Show Notes

In this weeks episode Leta Greene takes us through how to properly date people. What are the things you should look for? How should you work on yourself? Where does this learning experience come from? If you have ever wanted to get better at dating and want to find someone that is actually right for you Leta has some of the best advice we have ever heard! We hope you enjoy this weeks episode!

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0:00 - Intro : Leta Greene is the author of, “How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness,” and “Love Me Too.”She talks about her journey and how she became hot and embraced herself as an awkward teenager who was missing her front three teeth due to a biking accident. She shares her strategy for loving yourself and how that applies to us in the dating relm. Honestly, there probably isn’t anything more exciting then hearing some boys getting made uncomfortable by a confident woman!

2:30 - Saying Hello to Leta: Her bike crash, start of her career both as a makeup artist and motivational speaker and author. She talks about having to deal with sexual abuse and how she learned to value herself and the dating process. 

4:20 - What is Gene’s dating age? 

5:40 - Ashton is struggling with dating. Is it because of self-confidence? Expectations? Or perhaps is it both? 

7:25 - The most successful dating you can be doing right now is getting to know how you interact with others and how they interact with you. Service projects are a great tool for getting to know people. 

9:00 - The brain doesn’t finish forming until around 24-25 due to cellphones. 

12:10 - Knowing how to talk to someone rather than just distract each other with a good time. Talking is much more valuable for lasting relationships. 

13:50 - We have to be like the person we want to find. 

15:20 - Character is far more important than looks. 

16:00 - Leta Pro tip: Asses how your potential suitors treat all other people. 

17:45 - Ashton Asks when Leta started thinking of all these amazing tips. 

19:30 - Why Adulting Decrypted wanted to talk about dating.(basically Dad forced us into it but it was worth it.)

21:40 - The Objectification of Women, what is it all for and where did it start?

23:10 - Gideon’s Interjection leads to a discussion about flirting and interracting with the opposite sex. 

25:35 - Leta’s 5 year; 3 year rule. 

28:00 - Sticking to the rule and not being willing to bend on your personal standards.  

30:40 - 1*0.5 vs. 1*1. Why is it important? And what does that mean in relationships. 

33:30 - Leta went on a mission(what she calls entering the mormon nunnery) and how that played into her finding her husband.

35:00 - Character Traits vs. Physical Traits

38:30 - You won’t be happy in marriage if you don’t like you.

40:35 - The T&T effect

43:00 - Kids just need the psychological reason why to not have a girlfriend, and why it is more benifical to use their time to learn about people. Finances are a good convincing point. 

45:00 - Every Statistic are people who once loved eachother. 

47:00 - Wrap up and Where to Find Leta’s content.

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