Adulting Decrypted

S-4 E-4 Getting Along With Your Boss: Is it Possible?

July 27, 2021 Roscoe, Ashton, Gene, and Gideon Season 4 Episode 4
Adulting Decrypted
S-4 E-4 Getting Along With Your Boss: Is it Possible?
Show Notes

As per a listener request, today we are talking about getting along with a boss. More specifically, how do you get along with someone who can tell you what to do, namely, teachers, bosses, and Dad's joke, spouses. We have a great conversation with each other about our experiences and Ashton shares his real world experience of not doing so well at resolving conflict at his Walmart position. The Dad also shares his perspective having been an employer and a boss himself and an employee. It allows for some pretty cool conversations and we think you will enjoy this one.

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00:00 - Cold Open(Gideon wants to hide in the woods.)

01:00 - Intro Sequence

01:35 - What is todays topic?(Ashton made Gideon wait…)

02:35 - Maintianing Good relationships with those who can tell us what to do.

03:35 - How does the crew feel about teachers and bosses.

05:25 - You can tell how someone feels about a class, subject, or a person.

06:15 - They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. 

07:05 - Who is your boss? Is it Steve Carrell? Micheal Scott? Are they better or worse?

08:55 - There are abusive bosses. Get out, report to HR, or find another solution. 

10:00- If your relationship with your boss just needs a bit of help, these are the tips we can give.

10:15 - No one cares more about that realationship than yourself.

12:45 - Link for research:

13:30 - Consider your Boss, their feelings, perspective, and desires.

13:45 - Ashton’s Walmart Story.

16:05 - The callenge with approaching work conflict is your Boss is paid to tell you what to do. So how do you approach that conflict?

16:45 - Gene and Gideon talk about their teacher relationships.

21:00 - Dad talks about being a Boss

22:15 - Ashton cannot fly an Airplane

23:30 - Dad talks about trust as a boss.

25:30 - The difference between job trust and character trust.


28:45 - When as an employee do you need to humble yourself to let the tower make the call. 

29:45 - Ashton’s Walmart story. Part 2!

31:10 - How does a manager get to the point where their employess can trust them to say, “I don’t have to explain myself, just do it.”

33:45 - Dad tells a story about his Mom.

35:30 - Gospel by Roscoe 101: Stroke of the Pen change is easy. The Hard part is changing the culture and mentality.

37:20 - At the end of the day everyone wants to feel like they add value.

38:15 - You don’t hate history, you just hate how its being taught.

40:10 - If you are complaining about something and you don’t have a solution or you don’t want to come up with a solution that hasn’t already been stated. Might as well just drop it. 

41:45: - If you are complaining you really do care. 

43:25 - Help you understand what your goal is.

44:10 - Do Not Drop These Mics. Gene hits us with Star Wars

45:45 - Do your very best to not be passive agressive when dealing with problems. 

48:30 - Be okay with forgiving your boss. 

49:45 - Find a way to connect with your boss if you can. If you can’t just try to learn more about them. 

51:45 - Wrap Up.

52:13 - Outro and Silly Song.

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