Adulting Decrypted

The Healing Power of Hair Care(ft. Mandy Atkinson)

August 04, 2021 Roscoe, Ashton, Gene, and Gideon Season 4 Episode 5
Adulting Decrypted
The Healing Power of Hair Care(ft. Mandy Atkinson)
Show Notes

This week we talk with the hilarious Mandy Atkinson about the do's and do nots of hair care. Let us just say she educated us beyond more than we could have even imagined. We know that you will have something to gain from this episode just as we did. Let us know your thoughts! We love to start conversation. 

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00:00 - Cold Open

00:40 - Intro/Mandy Introduction

01:35 - HI!(Meeting Mandy)

02:30 - Crazy Haircut Stories

05:25 - When/how did Mandy get into hair?

08:05 - The value of learning a trade/starting you buisness

08:50 - Mandy wanted to start a corporation

09:40 - How often should someone get a haircut?

11:00 - Can you control how much your hair grows?

12:10 - Can you damage your hair by cutting it yourself?

14:50 - Families can save money by knowing how to cut hair.

15:40 - What products are best for which type of hair?

18:25 - Dandruff vs Flaky Skin. Whats the difference?

22:00 - 2 in 1. Is it good?

25:30 - What is a common hair mistake people make?

28:40 - Mandy’s cost effective product reccomendations

33:10 - Old Spice?

33:55 - Vitamins? Can they give hair body or make it healthier?

34:05 - Nutella Tangent

35:25 - Back to vitamins

36:35 - Frayed Hair. Does your hair stop growing when its frayed?

39:25 - Oil in the hair comes from the scalp. Brush your hair.

43:14 - Thanks Mandy!

43:20 - Outro

44:55 - Silly Song

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