Adulting Decrypted

How do I unplug and recharge?

August 18, 2021 Season 4 Episode 7
Adulting Decrypted
How do I unplug and recharge?
Show Notes

In this weeks episode coming to you specially from the family cabin. Dad takes us through the value of unplugging from everyday life. What does it mean to sharpen your saw? What is your favorite way to recharge your 'batteries?' We would love to know! Let us know on any of our social media pages! We hope you enjoy this weeks episode!


00:00 - Cold Open

01:00 - Intro

01:40 - What are we talking about today?

02:40 - How do we all recharge our batteries?

04:55 - The three ‘batteries’ to recharge.

08:10 - The pressures of ‘Adulting’

08:55 - Sharpening the Saw

16:05 - Playing Football as a family

17:15 - Do Something else of value

17:55 - What do we do for our mental and emotional ‘batteries’

19:40 - Ashton’s musical recharge

21:30 - Gene talks about his mental recharge

22:50 - A burger tangent. Don’t worry, it applies.

25:15 - Are the things you are doing actually helping you recharge?

28:00 - What is a spiritual recharge?

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