Adulting Decrypted

S-4 E-8 The Great Language Debate....(Part 3)

August 25, 2021 Season 4 Episode 8
Adulting Decrypted
S-4 E-8 The Great Language Debate....(Part 3)
Show Notes

We have brought to light yet another great language debate where we talk about words like: Bemused, MSRP(yes we know its not truly a word but we just wanted to fit it in), growth and more! In this episode filled with philosophy and jokes we dissect the true meaning behind some common words in our life to try and help us get a greater grasp on adulting. We hope you enjoy this weeks episode of Adulting Decrypted!

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0:00 - Gene's new word (preview)

01:00 - Intro

01:45 - Welcome to the Show! The second time in a row we are not at the woodshed!

03:20 - The first word of the Day: Bemused

04:05 - Gene’s new word

05:40 - MSRP; The word Gene requested.

07:10 - Dad deep dives the meaning behind MSRP

11:05 - The final lonely word: Paradox. What does it mean?

15:00 - Paradigm vs. Pattern

19:15 - Dad’s financial paradigm

22:55 - Ashton shares his paradigm and pattern connection

25:15 - Permisson vs. Acceptance

26:40 - Dad talks on the slippery slope of acceptance equaling permission

28:45 - Ashton shares his thoughts about implied permission

31:50 - What is growth? The final word of the day.

40:00 - The power of intent and being kind and honest with yourself.

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