Adulting Decrypted

S-4 E-15 The Basics of Table Etiquette

October 13, 2021 Season 4 Episode 15
Adulting Decrypted
S-4 E-15 The Basics of Table Etiquette
Show Notes

This week Ashton takes us through 'proper' meal etiquette. Not only that but then the crew talks about the normal real world applications that we will encounter as we become adults. How do we act when going out for a meal with a boss or networking? What if I go to a fancy gala? What if I host? Where do the forks go?(Hint: to the L-E-F-T). This episode has got all the answers for you! Also the Dad shares his biggest pet peeves! We hope you enjoy this weeks installment of Adulting Decrypted.


00:00 Applying what we learn to the more common side of adult life

00:40 Main Intro. Welcome to Adulting!

01:20 Welcome to todays episode. “The not so round table.”

03:05 Today we are talking about meal etiquette

04:00 Ashton’s first real exposure to ‘proper’ etiquette

04:35 Always RSVP

07:00 Where do I sit?! When?

09:35 Setting the silverware

11:00 The long list of typical etiquette.

11:50 Forearms on the table? Yes or no…

13:15 Don’t lick your fingers or blow on your food!

14:25 Are you allowed to look at your phone at the table?

15:00 Ashton takes some sass about his dinner roll

15:55 When should you start eating your food?

16:35 Don’t be the last one eating.

18:10 Applying what we learn to the more common eating of adult life

20:00 Follow your host’s lead

21:25 Dress appropiately

24:25 If your are going to drink adult beverages be aware of the situation and what the proper limits are.

26:10 Keep the conversation light and be aware the purpose of the meal. 

28:10 Dad’s biggest pet peeve.

30:40 Conclusion

31:06 Thanks for listening

32:35 This weeks song!


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