Adulting Decrypted

What is the meaning of Grit?

October 27, 2021 Season 4 Episode 17
Adulting Decrypted
What is the meaning of Grit?
Show Notes

This week Gideon teaches us about grit.(He knows a lot he wrote an English paper.) We talk about the different points that lead one to have "True Grit" and how it can help us with our Adulting activities.  We also talked about how this applied to Victor Frankl(Holocaust Survivor.) We hope you enjoy this weeks episode of Adulting Decrypted.


00:00 Gene's Insight
01:08 Intro
01:48 Gideon Starts t
04:23 The definition of Grit both the dictionary and our own
06:13 Step 1: Pursue your interests
11:58 Step 2: Practice, Practice, Practice
13:38 Step 3: Connect with a higher purpose(define your why)
20:15 Step 4: Cultivate Hope/Get your Cookie Jar
24:35 Step 5: Surround yourself with Gritty People
34:40 Wrap up
35:15 Outro
36:45 Song/Conversation about Cucumbers 

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