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Lockdown Livelihood

Entrepreneur Luke Emery & Product Designer Alex Peet

Alex is a product designer and engineer who recently quit his job in pursuit of building and growing his online businesses - he has two products on amazon doing alright and a small etsy store. Luke is an ex-architect turned online entrepreneur who started his biggest business 'Van Woof' on this podcast as a 3 week challenge. It makes amazing Dog Portraits and regularly brings in over $1000 a day in revenue, yeah it's official, he won that challenge. If you're thinking about starting a business and desperate for good advice, we're not your guys but we do love talking about business, marketing and yes even seemingly boring shit like packaging and operations. Alex is obsessed with packaging actually. Join us every week. P.s. this is not a long form sales funnel intended to hook you in with our free content, then eventually sell you a course. Our thoughts and opinions are our own and not intended to extract precious cash from your pockets. In fact, we don't even have a website let alone a sales funnel...

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