Plain English : Crime to Life

Don't mess with the pizza guy - Calgary Crime Spree

April 18, 2020 Aaron Frisby Season 1 Episode 3
Plain English : Crime to Life
Don't mess with the pizza guy - Calgary Crime Spree
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A four month crime spree in Calgary lands Gillis with a 15 year prison sentence.

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welcome to the third off plain English Frisbee. Today we're gonna take a break from part of the emotional stuff we'll being hearing in the last couple of episodes and jump forward to win. Gillis took off to Calgary. He took off to Calgary when he was 18 years old, following an incident that claimed the life of his brother and leave his sister and some pretty rough shape. I'll give you heads up today. Like usually, Gillis is a pretty free speaking stories kind of roll off his tongue type of guy, but I could sense today that he was a little bit modeled. He was kind of holding back a little bit, and he explains at the end of the podcast that he started getting some stories and then realized Hang on. We didn't get busted. A rushed into that story. If I tell this one, am I going to get someone in trouble? And even though we've got a statute of limitations which varies from province to province in Canada, I don't think either. If either of us is smart enough to navigate that Andi, make sure that no one is gonna get in trouble. So we don't want to push it too far. Um, he did explain the story, telling it the start of the episode, how he's jumping 14 Joan Beg like a Tarantino movie dinner for a court that must form. We probably like the 11 liners that make those movies so great. But today at least we get, ah, some pretty cool true crime stories and I say coax. I'm a bit of the true crime buff myself, and I do realize that these crimes are victimless crimes and some people are getting hurt in this one. But what I like to think about as, really what Gillis is thinking in those moments, um, once again he gets himself in trouble because he's trying to look out for others, which seems to be a common theme through throughout his story. So today's episode is called Don't Miss with the Pizza guy would be Guys Enjoy says we won't do such a such a dark one today.

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Yeah, well, that's just with It's crazy. That's just with childhood started up. E. Was that this is working end up getting in trouble. The

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funniest thing is we're We're talking about this like it's the fun. A part of life, but it's a bunch of four months. Where the crimes?

spk_1:   2:36
Yeah. Oh, yeah. It was just madness trying todo

spk_0:   2:40
Okay, we do want to stop,

spk_1:   2:42
um, arriving in Calgary. A guess, sir,

spk_0:   2:48
from last one. You just you just lift you lift, um, whereabouts You from again? Thunder. Better bet. And the bet

spk_1:   2:57
under barrier.

spk_0:   2:58
She lived you lift under bay in a rush. Got out there. Was staying with a friend's sister.

spk_1:   3:04
No, no. A girl I had met that had, like me when I went to a funeral. I didn't even get to see that story cause I got sidetracked. Skate will start and end up in Calgary and how it all started.

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Okay, let's get it.

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When my brother died, my sister was in the hospital in a coma, waiting for her to come round. Um, it took me to my brother's funeral and my other brother that was in young offender, a mean him, rode in the van there together. And then when we got to the, um, funeral, his girlfriend and her friend who was a little older, Um, we're sitting with my brother, my brother's girlfriend's friend, like me then on the ride back. But I was sitting with my mother, my daughters, um, my baby, my daughter's babies. That orders month only for I smoke a pack joint or a potion, but it'll wear Uh huh, yes, When I was sitting there with my daughter's mom and but on the van ride back, if he was in young Offender side and I was in the adult side. So in the van ride back, we rode back to the same correction's van. Uh, he was telling me that that girl Rebecca, his girlfriend's friend, like me, So I was like, Oh, yeah, so I was like a month away from getting out anyways. So when I got out, I hooked up with her to get back at the mother, my daughter, who had been sleeping only crazy and not to get back at her. But just whenever I was gonna do something myself. So I hooked up with this girl and then shit when Sideways and Thunder Bay and she said I could go there. I wanted to go to Calgary. I want to get go, do some construction here. And she said, I have a sister just weird quick talk. And next thing I knew, I fucking bought a bus ticket. Ended up in Calgary, but I didn't know nobody. And so I had no resources. The money I had on me and the dope, Adam, I could really sell it. Anybody, because I didn't know nobody was, like, in thunder back. Always fall back on selling weed, right? And we started trying to sell coke. But we all know that, Riko. And then I ended up doing coke in Calgary. Ah, with some of the people I met in Pine Ridge. I was area end up in some of those guys. I remember. The lab does time are the labs? Well, some of the guys I met in court, including my core cues I met in Calgary. Um, these guys were all right. I got high with him in shit, but a lot of them are real pushovers, to be honest with you. Um, but my co accuse he was he was good. He was fucking good shit use, like, two years younger than me. I was 1970 and ah, these labs were acting up in shit, and they're beating up these guys in their own working neighbor there from Pine Ridge. These letters were coming from force lawn and chasing these guys all the time, so I said, Fuck this. We hit some change and some weapons and shit Some six and shit in the bush, there was a bush, right, This part where everyone's to hang out. Next time these guys show up, Fucking fight your I mean, working. That's when the two carloads of them pulled up and they all ran away. And the two, the two cardinals of levels, they all chased him and everything, but it's busting. Ran up to me real quick because I didn't run. They ran up to his fast. They could back down quick and fucked off. But I guess that they remembered what I looked like. So that's what happened with that call. When I was talking to my mom and I said those labs showed up in a carload. That was the second time they came back, recognized me on the phone and then try to start shit with me. And that's when we'll be gay. That somebody Curtis showed up and fucking state my ass. But yeah, so So anyway,

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so that it's your introduction to Calgary.

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Yeah, and that's how I met my cork use meat. Mason. He's good. Shit. Fucking And I was hanging out and there was another fucking younger kid. Jews, like, 15 years old. Fucking Craig Zegers working. Yeah, he was stealing cars. And should he's being a real bad kid. He was in a foster home and he was trying to get so I didn't know Nobody I've ever been in a crash in this one guy's place. Let me crash there. And I started. I was first getting everybody high with Been doping my head in that rattle. Um, I just had to go into a robbery. My first robbery. This my cork, you snake. I asked him. I said, You know where I can get a gun in share. So these guys are hooking up with Ah, this old guy, we won't name names or nothing. He's probably didn't know any weasel. It was a really older guy. He hung out with all these younger guys. Only were all like 1918 17. So this old guy, who knows? I don't think he is a weirdo because all of these kids have respect him. I just think you just old old boner. Anyways, he end up hooking me up with a gun, but a shock on first. Sada. Right. Well, fuck me if I shoot somebody with missing, even if I just shoot him in the foot, could probably kill him, Right? But at the same time, I'm going to do a robbery. And if I'm going in there, I'm leaving. And not working much is for sure, too. And anyone that goes with me, and so we go to do the first robbery. But actually the first, Rob. I mean, I got ahead of myself. The first robbery was was with a baseball bat on, so Oh, yeah. And my other buddy, it's our cat named his name either because when I got arrested for this shit, we'll just jump forward. That will drop back. This would be like fucking quitting. 10 Kino sparking movies. Pulp Fiction show working. Her guy Ritchie was snatched, but I'm so my driver, the guy that used to drive me around, um, you really good shit. Nobody got busted. They busted me and they busted my co accuse right before me busted him. Then they busted me and I told these cops like none of these guys had fuck all to do with should. I took all the peeps on myself and Fred the cops bullshit stories to try and get guys off. Like my driver. They were trying to nail him. They had him in custody, actually. And I said he wouldn't fucking give me right anywhere. He's a fucking head. I asked him to give me a ride to the construction sites like you try and get a job. When I got here, you wouldn't get me right. That's why I'm doing fucking Robbins all this shit. So they let him go that everyone go except my Corky's. They already had him already. That that on camera, and they had me shooting the guy. But we don't want to get too far ahead, so jump back. I'm hanging out in Calgary. I cast at that girl's place. I'm already frightened. These fucking labs handled these other kids from the local area and decide before can go and do a fucking robbery with a baseball bat. First ones with a baseball bat by myself and my friend. You

spk_0:   9:40
see, it gives he had prior that you in thunder bay that you have done for a robbery. You got your leaving months or something because that's the first time you that was a breaking all breaking into. So is this a after this baseball one? Is this the first time you've had experience with a gun? Like gone to those levels?

spk_1:   9:56
Yeah. You give me a gun when I use it. So, you know, a lot of people play with guns in Shipperley. I had a gun, put my hand, and I fucking he's off to the show. But not like I wanted you. Just That was the kind of person. That's the kind of trouble I was getting in. So if you give me your fucking tank, I probably would have used it. Um, but yeah. So

spk_0:   10:18
sorry. Back to the base of the baseball. The first baseball Better.

spk_1:   10:21
I was going to go into a fucking yeah, I was gonna go and do that first robbery, so that, um and some shit the guys that I was staying with you let me stay his place and are staying in his basement and shit and part of the deal there instead. Part of the deal was I was getting high with these guys and I had shit stuff, so I just want to hold up my end of the deal kind of things. I didn't know them from fucking nobody. So I fucking glowed on my own to do a fucking I'm going to do ah, robbery. And that's when my friend that I meet this friend that I meet that's going to give me rides around. He's pretty solid. My first time I met him within Pine Ridge and he pulls up in his car urge and then this car pulls up behind him, urged, and then he jumps out of his car. He's just a skinny guy, right? He's using real skinny guy, but he's got a hothead and he's got a temper. And he jumped out of his car. Just this little shit box. But actually, when you ship boxers fast, little it was the easy cars. Well, one give details, Scotsman, Um, and he jumps out and this guy jumps into his car. The guy that's following him and he's got a bat. You grab something out of his car and says, chasing that guy around his car that gets back in his kind of flux off. This is my first introduction, this guy. So everything with this guy's already he's got parts so fast forward again, we can have later. And I'm gonna go to a robbery. And I got I got all my guys a baseball back, like, I don't really know. Nobody don't got resources telling call on anything, right? I'm had no to do this by myself. I both in the Himalayas. It's getting dark and everything. And he's one of the people have been getting a known stuff over the last week and 1/2 and getting high with and shit. And he and he was one of the people to that. Said he would have my back when the left showed up, but he wasn't there. That isn't I'm sure I believe he would have to, because she was he was gonna shit like that. Um, so he says, I'll give you arrive. He says I'll be like, no fucking go somewhere. And Robert, whatever. I'll give you a lift. I'm like, OK, that's fucking cool. Eso He's pretty solid, right? So it's okay. Well, I just want to knock off a gas station something working quick, Easy she I was young and I never did any robbers before. Not so in my head. I thought if I rob a bank or something big, a Brinks truck or something over it big time. If I knock off gas stations and shit, I'll get small time. But that's not how it works or robberies or robbery. But I didn't find that out until I got arrested by the old timer saying You should have been Robert fucking Banks had the fucking part, sport. Meanwhile, I'm knocking off.

spk_0:   12:54
And the reason the reason you're doing these robberies is Toe Boy Coke, I'm guessing

spk_1:   12:59
No, no. So I don't want to buy coat. So when I got there and stuff, I legitimately got there thinking I'm gonna get working construction and send money back home for my daughter and the mother of my daughter. But at the same time, I keep fucking dabbling in this coke and because I was doing in thunder being bad right before it, and these guys were doing their bit here and there. But I wasn't doing lots, but I was still Yeah, I mean, it only takes one hour doing coke and putting It goes to show. So I kept ending up working, broke. And when I So when I was doing these robberies, a little bit of money would go towards Coke. Maybe, but mostly would like to buy weed and they give they give the guy that I was staying with that give him some cash for that crash there. And then I was also trying to save up to get a place you could get a job in construction. I tried to go to the ministry and say, Hey, I need money for a place so I can keep looking for work. And I got nowhere to stay And the girls place where I was going to stay when I got here, that was that sister of that girl that liked me. I didn't really I didn't know them like I couldn't state. I felt, you know, hurled matters. Their kids is a I just really good hassle being years. I just took off, right? And fucking So the minute she said, no, you gotta have a place first of how the fuck can I get a place like thank you Might Can't get fucking work. Ankle. Look for a fucking job. from the streets. So one thing led to another. I made some bad decisions in my eye. My plan was all do three or four robberies of do one robbery and took these guys up. Like for letting me crash there and have money in my pocket. And so then after did that was I can't get to three more of these things. You look for finder, but she's just gas stations. And then I'll have enough for a fucking place. And then I could have an apartment. And I got 30 days to find a job. For sure I can do that. And that. Honestly, where's my fucking plan? But that's not how it works. I went, did the first robbery and was with a bat. So, like I said, I walked in. It was just a fucking It was even a gas station. This one was a corner store, Max. I got nailed for these ones, so it doesn't fucking matter. I rule in and fucking just with this fucking back. It's not gonna full sized bat, I tell you. Give me the fucking money. I notice he kept looking like he was jumpy. Like there's might try and fucking do something. And I was one of the things I remembered about it, and I grabbed from Gosh, I don't break Turkey and Iran. Oh, and my body is waiting in this car, and I ran out of room on your wings. There are five. That's exciting. Way went, seen much money. We had photographs of smokes. Troop, right? Fucking one. Do one more as hey park it stood. Ready? Wait. It gets in your blood, bro. Is a donkey cart doing it? Then you're not gonna get caught? Technically, I still did that because I kept pushing, pushing, pushing to a faculty. Just be one more and then swim or with gastric. And so the first gas station we pull up into I fucking walk in. And just as I walk in the guys down on the ground and he just closes the floor the foresee you just did a night drop in, locked up His owes money has float. So all the murders and I was back there just isn't minimal fucking float us like faq. I was so mad and just turned around and walked oak and I had a tie on on on my face and just baseball bat. I pulled the fucking Tyrone down and I'm walking across the parking lots. I see a gas station. This is a gas station that's in a mall on one side of the parking lot, all around the other side, across the street. But in another parking lot to see another gas station, everything and fuck, I'll just walking around down for my friends cars part in between the truth so he can see where with trying to buesseler should not From his banishment, he'll be able to see where I'm going. So I'm walking over to the other, The other place taking five fucking bullshit. And it was, like, two in the morning or something. I walk into the other one and this guy stone that the responding handled pot, right? Just high. He just looks like a stoner pothead. I walk in and I'm like I started Try to be aggressive with him, and then you think a man he's like Like, I'm gonna go get out to be aggressive with this guy. I know this is a fucking robbery resulting myself. Well, here, man. I'll get it for you. Like this guy before Mastic and where's all your smokes and ship? And so he's got all the cartons right underneath his no counter there. And so I'm going to throw them all in the bag from assumes, throwing him in the queue stuff back I got. And he's like, Hey, I got more in the back here has, like, what? What the fuck? And then so he will keep grabbing a box right of de Mauriac. I'm even asking. What? Tell him what kind got me a box of Memorial, and that's like a full box will have cartons of smokes that's 1000 bucks hot, right? And all sudden, my buddy, like my guy that was driving me. He comes running in and I'm wearing a tie on us. That's just like a handkerchief tied around. And for him, that's all I'm wearing for a mask. He comes in. He doesn't have a master. He's got his T shirt up around a space, and he's biting it in between his teeth. A man. What's up? I looked like he scares the shit on me, right? Like what the fuck is a gay man? Much of what's going on your taking on you saw me coming, right? I'm like, Fuck, this guy's cool. He's fucking you hooking up with some smoke so that I tell the guy. Grabbed another box for my friend now. Sure. Right. What? Six. He should get the car. And so he got a box of smokes. Two players with more rain players off. We go back to his car. He's got a small little car. All right, I want to say to make, but it's a small car, like between me and him in these two boxes of smokes. That's never room in this fight. But wait her go it. So that was night one number one, and then we went and shield. What's

spk_0:   18:40
the total whole from night one in cash, I guess.

spk_1:   18:43
Um, so you get it on foreign aid box 500 bucks out of these guys. Stations? They say on the doors, we only have 200 bucks or whatever, but I noticed something like 812 100. Depends how we're busy. Night is how much they've had on if they have a night drop. They done the night drop yet, But like the most I think I got it was like 1100 bucks. So I'm talking. This is Mickey. Most money. I'm thinking here. If I don't get taught doing it, I'm not gonna get car. They the doctor, we're done that were sitting there. That was easy. I was thinking, Yeah. I mean, I already went through what I'm thinking, OK, that these two boxes of smoke. So I hook up All the guys have been hanging over the hook up. The guys let me crash at his place. I'm trying to, like, you know, not be a fucking like a mood trying to be a fucking heavy load. So I'm trying to give back and, uh, and then with the money I got, um, we're not buying some honey oil. And then these guys also teach me to make or also, they want to buy a bunch of fuckin Ah, sweet trim or whatever, and they're gonna make a wash on you. Will.

spk_0:   19:49
Can you explain that to me? Is that Ah, What is that?

spk_1:   19:52
Oil? It's all the

spk_0:   19:55
clothes. He can do a

spk_1:   19:56
lot of pot smoke, you know, you're so fucking straitlaced. You don't even know it. You

spk_0:   20:00
know, I I had an idea of just when you started putting honey in there and stuff. That's when I get a bit lost.

spk_1:   20:05
Oh, no, honey, it just means like yellow gold color. It's a wash, right? It's just Yeah, it's just really good oil. Really smooth. Very smell or taste it. Um, but these guys would make it using actual proof in. All right, then, making in their houses just with the fucking pot on the stove. Fans windows open. And if it flashes like all the fumes just light up, It's like a quick and, uh, one of their friends can't remember their names. Two brothers, one is younger in order. That was that long hair shaved on the sides. Remember that one bird half his face is eyebrow off on everything, as in his house. He was doing it too and flashed and apparently like his, like the bread bag and all that shit that burned and melted. Rated their ship and barking some damn mysteries. Mom's house. So this is like kidneys. One soc changes. This is in Calgary, right? Um yeah. So this is that so? Well, that's what we did not doing with their proceeds. And she was just havin fun. You know two or three days and by no sinners back to nothing. And of course, this friend, right, that's giving me drives around and shit these fucking in for another one, cause he's a badass, And what can he doesn't care? It was like, why? Going around again? Can't. Okay. And so we do another night with a bat. Same thing we just, uh that was so we didn't We didn't. We're Max. No, I can't remember if we did a mad Max or the gas station that night. We just did one. And then the next night we did 12 the gas station one night in a max the next night or vice versa. And the national, I kept noise ing every time I did these things, the candidates and stuff they looked like they wanted to try to do so. It looked like they wouldn't try and grab me or try and grab the bat or rotten or something. I really just look like I'm not controlling the Citrus. Like, even if they do something, I gotta fucking hit them with this fucking bad. I mean, if people up on the natural, I remember talking to a friend Steve, but they were also We're also hoping, honey World Sure, that's on that old guy. It's not the first time I had met him. This old guy those kids knew. But, uh, this is the first time you met. He looks enough. I'm talking about how I had a gun and stuff. I don't want to do any more to baton stuff. And he's so the first guy that get me as a parking saw a shark. That's a pretty serious gauge on. And so this is when my, um uh, court use wants to come with me. Ah, so I'm just trying to remember how he got you interested for all of them. But anyways, eso

spk_0:   22:41
with the base will bit with the baseball bat robberies. How easy would it have been takes? You get to the a teen in and hit them with the bet because in my mind, with the way it's set up now, what you gonna have to jump to counter toe

spk_1:   22:53
just a counter in between us? A counter. That's it, you know, I mean, I could jump over that problem. There's there's in order for them to go. It's gonna turn into a big altercation. When you go in, people can see you from the street and stuff. You don't want people looking and or nothing like another one of the robbers I did once I had the gun is I had the gun in the bag and I had a big I had a lot of baggage, tripped up a bag for this one. I had it hooked on my finger, and then my mask that I used to use used to keep it talked in my T shirt so that he knows that you couldn't see that was my stop. And then when I was just about to walk into the place, like before they could see me, I pulled my tie on up my mask up over my face, walked in, pull the gun out of the bag and in the bag that I was hiding the gun and store that attendant and come fucking fill it up. What I went to do, bro, it was fucking so slick and awesome. And my buddy sought from the car to like that was perfect. Um, I walk in and I lived in the gun in the bag, all at the same time I let go of the bag, but held onto the gun. The bag flew through the air and I held onto the gun. The bag hit the tenant, but looking right at me and right in the chest and then fell on the fucking counter in front of you. And then boom, he sticks his hands up, Put your fucking times down your booking heat day because people can see from outside. This was close by the road, right? So I remember always running about fucking people seeing in and stuff from what they can see. You want people to see it was like robbery going on. I'll be always parable timing everything. And these were the whole plan was You get in, you get out and that's it. And because they're small times things. If I be part, I'll just get small, Mickie Most time six months or something. And honest to goodness, this was my thinking. None of these guys can tell me that these guys, these guys, I'm the baddest fucking thing these guys have ever fucking seen meanly. Before I came along, they were just played Gangsters, like pretending to be bad ass is in this and that. And I showed up and I'm like, get them to come to robbers with me. I'm trying to get in the box and of these labs and have working gang quiet, but they fucking about out on that. It's, um uh oh, yeah. Calgary working fall down. Spoke lots of the guys. I fucking But then once I'm into the pan and lots of solid parking bruise. But these fucking Pine Ridge Astle's Ah, they always run, run, run! Except for a couple of guys like my friend Curtis and my co accused in my driver near our good ship. So anyways, fast forward. I'm doing it with the bat and I'm like, I got to get a gun because fucking I want to be able to control the guys. I don't want them to do enough, however, were in a gun at them. I'm thinking they're less likely to do anything. Nobody gets hurt. The whole point of getting the gun. And I can't stress this enough. We're so that nobody gets hurt. It was so I could have more control of the situation. Because if a guy tries fucking doing anything, I will fucking used about it. There's no if ands or buts about it. I'm fucking leaving that for sure. Um And so, uh, get the gun. And and so when I'm about to go do this one and wait for night time to fall by me and my buddy gonna take off in this car since gets dark enough, we're getting braver and are like, my 1st 1 I waited 2 to 3 in the morning. I went to go do it. I had the fucking piss. I was so nervous that to go behind a tree piss and I had to forgo do like, I was really nervous the first line. Now, this is, like, fucking the fourth. This is the fourth night now, but not in a robe before its time going out. I'm I'm already like fucking. This is nothing right now. We're just waiting for it to get dark, and we're gonna head out. And that's what the guy was Hangover within my cool choose Get high with me and shit. And, you know, in Pine Ridge Park there, um, he's a good guys up. Everything's on that fucking I'll bring them with me everywhere. I like to be solid. Now, this is rise being dumb, you shouldn't tell people where you doing and stuff. That's how you get caught. I'm young. I don't give a fuck. And at the back now, I was grieving over my brother's death in my what was happening to my sister. Like, I was going through a lot of fucked up shit, my head. But I didn't realize I was just going off going crazy, right? The drugs to cope wasn't helping and shit out. I got using some of this money I would save some time. I would use for dope that by coke I kept thinking, Holy fuck, I just got to get fucking $1000 together for fucking first in sparking half of last month's ranch and fucking a little bit of tools and stuff, like in pure on a site. Just it looked the part and I'll get high. Like I had this desperate compound. How much money I need to get? I always kept partying with it. They're not partying a cool party, but it didn't go very far. I mean, like, I hook up people here there. That and boom, It was gone again. And like I said, he's going get in. 400 bucks. 500 bucks. Maybe 89 on the odd one leader on, uh, so more

spk_0:   27:37
you scope in these places out before you had them. What do you go figure out another in the journal

spk_1:   27:43
start where we just go drive around and we look for on, right? We're trying to look for an area where there's not a lot of people around right where it's just one guy working. We don't want it to be a girl. You don't want to Guys in there. We just want one place, one guy. I'll go in. I can control the situation. So this is my core cues. I decided to bring him in on it. So I decided to my 1st 1 with the gun and with apart and, um so me, I'm going to do it. And with our drivers driving us Ah, I'm just trying to make sure I Q p straight. Yeah. So this one was this one again, was another. So started doing guy stations after this one. This was one more corner store fucking hit working few maxes and one gas station. But I tried it for two, but one You just dropped. Float? Um, we went and we did that one of the gun and Ah, I can't remember. Honestly, if it was like an East Indian guy What? That cars all glued together. Right. Um, we did a couple with the with the shot off. And I also noticed no, such was like if I shot somebody all fucking Children with this thing, you know, I shoot him in the foot. Oh, and so in one of the ones my call queues runs and jumps over the chill right away before the guy even had a chance to get in the way. Like, I think he was just nervous Because I promise you, when we go in his job said you're gonna jump over the chill, got the fucking money, and then we'll get other there fucking. When we went to go in, the guy was still behind the He ran and jumped. And I remember thinking for a second I thought the guys gonna grab your I mean, I'm sure that's probably what went through the guys fucking head. But then because I saw his eyes looked over at me, I just like I looked when I don't rate the fuckin eyes that had pointed a gun, right? Is like space. Like you fucking touch him. Your But that's the last thing you touch and fracking. He moved away out from behind the killing. Everything I remember that was close. Now, if I shot this guy and I was even at his head, so that was dead. But I remember thinking far if I shoot somebody with this is going to kill. So now we go back to the old guy again, right? Tell him my situation and stuff. And so now he gets a mere 22 right? 22 Cooley. And so this is how this is a smallest caliber you can get. This is perfect. We saw it off and everything. Easy to conceal. I'm like, OK, like these. They're just fucking whatever fucking whether I could get it.

spk_0:   30:12
Do you know any Jenna? Any back story about this old guy? Let was getting all the

spk_1:   30:15
stars are. All I know of him is that he was, like, way older than everybody. He had a nice car. I don't really think you smoked weed. I think he just knew where to get trimming ship for these guys, like big bags off like they have not. We just could not. The smoke would be enough to make oil out of and fucking Ah, um, let these guys hang out of this house. That's what I mean, Like, I remember his name. I wouldn't say it anyways. Ah, yeah, but but that's what I mean, but I don't He wasn't like a weirdo. I knew older guys. I'm going to back woman Ontario, to write that. Just were weird old guys that hunger with, but yeah, he was just a loan. He was the only one who was just a random guy. You might even been someone's uncle, for all I know It some salmon saying nothing bad wrong with him. He was just this older guy, right? That we fucking knew and were in his garage. And I remember putting their 22 that he had in the fucking bison. We saw it off up there. The, um fought off on both sides. It was easy for me to conceal, so me, it basically a handgun shape, and I said, Okay, this is way better. And so then when I went in with my co accused. Um, I didn't have that gun that time, though. I also we had two twenties. Well, we had another 22 as well. It was sawed down, too, but not as well as the smaller one. And that was the one that my coaches was gonna use. And he went, and I know if he made it himself, but somebody really got it. Actually, I'm sure. But I was like, No, no, no. You don't need to listen there with Dutch. No, you're not bringing a gun. But then I ended up using it myself when the one I had fucking it wouldn't stay together. Property. He cut it too short. Remember, there's some paper problem. It okay? This was a fucking dog show right now. Just a young kid. I wouldn't look gangster. I wasn't no fucking turning like they were when they arrested me, The crown tried to make noticed. Some gangster came from Thunder Bay, Ontario, thing. I could do a bunch of robberies and do whatever I want. Look what well, west out here and then just take off back down. Terry and I was done basically trying to say what the fuck you talking about? That is so not the case. Fucking I'm a fucking young teenager fucking out here. You got old geezer, young, young adult stranded out here in the fucking nobody. I'm losing my fucking marbles. Or what's happening? My family finally snapped. I think it was just this bad situation. So we do.

spk_0:   32:43
And the the idea behind the gun from the shock under the 22 is that if you did have to use it, it wouldn't kill someone. That's kind of

spk_1:   32:51
what s so then? I tell the old guy, tell him here, I want to get really stunned me. Something smaller caliber. Who smoked 22. Okay, this is perfect. So they're all my Robbie's after this, but with one of those to 22. And it's a good thing because sure enough, I'm thinking about it and one of the robbers and get doing and appearing to shoot that, But before we get there, um, so now we're doing robberies, like, you know, one or two fucking every two or three nights and fucking We're starting planning better things like we're starting time. We're going to do there. The movie theater and there's a couple other bigger things were going to do. I didn't get caught for them, so I can't really see what they are. Um, but we're starting to get a little smarter, right? And my friend, that was driving us around. Um, he was gone AWOL, so he was in love with this one girl. I never said a scar, did she? But she was so hot. But she was his girlfriend. Um, he was able with her now back with his girlfriend, so confined him. But this new guy I had met had a car and he was Let me state my place. That was perfect. So I stopped seeing at that other guys. Please. I was hanging out this guy's place. My Corky's Come, hang with me. It was more low profile. Now it was started. Just be me and a few more closer friends. I was thinking and things there is show? No. And I kept thinking, you know, this guy told me, said his parents have gone someplace there from England. But that's not really what you when he was coming, you just here until they come back. I want to look for work and everything. Something cool, you know, Close, Mr. He has a party, and, uh, everybody inside orders pizza. And so the pizza guy shows up, all right, before he shows up, these guys give me a drink with a bunch of different boozing it. I'm not a drinker. I smoke partnership, Right? You want coke? But this night, we weren't doing any coke, and so the bruises making me feel fucked up ours on the front steps, the pizza guy shows up, and as he's coming up, he said something like probably most of all, I'm trying to stand up together as we have been polite. You you said something. Mostly come. You can't remember What? Fucking not the pizza restricting Handley and pushed him. He falls back when you get the fuck out here and you fuck shock and I go back in the host. Not everybody's mad at me ended their Pizza River forever, for fuck's sakes. So my body, that's their my new driver. I tell Mrs K Hey, let's But bingo and some drunk I'm not thinking, right. He's going like my work will get a little, gave everybody some pocket pizza. So I remember this fucking pizza delivery guy when he's parked off, right? I remembered his fucking pizza to every fuckin number and drive me. You fucking pay phone somewhere. This was, I don't know, cell phones or I definitely didn't. I don't think so. Okay, so we never So we drive to this pay phone thing, and then I don't know where nobody nowhere is, but I'm looking through the phone book. It's like, two in the morning. I call a place, bring ring, ring, ring. Somebody answers a hang up. I call the place ring, ring, ring I let it ring into it. Says I could hang up and try your call again. I do that again. That ring, ring, ring ring Till tells me to do I get some? Like, Okay. Did you know where this place is? And he's like, I know where that is. And I'm like, Ok, so then I called the frickin pizza place, and I tell him I want fucking someone. So pizzas working. But I make it sound like sound good, because I order six pieces about, like, 72 for ones. Were you saying so? I end up getting six pizzas, all three kinds of pizzas center his address where we were partying where the first incident happened and fucking or no, no. All right. We didn't get those one sent these ones. We got sent So to that place where we looked up in the phone book and I said, OK, so let's go. And then we're going to bring them back to their party. So he's fucking He's like, OK, uh, we drive there are no I call it order the pieces I sent key, send them to this address, and they're like, Yeah, and I said, Oh, it can you send this car and everything in that car? And so it was either 20 years, too, And, uh and they said, OK, we're being extra tournaments on the guy. That's no problem. And that gives us more time something OK, so hopping is fucking cars issue again and off we go report fucking the back parking lot and everything I think I want to see. So they got a big in the front yard as we drive by the front of it. First they got a being fucking pine tree, like when it was like every green trees where it comes all the way down to the ground It's really wide is only a small spacing ago So he's hiding underneath there I'm sitting on the steps I've got the gun hidden behind I got my feet Was gun hidden by my feet I got my town hidden in my shirt I got my hat like we got all ball cap pulled down kind of over my face and waiting for this fucking pizza show up So in essence so it's the same guy that I just told hahaha are gonna be looking What? Everywhere. So he pulls up and fuck it comes fucking up beside walking everything I pull up my mask and I fucking proceed If I can rob this guy, I'm like, give me your fucking pizza All your cash Every and he's like That's all I got My fuck you You got more. And as falling back to his car you got more in the car, so go back to his car can hear my buddy underneath the tree fuckin laughing hit short and we go back to the car. He gives me the floating everything and then I don't want him to re you in what happened and everything is that we're about to take off. And so I run down the fucking street working so that he has to go the other way. Send him running down the street. Me and my buddy take off from the background hopper. And in just right away we go fucking we got all the pizza that always Pash. And then so then we go back to this place. We were just party, and I give everybody their fucking pizza. Like, Here you go. I'm getting around busted for that robbery. Of course, because it was the stupidest fucking thing in the world to do. That was what led them to me. So when I did that robbery, they

spk_0:   38:47
say because the go I recognized you or some of that when you did the

spk_1:   38:51
Robert, He recognized me somehow, I guess when he first delivered the pieces to the place. And then when I robbed her, he recognized me as being the same person and then told the priest where he labored. Figure out just where I got anybody told the police. But somehow either at at where he delivers the pizza from whatever they figured out where he delivered the pizzas where he first encountered me, and then I robbed him. So now fast forward. A little bit more. I end up doing the robbery. Where? Shoot the guy. Now that I've shot somebody, I'm like suspect number one. They're all trying to get me. Um, so when I first shot so I'm jumping ahead of myself. So we go to do the robbery now, right? A shoot. The person. And there's been a few other robberies in between. It was the one we're like. It was a girl working. I didn't rob that when we said bucket have a tough time finding a place that night and then another I don't is the next night, but then the night where I end up shooting the person was the last robbery I did. I just had a feeling something was up after that. And they grabbed me a day or two later. Risk Michael accusing me. But what happens is now I've got just 2 22 and fuckin um, we go in on and a shoes I go in. But I can always say in hindsight, so I had a feeling about it, but I feel like I had a fucking feeling about this one. Like something's not fucking good. And so we go in and everything and course, like, my culture is not this this time. This is like our seventh robbery. He's all gung ho now, like he's for flying in. He goes flying. It's late at night. The guy that's working the chills in the re in the aisles cleaning. So he's not going back. That top state back here, my core choose knows how to get chills up off because it and then also to fucking big, big, fucking, like, cowboy looking fucking huge True hillbilly or not, he'll be our Calgary fucking cowboys, like in cowboy hats come walking in and I see them and I turned right that right on the 1st 1 that comes up behind the other guy goes out. And I remember thinking like, this guy wanted to grab me even though I was pointing the gun out of my You said that looking is I. And so we're young to like I'm only 19 right? I'm not very big, and especially when I was younger and my cool accuses only 17. He's like me just a normal size kid. Um, so these guys like big cowboys theater.

spk_0:   41:23
And only when you have money you have a gun in the situation.

spk_1:   41:26
Have the guards just me. I never let right.

spk_0:   41:28
Yeah, he didn't want

spk_1:   41:29
No, I never let him bring one. I remember that one time he wanted bring withdrew. Nothing. No, no, we're not doing this. There's no need for this on. And I like this would be about situation in that case, so all of a sudden, fucking I see the other cowboy guy fucking running with, like, fast. It all happened so quick towards my court shoes. My co accused turned boom arm and he's like, he's throwing him and punched him. And, like my court chooses getting failed around like fucking crazy. And I run. I run towards my core juice in a yellow working Ah, let him go. Let now let him go or some other fucking shoot you and the guys, like not even listening on my coaches looks over at me and his eyes are huge like and like, I feel like I could read his mind. Lee, don't shoot me. Eso I run up. You're supposed to make sure that I go. And I I tell the guy again, like working sometimes I must working pretty broken both your leg or something. And I ran out reports I put the gun, like right upto like the top of his hip, and that's problems. You there. And the boy shattered the top of his femur and severed the artery. This is really bad luck. Like my whole point of getting this fucking 22 or so that if I shot somebody, nothing fucking badly really would happen. I know. That sounds dumb to say If I shot somebody, nothing bad would happen. That's just how fucked up. I guess my headspace was then. Right? Well, uh, yeah. So, uh, the guy fell down on the other side of the counter where my cool choose was also my coke. You start to get up and I came around the counter. I just remember in my head, feeling super mad at the guy like this is your fuckin fault. All this just fucking happening. I saw. Didn't want fucking have to shoot anybody. Ever. Fuck! Like my head was going a mile a minute and yeah, but so then my co accused jumps up and then grabs me by the arm and let's go. And so then, as we run out of there, that ends up getting used against me. Um, they say that, you know, I progressed in violence and I went from a back to a gun to shooting somebody. Ah, and then on the on the tape they get for that robbery, it looks like I'm going to come around and shoot the guy again, and then my coaches is pulling me and stopping me. But it's just the way shit looks like I'm coming around. Just a look and see what's going on. It was so intense, like I remember being super angry at the guy and everything, but I wasn't. I didn't know. I want Children, but and so then Boom.

spk_0:   44:14
So there's two guys. The one guy he took off straight away, I guess, and the other guy went for you.

spk_1:   44:19
Conquer accused. I think that I think the first guy took off and the other guy was, ah, worker there or something. I know because the guy that the guy that I end up, the guy that I got charged for shooting, was the guy that worked at the store. So I saw. And it turned out he had been robbed before. This is fucked up. Shit. You've been robbed before. So I think he had, like, a traumatic response, right? And then I think the fucking cowboy guys coming. Give him with more of a sense of if he's not buying south or something. And the fucked up thing is, I'm the one with the gun, not my co accused. I don't know why he ran and grabbed my fucking coaches, right? But when he did, I thought he was the cowboy. I thought he was the other cowboy guy that I couldn't see no more. Right we've got last year was inhabit, um And then So then we took off under there and hopped in the car and away we went, and I just remember thinking, but like in the car and he said, I don't worry about it. It's OK when I know it's not a like this is backed up by I knew. I knew it was bad. I knew working shot somebody. This is really bad and fucking so the next day I'm hanging up in the Pine Ridge area, right normally hang out. I haven't seen my co accused yet or nothing. And ah, Van drives by the Pine ridge area where we hang. You know, I could swear there was a fucking camera like a filming camera pointing out the window at us all as it drove by. I remember looking at I go. Holy fuck. I remember joking to the guys. Their share. That's it. They're filming me. They're coming to get me in shit. But, you know, nobody grabbed me yet. I'm thinking fuck. Like it's only a matter of time, and then all of a sudden are upset. But then some people came over to the guys host that I was staying at, um, and said that my co accused gotten busted, right? I was like, uh, but my core cues isn't one. So he didn't see where I was enough. It wasn't him. He didn't snitch on me, though. He saw

spk_0:   46:32
How did he How did he get busted? Like, how did they tracked him to?

spk_1:   46:35
So I don't know how. So they must tracked him down first, somehow like, Yeah, he's young offender. Right? And I went add up, so I didn't get to find out. Nothing about his ship. Um, like everything secret from me. He got the man. He got the maximum. He could get his a young offender. Three years. That's the maxim. Get. That's what you got? I got 11 years. They appealed me and changing. Bumped up, hired up to 15 years, right? They wanted more time for me. They weren't happy with the time they got, but they arrested him. And then they came for me the next day. And they They've got the address as far as I know who. Uh, that pizza parking do that came there that night during the party. That's why I fucked myself somehow. Oh,

spk_0:   47:23
so you are. Maybe you telling me a story about your you're at a party, And I guess, is that the Scott this place And they were like, Look, someone's looking that looking for You've got to get out. You know, you guys get the fuck out and you're hunkered down in this house for a couple days, and it's when they came running bus.

spk_1:   47:40
Yeah, the cops came into I was in the basement. So when they came to Buddy's host of his act, I was hiding in his basement thinking I was hiding his basement. Actually, I was just in his basement. I just happened to be there parking. But then I did hide once they're there, I was actually on the phone with a girl that I had met, and I was starting sell date with her. Yeah, I remember name. I just met her. She had hunger Pine Ridge area. And I saw motion of the fucking front door and I was a coolie fuck. And I put the fucking I put the phone down and I might even center. I remember. I remember seeing the motion of my heart Put the phone down and I went to look out the back and I saw cops up in the back. It's like holy. So I went and sat in this dark room where we normally sit and get high in his basement. And I was just sitting down there by myself, And then the cops all came in and they were running all over the place, and they hadn't seen me yet. It was so fucking funny. I'm sitting there and I can hear the cops running around secure block this room. We got No, Brother Bubba Bar there finally come into the room. I mean it. I'm sitting there in the dark. Now, that was probably dumb thing to do to you got my ass shot. But that all sudden move to come in through fastly trying to turn on the light switch and that's all the commotion. And then there's a female cop in the background. Rizza gonna And she was just shaking and all my attention went to his for and that's when I stood up and I told the cops, Calm down, calm down, back up So I can come out of the room and my attention was just on that female cop. But don't shoot me, other fear or whatever the fuck you are shaking like all I remember is I've blocked on to her and fucking I lay down on the ground and the cop comes in and everything I remember his first words to me were where the guns were. Anything on? I don't know what good talking about. He's a locate, and Andrew 50 fucking reached me up and started walking out the front. And then when we walked out the front, that's when I saw They had the whole fucking block shut down the news cruise down the side, rock down the road And the cops had bought, blocked off into the community Went And so because of the fucking news saw me That's for another for in publishing E That's why I got sentenced so much. All

spk_0:   49:59
right, you're busted. Incident. Don't fuck with pizza, guys. What? The moral of the story.

spk_1:   50:03
Yeah, that's working the moral of the story. And it was because I was drunk and just being diamond. I don't want a drink and working. And I felt bad. I wanted to get pizza for everybody else again. Just dumb fucking shit, But and And when that should happen to my cookies, I couldn't leave him in there. I think I could have took off, right. But then I would like him in there yet it's like a head punched in and fucking busted, you know? I mean, not forgives.

spk_0:   50:35
The u co accused got He got roasted, you got pulled in, and then they tried to get a driver's. Well,

spk_1:   50:41
they had my driver in custody of parity. Or that's what they said. So then they said way every driver in custody rights on Soft. And I was a working time. Still wants his name. And, uh, I was like, No, no working The guy that had in custody, I said, no, no, fucking that guy. Fucking I don't even like that fucking guy. He's a fucking asshole. Like you wouldn't even give me a ride to fucking go to a construction site for job everything. So he didn't get mustard, That guy where I was staying? Um, I said I was making them. Let me stay there. You know, like against his real. Like, he wanted me to leave. I made him let me stay there so that he couldn't get charged for fucking ignore betting me, hiding me and like that, Um ah, my co accused. Are you still to this day? Don't know how many robberies you got now made on, but he had got his maximum three years. But for all my robberies, they tried. They said, um, they tried to make it look at the same co accused in the same driver. And I said, No. I use different people and stuff. I fucking didn't really know nobody. I would ask anyone that I was getting high with it. They come with me. You mean that they couldn't really build a fucking case? Right? And all they get is me. But I in orderto throw up a smokescreen that they would believe so that I want them to believe me. I telomere in. I did, right? So I told him I said I did. Seven robberies all together at this time. I did six, and then we figured out it was seven. I did, um, and one of them was the pizza guy, right? And I should have never told him I did that pizza robbery guy. But whatever I wanted on my ship, I honestly did. But I was so tired when I got arrested and just so exhausted and just so just wanted everything to be done. I was like, Fuck it. I just want this to end. It would just turned into the craziest fucking shit like I definitely did not or the Calgary looking for it and cause trouble and everything. Like, I went there to try and do good and get away from trouble. And but no matter where I go, there I am. And I just got myself more trouble on. So when they're

spk_0:   52:46
from the time that yet from the time you get to Calgary now to the time you get arrested, how long is that?

spk_1:   52:53
Um, four months. But like the first month I was behaving myself and shit and trying to find work a little bit staying at that girl's plays. And, um, I would take off from four or five days that go back shower, and it's still in my clothes that grabbed my clothes in the snap, didn't come back and then was pretty much committed to fucking we can. I got nowhere to stay. And then that guy let me stay at his place And, you know, I haven't over the dope and stuff in school and we're just hanging out smoking dope. We're back this place crashing eat munchies at a restaurant like everything was cool knows I had morning stuff. What am I going to do? Something. And then I did that robbery. And then we started off like, you know, just I think I got dark time. I'll go on Rob summer and I need a weapon to cover bad. Like it just pieced itself together. And then when I did it just evolved from there? These look like they're going to do something. You know, I didn't mean to keep you in robberies in stuff. Fucking shit. Just working half an hour, and, uh, one thing led to another, and I ended up with the different guns and then my co Q sharing up into getting jump, and I can't leave him there. Yeah, but why? They arrested me. And they said, These are the robberies we're looking at. There was six of them, and then it turned out to be seven because I started trying to tell him I try this, Okay, I remember this when I did this one, and then they brought up the one about this It Listen, there's one actually work years. We're pretty sure it's you you're seeing on tape walking up in the parking lot, looking in the window of the door and walking away. And I go, Yeah, that was me. And he asked, like, Why? Why didn't you do that? When I Because a woman you see, the cops kind of shocked that man C O and I was like, I didn't want to rob any women and then

spk_0:   54:44
so you got arrested for C. Even robberies I get. Some of the moon are convicted receiving. So they be aggravated robberies, I guess. What is the

spk_1:   54:55
tenor? Just robbery, robbery, robbery. And then with every robbery. If you had a gun, you got to get a one year consecutive gun charge, I think has increased now. But time And I did it. It was one year for all gun charges. Consecutive. And then also, they would judge you for stupid shit. Like having a mask on You could get charged for having a mask like walk if it's fucking robbery pushing of a mask. But, yeah, it's a separate charge again, but it doesn't be consecutive to make. The two main things is that robbery in the gun charges have to be consecutive the wording district. You remember I said I got 11 years, so because I owned up to my charges because I said, yeah, I get him. I told him what was going on with, um, my brother and my sister like, I was honest about my situation. Everything fucked up that happen. And so because of that, they want to send me to the forensics Ausubel for a forensics analysis. The colonel nuthouse, Wherever I went in there and working, I couldn't last in that place was fucking aggravating fuck out of me. And then I just, like, send me back to the fucking remand centre to set me back a rematch center. And so that was the end of that analysis. Uh,

spk_0:   56:12
that analysis is that with the go, I was biting his tongue and spend, but

spk_1:   56:16
I was biting. That's where the girl there was a woman. Women will biting her. Okay, No, there is true. There's one by the phone to K. So Yeah. So this was it was boy and girls for starters in this place. And there is what

spk_0:   56:27
makes you know this is two parts. This there's one before it. And there's one during the trial, isn't it?

spk_1:   56:33
Right there. Forensics hospital. What are you know? Everyone was one was a woman. She was like she could see some guy named Moon Shadow. She's, like, start talking. I thought she was talking about a real person. She's like guys named Shadow is not branches like you have in the moon's full. We contact Brophy, flexes nuts, and then another woman was in their black woman, and she had, like, a belly on it. So look, she was pregnant, right? And working. She falls on the floor, and she's activation. Like having a miscarriage in shit. I'm like, Holy fuck, Someone help this fucking woman, right? None of the nurses like nobody's fucking doing that. And, ah, then you're telling me No, no, she's not pregnant like this is what she does. Oh, thanks. And then I'm trying to make a phone call and there's one guy he can memorize. Fucking numbers. And so he's walking around by the phones and then the phone number you call, you'll memorize it. So I'm sitting in the TV room, and also this guy's seen my my phone number. That was just talking as what? The far or you just been great. And then the woman spitting blood was this woman was walking around biting her lower lip, waiting so hard that it would bleed and then spitting blood over workplace making me fucking anxious on. Not so I went to them and say, Hey, did you have to send you back to the bucket remand centre And they started talking to me like I was the problems. And when you need to calm down and blah blah, that's not like we've what? No. I can't handle being here. It's triggering me. I don't wanna do anything to these people, like hit one of them or something. Fucking piece. And you re imagine their taking. Like I'm saying, I'm gonna hit somebody. I don't get to go to the remand so that they just turn really working backwards around. So I'm like, OK, fine. So the nurse that's in charge of the nurse doctor, the fox years, and the only way this Lee he's going to get is short. Last night, listening to her talk, she sitting in a chair across me, I started to talk. She's talking like I'm the problem. And so I started saying OK, yes, yes, that new. Tell me what you know. Whatever. I'm reminded me and listen to him. This formerly my plan in my head and also jump up. I ran over to her fucking sharing, kicked the chair, working in between your fucking legs, knocking over supposed back. I start yelling on face. You feel fucking calm. Can you stay fucking calm? Fucking problem! Because that's what They're trying to tell me to stay fucking calm. You mean you stay fucking calm your fucking boo Fucking bitch Next. I know the fucking big staff grabbed me, talking me and threw me in the fucking pattern room and back to the fucking remind center ago. And then when the fucking cops guys come there, the guys that transport your equipment to the sheriff's here, g, he says to use McDonald's. Um, yeah, he says you got to be pretty bad. Get kicked out of friends. It's possible. I was like, Fuck, yeah, I'm here for a fucking analysis, so that didn't help the case. Um, but when I got sentenced, um, the judge was being cool to me. The crown was being asshole. The cops wrote the report up. Kind of neutral, like you're not there. There. They know I owned my shit. I gotta confess to everything. Like all the stuff the Asness said. Yes. Yes, yes. Right. Did working your way on your needed for Corky's assistant sentence? Um, and so they're gonna go to the courts. Still prosecution guy that the crown, he's hell bent on me, trying to say kind of meat meant to be this gangster and I came. I don't fucking know. Nobody in fucking Calgary. You fucking coming to represent who? What fucking gang? That? It was fun. But I kept standing up and blowing up in the courtroom, which again doesn't help. But still, the judge was cool to me. And when they sentenced me, he he gave me, um, so this out. How a sense may think seven years. Three years for the robbery. Seven years. So the charge of the guy I shot the charge, they in plea bargains. The charges got dropped down to use of a firearm to commit barley heart because I said I was going to shoot me in the leg and she said it. And then we'll my proceeded to shoot like I mean, that high up in the hip, but saying, you know, I'm going for the lake, right? We have my shit luck. I shattered his femur, severed his fucking artery. So he's got blood poisoning from his fucking fever. It dreamer is losing blood. He ends up in the hospital liking like my guy I was recently. Ah, but so when I get sentenced, I only get one year consecutive So I get 10 years for the robbery and shooting the guy and then one more year consecutive for the robbery for a total of 11 years. All the other robberies and all the other gun charges that go with them are underneath that. So say the other robbery might be five years for the robbery, plus one year consecutive people. Six. But it's still smaller than the total charges. So that becomes G current. Concurrent and the gun charges were just consecutive to the robbery. But the whole thing made concurrent or that was the technicality robbery. The gun charges have to be consecutive to each other, to that means on top of each other. So because out of all the robberies, they got me for one of the ones at the back. And if they didn't ask, I didn't cow E. I wasn't trying to destroy myself, but anything they brought up, I owned, right, Um, and one more being seven. Uh, and then the other ones were with the guns. So there were six gun charges altogether. So they said my charge should be more. And so they took me back to court Queen's bench and my sentence got changed so that from instead of it being a total of 10 years for the robbery and shooting the guy plus one year in sector for the gun charge in that offense, it got changed. That I ended up with six years consecutive for all the gun charges in nine years from the robbery and the use of a firearm for shooting the guys. But my sentence end up being bigger. They went from 11 years to 15 years. Oh,

spk_0:   1:2:31
so you said before there's a plea bargain. So that means that wasn't a truck because that help,

spk_1:   1:2:36
there's no trout. And I don't mean that soapy, but I mean, I already confessed. There wasn't much of a plea bargain. It was like I could help plead guilty if you give me a deal. I had already confessed, but they sentenced me like the judge is still being me genders taking all that into account that hey, he owned all this shit. You know, we're not You never once said for it could not guilty your anything other than the very first time. I had to say not guilty. But it was a technicality. My lawyer wanted me to say, not guilty so he could put where they worship together and send me to the forensics hospital for my assessment. All that shit. Then bring me back.

spk_0:   1:3:09
Was their situation with your lawyer? Thought you weren't being compassionate enough or something? Oh, yeah. Someone said you have been compassionate. So you

spk_1:   1:3:19
probably cry. Yeah, I kept blowing up in the fucking courtroom every time there, the prosecution guy, we're working. Try to make me some bad. So my lawyer told me. He says you need to look more sad in there because the newspaper had written up, as you know, like emotional working, whatever I can remember writing up. But you said you gotta be sure more remorse in that. Get more emotion. So I'm in there and I'm looking at the prosecution guy and all. He's just fucking pissing me off again. So I'm trying not to look, madam, remember, my lawyer said, and nearly wearing that this is Queens bench. So there were, like, big white weeks on the black market capes. And so I started trying to make myself look sad, and then my lawyer its history to talk, and I remember him standing up the U. S. Talk. I'm trying to recruit self excited and everything. And then he starts talking. He looks over at me, Was back talkers weather looks over at me real quick and then doesn't, like, cut up parking sign working, I guess. Fucking Whenever I was doing, I couldn't look terrible. Do you remember that l happening was my lawyer.

spk_0:   1:4:26
And from that stage, didn't he say? Well, that looks really bad. Yeah. Can we try? Is that when you go to sister game for isn't it was senior back to get assist the game. He's like, Well, you got trying to

spk_1:   1:4:39
lower you got all right. I got assessed once in Ah, no. Okay, so then you get assessed again. You got to go for assessment. No, the set The second assessment. You're thinking that's why the prison they assess you for where you're going to go to do your time. If you're going to go to the max, if you're going to go through a medium, if you're going to go to a minimum, if you're fucking whatever bucket

spk_0:   1:5:03
I think I joined a bunch of stories together and I have been telling the story of years and I've just found out it's not true and minded. And my head, your lawyer said You're not being compassionate enough. Let's try met yet look sad. And in the courtroom while he was talking your turn Look said And

spk_1:   1:5:21
did they cut it up?

spk_0:   1:5:22
Then he gave you that, cut it outside, and then you laughed. And then he was like, After that, this doesn't look good. And you're like, Well, how about you try me for a crazy person and that's when you got assist?

spk_1:   1:5:33
No, no, no.

spk_0:   1:5:34
It's win the whole thing. And you kicked out of the basement, But I think I just merge. Diffuse throughout.

spk_1:   1:5:39
You have after the assessment of somebody that no, they sent me there for the assessment just cause they figured, Hey, maybe he's not writing ahead. They they forget I was losing it because all the stuff that happened with my brother once they got me in custody and they look into a little bit of stuff I said and they find out back home. Oh, yeah, he did. Just get out. This fucking sister just woke up from a parking coma. His baby brother's dead. They look at all that we have the shit really going on. So then my lawyer tried to use the angle. I don't remember. Honestly, if it was after that court thing or not barking, But, um, my lawyer want to use the anger. I was going through some type of mental grieving process that was affecting my my mice being sound, I guess. Like, we were never trying to say I was insane. So So he was just sending to this forensics possible, I guess. Yeah, I guess to make it look like, played up like your side. And you're grieving and we'll get a better we get a better report on you, and then we'll get your sentence. And then when I went to the Friendly, so I think you told all right, I think maybe you said I went twice by only weapons. Um, And then I got to go.

spk_0:   1:6:55
So all said and done. You get 15 years and they hold you off. And because you're in Alberta, that's where you have to go to prison,

spk_1:   1:7:03
got start off American max and then go to Drumheller. Ah, that's pretty much standard. If you have violence in your fences, Are you she people murder people for sure. You start out in the max, and then you gotta earn your medium security. And then from there you can get missed. You can get minimum security. And that's where you're in an annex. Outside defense. I've only had that for a brief period of six months. I looked up. Yeah,

spk_0:   1:7:36
well, I think they kind of sums up your ho, uh, trip to Calgary.

spk_1:   1:7:39
Yeah, that's the robbery. That's the Calgary trip at the new doctor. That's pending.

spk_0:   1:7:46
Yeah. I guess we'll get into that next summer.

spk_1:   1:7:48
Yeah, that was

spk_0:   1:7:49
15 15 years, vs first. The stories.

spk_1:   1:7:53
Yeah, well, it gets divided up into true. I got Did I did six years and then got out and then had to go back for six. All right? I think I went to school, is going to Nate. I worked in a lab, every flew in my fucking pro officers mine, and then fucking they sent me back. Anyways, just using when you prove again, I'm standing to my stop. And then that's when I really had fun in there. I got lots. He had a lot of us was always bigger.

spk_0:   1:8:20
And I guess We do have to be careful with what you are saying is there are

spk_1:   1:8:24
not say too many names like me does that life. It sounds like I'm gapping open stuff in there. It's I'm tryingto you know, because I would be able to say something else on my brain break. Oh, yeah, you can, you know, in the No fucking Okay. Uh, there. Right. My court

spk_0:   1:8:38
Isn't there a As in the amount of time That isn't the amount of time that you you know, you can't go back on. Like, what do they call it to cool that Ah,

spk_1:   1:8:48
statute of limitation statute of limitations. But honestly, I don't know what it is. Growing rubbers because they went off longer robberies, right? Yeah. So with all they did their you know, I'm sure we are dropping on. Probably go really baseball bat of the guy We asked me, Mr You fucking had it coming.

spk_0:   1:9:10
This isn't I'm running. I'm Robert.

spk_1:   1:9:13
Well, this is a with a baseball. This was in between robberies and sitting in the car. And frankly, my friend, that's driving around. He likes fucking hip hop rap shit like that. So he's got that robber Baron. Where Blair Another the fucking car. Boom, Boom the base. And this fucking guy walks by this fucking big, fucking dumb guy, and that goes out of his way, bends down and looks at me in the car and just give me that the meanest bucket. Basically. Fuck. You got nothing. I'm looking at this guy. Go. But doing it okay in my head, I'm already thinking That's it. You're fucking done. So now my body gets back in the car. I'm like a drive this way. What was going on? Just contrived. We drive this one, we're driving down the street. We drive past that like past that guy. That was just burning me up. That's OK. Take it right here. Who takes it right? And so we go, Right, right, right. Risky. What? We used to go around the block and we pull back up towards the road where the guy will be crossing. I support job like and I think this is my friend that had that fucking little billy iron thing in the back of his car. When I first matter that he pulled out on that guy that was falling here. And the doctor is gonna pick a fight with Because my body's a steamy little guy respecting got balls, you fight. And so I'm looking for this thing and the communist. What's going on? Where's that fucking thing? You guys are here and pass it to me. I put up my sleeve, and this is the first time. Actually, she, of course what it is. It's a fucking stick with a fucking led ring around it. Fucking serious. So I slide up my sleep and this guy comes walking by another serious and so Well, I'm waiting. I'm telling them we're outside the single serve. This fucking guy walked by fucking me, mugging me. Unbelievable, but smashing wherever they want me to come here. And I know you fucking stay here. Whatever you do, don't fucking move that. Don't drive the car. He's a good until they also in the guide cools Walking there is a back, I hope for the current I fucking Rundle. So I'm gonna fucking bashes guy right in the fucking head. Come running down. You want to be fucking tough, guy? And then as I'm coming up behind the most any turns around and working, he's looking at you right? So much of cars start going by, right? I wonder women cars are bigger was going on And the Billy thing I'd already dropped out of my sleeves I'm high hammer today and so I gotta think quick So I Makiko smoke. Oh, yeah, This'll fucking goof doesn't even recognize me from the guy. Doesn't recognize I'm the guy from the car that he was just fucking burning off. So he passes me to fucking smoke, take the smoke from him, put it my mother, you got, like, he reaches back in his front pocket where he just walked in. Took the fucking smoke. So front. Yes, he's grabbing the later I'm already fucking swinging the bat at him. It was the fucking later up goes the passing like that Looks up time right in the fucking head, on his fucking ass, he goes. That's pretty fucking me story. I'm realizing I got anger issues, but this fucking ass like I couldn't you know. I mean, if he delivered, he was burning. We are free. It looks to fucking on. He's looking at me like fuck you. You're working on your fucking group. Cheap looking again. Like look at me like a good no time he walked past the fucking car was just like, hold

spk_0:   1:12:11
to Joni. Just figure out he had anger problems. Is that we're Oh, So these guys that you hung out with in Calgary um did you meet up with any of them? What hang out of these guys that you hung out with encountering

spk_1:   1:12:26
another injured?

spk_0:   1:12:27
Have you ever looked into what's what? What happened with them, or do you know where there are No

spk_1:   1:12:32
eso? Um, I first started. I said I said my Cokie's Nate, But then there's also another younger guy that fucking ZX Craig John Seekers. You still working? Hang out with us, too. But he was only 15. I wasn't letting him come to robberies and shit like No, no, no, You're not working, you know? I mean, you could working smoke we with this ship not going into it, Robert. But he always wanted to hang out with us and come to him. He's a little badass, so I'm in the fucking pen now and then all of a sudden, fucking I'm walking down the range and I fucking see him walking by. I mean, like you got freckles in ship bucket, and I recognized him right away. And my cool I'm like is a king recognizes me and fucking So that was schools were not being arcane hooking up in there. And we ended up parking getting dope, sitting with tennis balls thrown over the fence. This is in Drumheller. I can get in orange fucking tennis ball stoning, and we'd be looking out the fucking window over a range, Really? Get out in the morning. Time for breakfast. Then we ran out to the parking hockey's building. Fucking problem members.

spk_0:   1:13:36
Then what was he? Was he and therefore

spk_1:   1:13:38
Ah, he came in for fucking breaking N'Dour's. Um I think he had a staff. Uh, car thieves are stealing whips, he calls it so stealing cars. And that's what he was doing when I met him. When I when I met him in Calgary, he was like, Oh, I got to a car you can use for your robberies and stuff like that. You stole right? So nobody 16. Yeah, his 15 runners to because I don't ask them to do. I didn't ask him. Do you know, I actually told him to go back to us to this posture home. If you wonder who's it going to be? A bad ass kid, right? And I was like, No, no, no. You should go back to your foster home park in the I did. I did tell him. Actually be a good kid, like I honestly did hidden and sends up in depend. Anyways, I kid is easy. Good hurt. You just you just You just got back in. And then my court, my court, my coaches because he was young offender. He can't write me or nothing while I'm doing my little bit. And so we have no talking from each other or nothing. And then read it. The three year mark, when he gets out, I get a letter to me in the pen saying, Hey, bro, bucking right on. Thanks. If your true friend, I gotta know anyone else that would be that for me. Well, it's shot somebody form whatever, but not for, But you know, the whole incident, right? Because I didn't leave him in there and ship and did try to get him out. And, you know, I figure if you don't get caught doing it, you don't get caught so I My thought was if I get him out of there, he won't do no time. But then you got busted before me, and I was like, Fuck got busted. I what? I do. Um, but ah, so he sends me that letter, you know, saying that. So that was cool. And then all of a sudden, I get my pro and we don't talk enough because I try writing a letter back. I said okay. Just do good and everything. Fucking don't worry about me. I got a ways to go. If you ever see me out there, don't tackle. You don't know me, right? And that was it. And then I get out and I get to the halfway house. I didn't have no communication with me. I don't how he's paying attention. I get that. This is

spk_0:   1:15:40
your first time making pro.

spk_1:   1:15:41
Yeah, this is my first parole. I go to Edmonton as an eminent halfway host and working 101st year apartments. It's called and I get a fork in just a postcard, and it just says no nation on. He doesn't ever spoolname Righteous. And he says, OK, bro. Now here comes the hard part. Good luck. Nothing but love kind of thing, right? Like we are, Jack doing times. You know one thing. Now I got to make it on parole, right? He's actually becomes a tough part because I was pretty cool. I'm that working with pretty most. And I never heard help, was

spk_0:   1:16:11
he keeping in touch? And how do you know what was going on your life? How do you know that

spk_1:   1:16:14
you're alive? Never wrote to my never e I got that postcard. I way Berman contact after

spk_0:   1:16:21
in them after you get out. After your 15 year stint. Did you have you looked at this The U co accused or anything like it in a Facebook creeper? And

spk_1:   1:16:30
ah, you know, I did when I first get out. When I was looking for my daughter, I put in because he has to last name Drake Nation. Merle and Nation Murphy. I Look, I put in both I can't remember. One of them did come up, but with no face. I can't honestly remember. I don't think I sent anything and that was there. I just I wasn't really focused on the right. I'm working and I'm talking. This is the second time ago. First time I didn't have a Facebook, right? First average. I remember. I got a Google was just open. Everything I went to my friends host is she had Internet in his mom's working on a computer. And I was like, my first time ever getting on our Internet ship has Holy fuck mystical

spk_0:   1:17:14
and then steaming from you. The for the seeking. Absurd about your mom. You see, the the brother that passed the way He just had a daughter. Have you looked up? What she's up to? What table? With

spk_1:   1:17:25
her on Facebook guy. So we're when I got a second time when I made contact with my daughter as a teenager, I tried looking out just vaguely what I could remember. You mean like my daughter's kid, My sister, Like I did try to connect your family, and it was just ready way justly tons of so much emotional stuff. My back right are as a right off. Like I even got right off Facebook. I remember it had to remember why I went on Facebook. We should try and find my daughter. I went back on there, but I couldn't find your issues into last night. And then she found me. And her first message, which to me was I still remember was Hey, you know who I am? And my first message back was, Yeah, you're my baby girl, and then fuck it.

spk_0:   1:18:16
And do you know what to do? You know what type of the your brother's daughter at all like No context. We may dig.

spk_1:   1:18:24
I started trying to a I'm sure the my brother's girlfriend her name was shining. Um, I don't think surely. Like my family. I don't think my family was I didn't really like my fucking problem. Uh, I think she took off with her someone. I just remember there was a I didn't know. How did you like contact or nothing? Right. And yeah. So when I got out, these girls really 13. 14. Hey, I get on lost fucking uncle. So the only person that I thought I could talk to my mom and my sister as soon as I tried talking to my fucking mother. My sister. That's why I just got dumped on all their fucked up shit. I just jumped back off, and then yeah, later it took me four years, three years to try contacting my mom and my sister again and talk to them for the copier. So when I was up in denial and treatments doing that out treatment in the community and work in, I had to delete my mom again. That's last time I talked my mom, which Yeah, so yes or no? No real contact with family or nothing back home. And so there was pretty much daunting other than my daughter and my daughter. My daughter is out of that or two, and I don't want my daughter immersed back in my family. I don't want and there's nobody left. I mean, give our buddies day. You are so far gone. Who cares like there's me, My sister, my brother. That's a fucking pedophile. Who? I don't fucking crack you her rapist. Anyways, young offender repressed. I don't know what you call that goof soldiers to.

spk_0:   1:20:01
You don't know what he's up to, either.

spk_1:   1:20:03
No, I want nothing. And all I want nothing. I never liked him and my kids. They beat him up all the time. And then when my daughter was born, I come home. I've never let this foreign group around. Make fucking daughter And nothing ever happened around him and shit. My mom trying to argue with your brother says my motherfucking telling you right now. I will. Fucking fucking

spk_0:   1:20:22
There's something off about it. And then I looked into McTeer interior when Ah, after last podcast, I looked into make tier on Tier Caro and found all the places you were talking about. Actually, a Ponderosa is closed on restaurant, you know?

spk_1:   1:20:39
Yeah. I wonder if he somehow opened up a restaurant.

spk_0:   1:20:43
They had Anna. I did a bit of a Google Google minutes just to see if I could see any show any trailers around some of people's

spk_1:   1:20:50
big get a big product, Lee. Right towards our there's a John Deere. There's a big John Deere fucking thing that sells all kinds of John Deere equipment right beside the fucking road rate by his place. I remember that her book, uh, he's got a good getting although, because she was my great uncle and she's a goof, but yeah,

spk_0:   1:21:15
Or at least wrap this one up. My any of my kids coming through the ceiling, so it's probably time to beat. Oh,

spk_1:   1:21:22
yeah, for sure I'm always time for these things.

spk_0:   1:21:26
Yeah, so there we have it, folks. The Tarantino masterpiece don't miss with the pizza guy. It was a bit of unnecessary violence in there and that it preserved. So maybe that's what Gillis was referencing as well as well was he bounced around and amongst those stories, just like thank you guys for listening Next week again, Touch on Gillis is time in prison and specific drug. Use it in jail. How you get drugs in who's using it, what to do, what not to do. Tricks that they used to get it in inside. The, which is always barefoot, may have given the, but this has got some pretty entertaining stories. A little bit lighter. Not so much violence, but against drugs is still not like the best way to sheer podcast and get a platform out there. And ridiculous stories is the lever Serve you on able podcast what we found out. So if you guys could just give us a review, give us it writing and they don't help us spread the word. So things getting for listening and we'll see you next week