Plain English : Crime to Life

Mudfish Money

April 25, 2020 Aaron Frisby Season 1 Episode 4
Plain English : Crime to Life
Mudfish Money
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How do they get drugs in to prison? Find out in this episode!

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the way to the fourth episode Off plan English Army host Erin Frisbee. This is a fun one. Today we talk about how to get drugs into prison, which is always correct. A few good stories is a bit of laughing in this one, and some funny stories in just around good young about it. It's a bit of a change out from the crime and kind of abuse that we've been talking about in the prey. Absurd to hurt for. This gets a few more years onto a air air platform here. I just like to thank everyone for the support. We're getting great feedback. Um, if you guys haven't yet be sure to go on Apple podcasts and writing a review us. We're actually in a few listeners from Germany and Taiwan, which is a bit of a worry, because I hope they're not looking for that other podcast that had learned how to speak. Because there's gonna be a lot of people swearing and mumbling, um, in Taiwan in Germany. But it without further there. We've got 1/4 installment today, which is called mud fish money. How to get drugs in a prison fight because enjoy um, you're going to get into it. All right, Go nuts. Got my incorrect notes for half the stories

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were sent me That stuff you're saying on meth in this? Absolutely. No, I've done night at, like and trying to stay up when I'm on heroin. But I was always on morphine. Her heroin. Oh,

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may I run? I run a pure life. I don't know the difference through these things.

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Yeah. Methods. Looking good stuff. Biggest. My biggest struggle. Cook. I've been hopped up on top a few times.

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I guess so. Let's start with that chocolate by story that you told me If that was

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correct. No, that's like inside thing Bucking dies. Do whether someone's actually ever did it for really? I don't know, but guys over joke scoring parking put like a chocolate bar. Like a little gift package under someone's bill. Lower some, and then if they go into the eating of it fucking they gotta put you give up some sex, But looking around, I want you guys should happen. I've only ever actually heard of one person, every being forced to have sex, and it was pretty brutal. Actually, it's Peru. This young kid was with the guy in there apart. Can I guess. You figured the guy would go for him and take care of him. And he was a cell mate. So right away, he's when you first go in, some guys get you get a cell mate. Right where A certain amount. But everybody has a certain amount of time and usually six months, eight months, whatever. Sometimes up to a year bring hopeful that the jail is. And then you get a single cell, right? Your cell mate, You don't always get a picture of your 1st 1 is after that, he can pick and moving people you like. Whatever. Um, there's ways around it. But this guy, anyways, was with this guy, and I guess, uh, this guy was being a homo Windham. I don't know what doing what. And apparently it was this. Now, this guy says this was this guy defense when guys were gonna come up over is cause guys found the other. The younger kid in this cell tied up with fucking like shoe laces. What you tied up in the other guy's gonna fuck them. That's a true story. That guy that was gonna be that he's a piece of shit. So it doesn't matter his name with Beaver.

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I can imagine a little piece

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of Heller I was in. Joe Miller was them for their chewed. I was like, What the fuck?

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So there was No, there's no, um, sit up. We're if you there's no set out for new people when they come in, they're offered any drugs. And in the kind of thing is they've got to bring some. Oh,

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no. Oh, no, That's offered to guys all the time in there. There's predators in their, like crazy. Yeah, like there's guys that's that's full on their movies in there is to try and come under. Not necessarily just cause you're a young guy, you can be an older guys. It's if you're whatever a certain kind of fear of the kind of guy that would suck a cock. I guess I'm

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doing more like on the drug side of things instead of sexual like I know this times were guys of owed people drugs, and there had to trying to get some get some in tow to repay. People

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have to get some dope in here to repay people like you

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told me a story. Where, um You Yeah, Yeah,

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if you're in debt and you got to bring in dope for people. Yeah. Yeah. Or you could not be in debt and just want to get booking dope for your So that's That's mules. That's that's common. That's you. Get somebody. If I can bring doping for you who bid or swallow it or go to a conjugal visit, and then they bring it in and parking some guys air chance there about a dope they can put up their ass. It's nuts,

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I think he told me one story where you attended to do it, and it caused ah, tears to come in your eyes. Yep.

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No, no, that was fucking for a friend working. He want me to who put a bunch of money like ST Cash. You want me to hoop it out and get some dope sentence for Messi? Only time I ever tried to poop anything myself and your full. I'm working. Yeah, it was painful. It was brutal. So

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there wasn't a time that a girl brought you in something and you tried to and she was laughing at you because you had. Tea is coming at your eyes.

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Oh, no, that was my sister. Would. I wasn't bringing job in your That was when that was my first jail bit ever. Now, that was when I was in provincial, and that was just a little five jar of oil, My sister. So I don't wear my sister Got the money. I think I know. But anyways, she was supposed to bring me this world. I was on the former there, and I normally never asked to do anything, but she was like, I got some money. Can't remember. I think somebody owed me money and she got from her or something. But she's I said, well working. Buy me some oil then. And so she bought me a five jaar oil. Oil is common in Ontario. And then she when she came to see me in the parking lot, she parking decided to smoke some, like total heat that you're coming into a prison that come instantly like fucking dope in Ohio. See me? But then she drops the lid on the floor of the car somewhere she can't find her. So when she brings it into me, she's got it wrapped up in tin foil. That's it. And I'm like, What the fuck? So she comes in, but I don't know, it's only and it's wrapped up in 10 for without the lid yet working she comes in, gets here she looks all high on my holy So I sit down and start talking that everything, and she hands it to him. But the book is this is like, wrapped up water fucking team for and she's like, you know, her smiling. I mean, she proceeds to tell me she got high and left the fucking lid in the Karzai. Give it back trick. This is no good to me. I'm all mad and I'm sitting in like, OK, well, whatever. It's my sister. So we're talking. I'm trying to be matter what She's working, laughing so much on being a heat bay, and the guards like staring at me, and I keep fucking give it back to me because I want this bucket oil and so should give her back to me. And that's what I had to try to do that it was a small little fucking thing, but because it was tinfoil and I got it right So that was a fucking paint gas. Literally. Literally. But yeah, well, I've were who played big stalls or nothing other. The only other time I tried hooping anything, as they call it, who education Buchan was for a friend of mine. It was ST Cash, though, and he was massively in debt. And I was getting out massive that I guess he was using deck. And he's he's really desperate. He's like, if you can get this money out to another friend of ours Haute there, he's gonna put together a package, and then it's going to get back in there for him, and he's going to his death and right factor. Okay? If I can do it for you, right? So right. I'm thinking where you get in the street. Cash rate, your debts. So the night I'm get note, he has a him and some of the guy they got somehow they got the one guy has a job. I don't serve. He has a job in there yet or not So but they break into the staff for inventing machines, and I don't know how about all the fucking changer there. So all the loonies and two knees. He grabs mostly as many tools as you can and some money. And he puts together fucking $200 words of working to knees and Louise. And he has that rolled up in a working a stall. And they did that to me. And I'm like, hold but look smooth suck. Anyway, I could do that. Is that a massive back? So we broke it down fucking I said, I'll I had I I was doing dope right up until I got out myself in there. So I had no cash to go with. And because I've been in for a while, I don't got family or anything. I'm not like relying on anyone for any money. So, like what? I'm getting out. I gotta hit the fucking pavement. Like working. How soon? Get money right away. So the little bit of money I got Oh, I told I said, I'll put that with what I can take over here and fucking, uh, and give it to her friend. I was going to say his name at first, but yeah, he's a good friend. Is there in Edmonton? If they hear this, didn't know. I'm talking about nothing but look. But so So now we're ourselves and beside each other, and we got a whole poke through our wall. What can we grind it out? That we can pass the cable back and forth so we can play, uh, Super Nintendo on each of our TVs? Because in there you allowed a 12 inch TV, 12 14 inch TV. And so if you have taken the court past three, can you see on your TV? And so you can play fucking Mario car shit like that? And it's also small enough that we can pass through a joint or parking, even cigarettes. Sometimes you run out of cigarettes and they're during a lock down, and so we pass each other stuff back and forth and we just fill it up with a little water for toilet paper rocking. And it shows the whole backup looks like the concrete strolled back up in the guards. Just the whole, but they have never said nothing about it. So were cell mates, and I'm getting out now. And so he's making jokes and laughing in there. And he's and I told my sis working. Ah, you keep it up. I'm gonna fuck Indeed. This in here for you. I'm not gonna fucking take it. And then when it comes time to fucking who? Pit row. Holy fuck! That was brutal. It felt so heavy after I hope that I stood up and I got all these fucking to ease up my asked. And I'm like, what, bro? I don't know if I can fucking make it out here at this. I feel like I got to take a massive fucking shit. And he's like, Come on, Rover, ever. Then he starts making jokes and shit as I leave it in your being, like a Pez dispenser and ship or doing it. I can't. Wasn't

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it actually that much money that, like he could not that much like, Wouldn't a c amount to that much

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of my undergo 200? Yeah, I did. I did. I did fucking I can't remember how many words, but it was like 80 something almost 92 knees and then some loonies. Oh, ready? When he ribs Only brought it to me, bro. He had all the two knees, if you can imagine this one way. And then he had one whole side with four loonies on one side and four loonies on the other side. And then along the length of it for release for at least four released. It was about getting the matter was like, No fucking way. It was like all the loonies in tune. So 300 something boxers? No, I'll take out as much as I can. Like that. Tunes and shit. I said I'll take a junior for you. And I had almost $200 myself of money to get out with. Like, I'm not kidding all. I had to get over there of my own personal money because I had a pair of all my dad's and everything right before I got out, I got going. Nothing. I got nothing to working left. Anything I had. No, of course I leave her friends, right? Like all my TV and all the stupid shit, right? Some guys take their shit out with them. I don't know the park. Just I got to take this shit out there even taking their toothpaste, and they're fucking everything up within the shop. Who for? Fuck's six. I need this when I get up, man. All right, buddy, good luck to you. I've

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got a celebration going on the background. It's this even oclock.

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Oh, yeah. You where you are? Yeah. Um uh, here I'd support that 100%. It wasn't there in doctors, like all the Chinese have. All of that's what an awesome they're doing. That, like that takes parts to show up the fucking work. Recon gets sick and maybe die.

spk_0:   12:28
Even supermarket workers. But they're not getting paid enough to Yeah, not stuff. You read it.

spk_1:   12:33
More danger pay.

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Um, So what is the going commodity in prison? So if you are looking to get drugs can pay cash or is it smoke? So what is it? That was it drugs for drugs or what is the current

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everything or anything? So you have canteen, and there you get canteen in their first of all, that's like store stuff you can buy, like pop chocolate bars. Chips smoked. Tobacco's elite, not illegal, are not allowed in jail no more. They took it over when it was allowed. There was bales of tobacco and, um, cartons. Packs of tobacco. Ah. And so then you had canteen, which was actually before Can king. There was tokens When I first started doing time, there was tokens. This was in Alberta and they had tokens, uh, dollar tokens, I think quarters to 1/4 token, a dollar token, a $5 token. I think tens were the most. It's been a long time, but we were taken talking. We look like a $5 token and glued to the pavement out in the yard and then watch how many guys were trying to stop and pick it up, trying to be slicking, pretend they're tying up their shoe and then China picking up the operas. Don't laugh. Now the guys would see it and they know what something been in for a long time. That smile look around. It is they're laughing themselves,

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so the tokens were created. As for currency for you guys to use,

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I don't know, talking spring. You say that tokens were from the guards. The guards, like tokens, were part of CSC corrections. They used to give us token. That first was how we got our paid our money in there just to get $69 a month. If you're at your a month every two weeks, if you're at your top level paid like that's not right. $69 was that every two weeks for a week, let me remember, 6 90 a day s every truly so every two weeks. The most money could get was $69. Unless you are working, making extra money, like in the kitchen with overtime or you're working in court kind of shops making even a little bit extra money. I remember one time when guys were making more money in court, kind of guards. So we're going to start charging fucking The man said, We're going to start charging. You guys rent. I fuck you. Get a charge, guys rent in prison like I like you. I'm not paying rent. Kick me out. What

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is it you're saying? Court can't what we

spk_1:   14:54
said. Core can corrections Canada and those are the guys. So they make stuff that that gets handler in the jails, and some may even goes to the streets. They make underwear, shirts, jeans, furniture like that. And then the furniture's passed around the prisons. And so everyone. So they make stuff for to be used in the prisons, and they call it Corrections Canada Court Kind Corrections, Canada, Right. It's like a business inter prison that they make money off the fuckers. If you work at that in there, you can make a little extra pain, right? But you're not going to get rich making money. And there, although some guys will bucking do, like, 34 years in there and save up all their fucking money, they make in their in their canteen and get over there some guys there that, you know, they just don't do dope or anything.

spk_0:   15:43
And were you spending most yours on time? Stop.

spk_1:   15:47
More money I spend in prison. The better time I'm doing. That was my theory. And trust me, I fucking blew a lot of money. Weighed more than I could ever get paid my canteen. So then you got so you got your canteen money, which is the money you make in the prison used to be tokens. And then it turned into where you got a order. Your canteen. So then you could only get no. Tobacco was the main currency, but chocolate bars popping stuff. You could open up a little store and cuff chocolate bars, pop chips to for three back, um, and then cuffed bales and shit. And you could come to bales for three bills back. There's that making money like that. Some guys are hardcore like that calling merchants, right? But other guys just do it to fucking do whatever. I used to do it for friends and fucking It was just a buy more dope when it came really looking. Some guys would have dope in. The only thing they want is certain canteen items. I only want this this and that for, you know, point of heroin, right? Right. Fuck. Well, this is what we got, and we would we would have. It has been a store, so it was good. But so, yes. So you got your canteen, And then there was street cash in there. So street cash. There's two ways their street cash. You could actually have physical cash in there, which was, like, literally street cash in. So if you had a $50 bill, it was worth $100 and then you could also have money on the streets, right? Which was, like, bank transfers and shit, so you could have somebody sent $100 on the streets. Where you to somebody else? Then that person would pay you in the prison either dope or tobacco or canteen tokens When it was back in talking days from had tokens. Well, when you said making money, so you remind me of a 20 story when I was in drama. Good friend of mine in there. He made fucking money in there, and you call it mud, Fishman. Anyone that was in drum looking back between 95 2000 we're fucking remember this fucking shit money. While they took away, they took away our tokens, right? And so now you know, we got for currency in there is our tobacco and the canteen. Right. Well, that's hard to move around. $100 worth of tobacco, $400 worth of tobacco. Who the fuck wants pointed doors with tobacco? Right here. So, um, and the gamblers, right when they want, they want to gamble. They want to gamble with money in their jammies, working one of the main pastimes in there for a lot of guys. So? So a buddy of mine made mud fish money. And so basically it was working money that he made down in the shops because some inmates work done in the shops and down there they got a print shop, and somehow he found a way to make these fucking little plastic fucking coins with a picture of a fish stuck in the mud. And you call it mud fish money. And he was so solid in there, and he had so much canteen and shit going in, a bunch of other guys were in on it, too. So basically, they made their own bank in there. The money was honored currency, like, not only if you're gambling with this, this shit was used to buy dope in there was used to pay store bills in there, and then you could take this fucking shit, and you could take it to these guys that made the mud fish money. And then they give you fucking or whatever for, like, give you dope in ship. But it was honored currency, like it was an actual money in there. I was walking. Funny guards would be doing cell searches looking for it all the time.

spk_0:   18:54
So the guys knew about it, obviously.

spk_1:   18:56
Oh, yeah. The guards know what they've got to catch, right? Yeah. There's so many inmates in there that Tell the guards stop if they know everything, right? Fucking eventually we reading.

spk_0:   19:08
And then, um I know you told me one story, but how many times I mean, I know you see it on crime or prison T ah, movies or TV shows. How many times are the gods as she working with the prisoners to get things in and out

spk_1:   19:23
over the guards? Aaron Cooch. That's really rare. That's very horse. Guards are goof guards, right? Dugard, Drink. Oh, guards, Your goose, even even the good guards are still goose.

spk_0:   19:33
I guess we should explain. Can you explain what they were goof means? Because I think it is a lot more weight in prison than it does out here.

spk_1:   19:40
Oh, for sure. It's like it means a lot of things. It can mean at the worst level. It means you want. It's like a fighting, right? It's a good word. A goof, right for guys that goof. And you call him a goof, And then if he doesn't want to fight with you, right, well, pretty much makes him a goof. You don't have to win a fight. You just gotta fucking show up sometimes. Right? But if you are a true goof within your group winner lose. Like a perfect job. Was a good friend of mine in there. Curtis working. It's okay. See some friends, names and stuff. Bucket. Ah, they don't always gonna get in shit for prison stuff. That's long done. But anyways, my friend Curtis, she's good shit. Tough kid. Fucking were all young. And I was a kid in the Jews. I even call myself a kid When I first started, and there was this one guy in there he thought was a goof, and he's like, You're talking All right, so they go to fight, and my friend ends up losing the fight because this other guys working tough Fuck. Okay, so he gets up is all bloody. Keep trying to fight. You can't win. So he's like he's done. Rachel, he's walk away. You might have working one, but you're still a fucking goof when I got friends that are going to kick the fuck out of you. And then, of course, the going gets everybody else. Yeah, so you don't You don't have to win their fucking be writing stuff. And just cause you in doesn't mean you're not a goose Io. Some guys, it's their action. Okay, so goof is somebody that's a fuck up, right? And depending how bad you fucked up. Here's how about a goof you are. But I mean, even a little bit of a goofus is bad. You want a little bit. And so guys used the word sometimes to start fights. Sometimes old timers don't like hearing the word goof being said because triggers them or something. And then sometimes they're just being retired. I don't only like I was in that I have a lot of respect and stopping at the same time, brother, right? Like I'm in there to do my time and meet my friends were and then we like to joke around and tease each other and shit. And ah, so we would throw the word goof back and forth, said it like they do for something. That and then this one old timer and there is trying to act like he's all fucking hard. Maybe at one point, his life, he was, I don't know, but he wasn't fucking anymore. Anybody try say enemies is of your amendment to Max, which I wasn't image in Max But at this time, I'm in Drumheller and he says, If you're in the fucking Max seeing that, I just turned stuff, stopping right away and make it Doesn't fucking matter where you are, it's fucking who you are. It's working. Shut the fuck up! And you see where I didn't see nothing walked away fucking pretty. He was. Do you talk about predators in there? So this guy used to go around and get fucking guys, like in that whatever, you know, with dope and shit. And let me just get them away from all the rest of the general population universe. Get them a cell mates and then being fucking bad fag break. But not like being a fag isn't bad preying on other guys to do propagation. I got so many friends in there that are gay. It's not implying, but like prison

spk_0:   22:34
is as is goof. The worst thing you me cold in the Because it what that sound is deeply understand.

spk_1:   22:40
Groups not the worst thing to be called a goof goof is just I worsened to be calling. This is a fucking pedophile, right? If you ask me and then a rapist and then you're like this, you know? But yeah, no goof is just It's just it's not the worst thing to be called, but it's It's a bad thing to be called. It means you want to fight somebody, right? Because somebody goofed. You better be ready to fight. If you call somebody goof, you don't call somebody group, then. Really? Oh, I didn't mean it or I take it back. It's a glory. It's a fighting word. Also be goof. It's fucking go time, right? And you see something, you know, Big was done, or sometimes not. Sometimes guys just It's like through word around.

spk_0:   23:20
And then, ah, you touched on the story a little bit last time. Um, what was the deal with the tennis ball? Sit up.

spk_1:   23:28
Oh, that was just I was I wasn't even one of my better fucking ways of getting doping. That was That was my friend. Score. You're seven tennis balls. That was in drum. He was hearing tennis balls chucked in over the back fence. Regards eventually catch on to everything right. Either they catcher or inmates talk, it gets funny and guys will say stuff to other guys who say stuff to other guys they think they can trust eventually gets told us some of that can't be trusted. You eventually tells to the guards, and then they all get shut down. And if you're telling every guys that if none of their business them knowing and it's none of your business, you know it. But you should shut up if you tell it to the guys. That kind of like dry writing the caller, right? As you tell enough, guys, it's going to get back to the map. So you gotta keep shit to yourself and justice the best policy. But anyway, so, yeah, the guards caught on to this. This deal my friend, was having, uh, don't thrown in the back fence. You know, those dogs thrower things that you can put a tennis ball and you go to the part you can throw the tennis ball really far with it. Okay, well, just one of those, and you just cut the tennis ball open like a little X, and you just fill it up with fucking dope and sleep room, throw it and it'll fucking fly. Especially now that it's build up and you just throw them into the yard. And then when we get up in the morning for breakfast, we go to the yard instead of walking to breakfast and you go grab the tennis balls were doing that. That was that started in the wintertime and went on into spring. And then the guards shut that down. But that was just one of the ways of bringing doping there. We had some we better ways. As far as having the balls to just throw dope over the fence, the best one ever was fucking me in a broad mind, Maddie. Fraction, uh, he's awesome. Fucking person. I love fucking Ah, we're having fucking So it was in our score were part of it. Um, but we're having potato guns and shooting in tubs of tobacco and a tub of of dope. So I don't know if he can picture those big white expert e tubs of tobacco. They're, like, fucking that pretty wide. Yeah, they're like six inches fucking wide here, right? Yeah, and they're like sparking six or eight inches deep. Yeah, there are those things being shot in a potato gun. I'm not your my fucking word when it shoots anyone that was in mission Fucking in 2000. So a lot of damage. I got this right. 2000 12 2013. Your nose in there with me, then? No. Is the guards fucking shut this down there for a while. It was awesome. Eso There was a bunch of bush around mission around the fence. This is here in BC admission prison and we're having fucking dope fucking fired in with a potato gun right into the parking yard. And when you shoot this fucking canisters of these potato guns, it's fucking loud. Grow their hope. And when the guards here it because they can hear during the towers, right, open the yard When the guards here it and they got a truck that drives around, they fucking Yeah, locked out, locked down the yard, locked on the yard. Anyone's know the guards. Are you gonna go back to yourself? Well, we had just done a couple of times at first in the guards. Don't know what issue here. The put put put right? Not that fast. Here, put. Okay, Put like they got a little and then fucking if you don't hear the guards to emergency lock down bubble or whatever everyone get back to yourselves. You laughing, You go grab. And so the first couple of times were able to do this being my friend Maddy And how we got involved in this is we're out sitting in the yard, and and, uh, we're about a sacred grounds. And then Osama canister hits the ground and fucking that I get opens up and there's tobacco falls. I'm like, Holy fuck! Like it almost hit us, right. Where the fuck did that come from? Just given the sky. And then we hear that poor again. We didn't hear the 1st 1 because we just weren't paying attention. Should I? We're here to put and another one hits the ground like 2030 feet from tumbles. And it doesn't open up. It stays together. And it's a white tobacco tub with duct tape wrapped er on it to hold the lead and hold it together. And then another one lands and this one's got red tape on it. So the gray duct tape that's just canIs is full of tobacco. So that's only fucking four bills with the tobacco in there that gets caught, who cares? But then there would be one canister with red cape on it. And that's the one with all the dope. Find

spk_0:   27:57
dope. What? What is dope?

spk_1:   28:00
Dope? Dope is fucking coke. Morphine. Helling need weed, Everything right and that. So that's a lot of money in there in that fucking in that, uh, canister that one, no matter what has to make it back. And so the me and Maddie, the first time this happening is boom, boom, boom. These canisters land and everything. They're sitting there. We're sorry. I wasn't with my buddy, buddy Maddie. Maddie. So I went and got to come with me. I was sitting with my friend JJ at a time and fucking and then my friend Ginger, He's got a chickenshit, but he stays the risk me for about 10 15 minutes. Nobody comes near these things, right? What the fuck? And I'm watching this in your I've been inside for a long time at this point, right? And fucking Ah, So I stick closer watching thinking, k, nothing's happened here. And then all of a sudden, my friend, a good friend of my cooper comes walking, and I'm like, Holy fuck, I got a good stories about him. Julie. Medium good memories, stories, stories about friends I grew up with. And they will end up in the pen. And one of my friends in up you're doing double murder. That's my friend, Cooper Ghani. Right? And he used in mission. Now he was in mission with me Fucking that. This is like, 15 years after he's done it like he started Everington. Max first, right in Alberta. Um, but I'm jumping all over the place here. We are in mission. So we got I see him start walking. So I walk over and he's like, Can you see anything? Land around here? We're not hate. Reject. You see anything, either on? Yeah, they're over here. He's a walk with me to get him. And as we're walking to get him to tell me, I had some fucking guys I paid to get him in there fucking chickenshit and wouldn't come over. And God knows I gotta come drown myself. I was like, I know where they all are. I'll grab him for you myself. Okay? Meeting by the fucking library. And I'm like, OK, so I go and grab on myself and I fucking sneaking back over to the library. I give him. He's there was somebody else. He's got a laundry bag, and sometimes guys go to work out like a cow. Their water bottle in it. Their weight about it looks good, right? Some books from the library of the gym. And so there's a guy there with his laundry bag. So he takes them from me and it right? I'm brought. Come see you later. Or Hopi up, down, Right. Fucking yes. And when I tell, this is one of them landed in open, Doctor, it's all smashed. I grabbed it and I give it to him, right? If you just put in the bag resting and it was opened up, it's still good tobacco there. Right? And so I know this tobacco shredded. Another was dopa. At this point, I thought it was just a spots of tobacco because remember, I told you tobacco is legal in prison. When I first started fucking after a while, they made tobacco legal, period. Just couldn't even smoke in the whole prison. Um, and that's because of the guards. You know, I'm saying that shouldn't be in an environment where they got to come to work in tobacco. So first they made it. We just gotta smoke outside. Then they just took your way, Period. I thought there was gonna be way more riding and more like a room was going to write. But actually, when they took the tobacco way, everyone just chill about it. But that was one way we're getting dope. Sent interest with this potato. Come. And so after that time, my friends like you, you know you want to do it again. You want some work? I'm like, Yeah, for sure. Is that okay? I got another guy's guy should No, no, no. I don't want your fucking guys. I said I got a fucking bro grab and I should give you my word. This shit Guards will have to fucking fight us to get this fucking shit. E needs a date. Absolutely. That's what I want. And that's when he explains to me that one of the canisters will always have a different color tape on it. That's the one that no matter what the fuck, we gotto be football players. If we have to, that should has to get So we got kinds of how to lose the guards because in mission. You can run around the years. You can run it on the gym, the kitchen, all places to run and geek here in there. So we had it laid out with that one. I would walk to a certain place with the hand. It somebody else would walk, uh, from the kitchen over there into the gym library, right into the building. Another guy would come walk, you know, he handed to that guy, and then he walked back out of the building, going the other direction with it. So the guards were thinking, Went into the gym if they did catch the play. Meanwhile, something else were already walking back to the humans with it, So fucking Yeah, we had everything planned. Working perfect. So we did that to three times and then the potato gun. As soon as the guards heard it shot off, they said, locked on the yard. Right. So it was just like one time fucking You've got shot. The guards on the the, um, radio right away. All inmates return to yourselves. Emergency locked out. All inmates clearly are you mean like this right away? I'm looking right. And only the first one's been shot that took that second Regardless. Right now, I think there's nowhere to go. Grab is the guards are on it. Your regal Get it? We're fucking done, right? I'm like, fuck! And I don't see no color one at this time yet either. If the she's fucking lucky, that colored one fucking hit wrote the about the rope the, um the wire, the camera if it's phone. So I don't know why these wires air passing through defense, but there are wires up there for some reason. Um, and anyways, one of the canisters ship that fucking wire and bullshit like hitting felon defenses. There's two fences here about 15 feet apart. It fell in between the two fences, so there's no way to get that one anyway. So it So if I could have got it, I would have had to, but and there is no loss, no harm, no foul. There's no way to get that one anyway. So then after that, it's shut down for a while and then he comes back to me a little while. Eric, few months later, he's like, Hey, we've got another way. We're going to try this out he says. The guy's gonna come up and he's going to throw it by hand. He's gonna throw it over the fence, right? You got help. Private. This fence is huge. It's about 20 feet high at noose, maybe 25 feet, and there's two of them and they're like, 15 feet apart. The only is throwing. This is if you run right up to the fence like there's no doing this from a potato gun like that potato gun. I don't know where it was being shot from exactly. Like I said, I'm in prison time. I My job is to catch these canisters getting into my bro. Right? Fucking, um, but like he was far away, I guess I they had over there was no harm to catching them. No, to throw it like you're gonna have to get up close. So I'm like, Yeah, cool. But he's like, you got to be real close when he throws it. And he doesn't want the guards to see. He doesn't know inmates to see any more than the 1st 1 we're doing. Because of the shooting, sound and everything. All the inmates noon it was happening. And we're like fuck gets on the amount of time. It means you're going to tell the guards. There's no way. Even guys that are doing the door are probably going to go tell the guards. Get some guys. They're just that much of a goof. Like they're rats, right? One inches and fucking some of

spk_0:   34:23
the day. Was this happen? England. Would you wait for later

spk_1:   34:26
on tonight? A data? Yeah, in the evening. Sometimes. Like in the winter time. But this was an in the winter time. But in the fall time, we wait to the evening. Um and so this was the second time we're doing out. The guy has to throw it. And so he was. There's a couple areas by there that you can be really close to the fence so that when it gets thrown, you can grab and stuff. And so me and Maddie fucking Rego with secret groans and stuff all the time. So always in that area. So nobody thinks nothing of mean matter over in that area. And there's an area there where you can throw it and be a good place. It's close for some of the throat over the fence and It's also a good place. There's not a lot of chocolate from the inmate other than the ones walking laps. There's, like, a lap area there. Um and so we're there and everything I'm thinking like, you know, I'm saying I was this guy going to do it right. And so my friend Don is like, No, no for sure. It's gonna happen, right? Just steal there. And I'm like, Okay, so I mean, my friend matter what? They were out there. We're waiting. We spent happened. I'm still here. And then some guy comes walking on, comes close to us. He says, Steve, there it's gonna happen. Don't you mean like letting us know stay there? Because our to his past And it's gonna be locked up pretty soon, right? No, sudden This guy comes running, You can see me is really old black Looks like a SAS squad trait. A fucking he throws one, 23 Catalyst and she throws him over the fucking face. And then the land might be my friend. Now you have a joke. Because Maddie caught the 3rd 1 His hands gone over in the 3rd 1 Directors and the guy you're over defense, right to be awesome for So we grabbed him, and then we go on, like who? The fuck this is awesome. And so then we're doing like that for a few times the guards caught the play again. And so remember I was saying, there's there was Bush all around mission, like there is like, no massive bush. But there's Bush all around it. The guards cut it all back related good. Fucking 60 feet, 100 feet. All the Bush talked away. So they could see now, right? No one to run up and throw it anymore. And that was the end of that. There is no more doing that. That because we're going

spk_0:   36:33
to be a primitive, you think would be a primitive fence up the whole way around to drilling. Keep anyone else said that

spk_1:   36:42
the man in charge. No missions like missions, you know, it gets close to communities and everything right in the The minimum security is just on the outside of the fence. I'm not feeling of the community because I've only been in the prison. Yeah, and then when we ride in the van, hope to come fucking back yard of it. I went to mission. That was for when I remember I told you, a backhanded buddy and I had to go to depend for two years for that one punch was that we and Richard mission

spk_0:   37:12
Was that Mike the the supermarket? One

spk_1:   37:16
market on Yates Bullshit.

spk_0:   37:17
Yeah. And so it wasn't like the trolley Doyle. One of the guys came after you

spk_1:   37:23
guys that fucking Richard because I was all fucked up under, and I was gonna quit. You and Joe and I were still supplements or something. Yeah, it's are saying so. I was gonna quit doing dope and everything. I figured if I gonna detox myself, I need a bunch of supplements. So I went in there to get a bunch of supplements, and I also this this girl that I need I was getting doped from and she wanted a bunch of supplements doing and she was getting peace, not paying me for it, right? Very fucking. I'm going in to steal a bunch of shit anyways. And the way I still don't like going there. Sneak. I just go in there in my bag, feel it up and leave. So it's really not stealing but stealing But, you know where, Like if I was to hit somebody, touch somebody would be robbery? You mean, But that's just about it. You should. I'm all fucked up my dope. I don't care at this point. So I walk in and I got this big duffel bag. I fill it up with all the supplements at market on Yates and then 20 mark nine years to get those supplements detox myself with and sell the rest of this girl I knew. And I was going to stay in another girl. I was at the View towers here in Victoria. Um, and I was gonna detox myself in her place as I was leaving. They fucking people that work there followed me out a bunch of the younger store clerks and, like, they got attacking using share, I guess they thought they're gonna be fucking heroes. I don't know what I got. No beef with them, but you shouldn't grab someone from behind if you're not ready to protect yourself. And so I got grabbed from behind. I turn. I fucking hit that guy in the fucking eyebrow, opened up his eye, started bleeding everything. There was a couple other guys there. I stopped right every day. Stock as well, too. But his eyes being everything is I can hear somebody saying the piece on the way the peace are on their way. And I said, Don't worry about it. I'm fucking you know, like I'm standing right there. Well, fucked up on dope. Something. Holy fuck. I don't want this to turn into a robbery charge. If I take off, that's all that's going through my head right today. That's because I'm kind. I want to make sure to turn myself in, and it's just a theft charge. And then it's gonna be assault charge, even though, you know, this guy didn't identify himself for it, you know, he didn't He didn't say anything. Described me from behind, right? And so that's what happened to go to court. And I got two years for it as a holy fuck. I'm like a pen bit. They gave me two years plus a day, so I had to go to mission for that's what I want

spk_0:   39:39
to mission. What was your charges then? For the two years

spk_1:   39:42
we're hitting him? Just agreed of salt.

spk_0:   39:44
Oh, that is just I played to the sole charge. All right? Yeah. Eso going back to one of the other stories that you that you told me about Waas, I guess, was the commissioner's daughter. You had

spk_1:   40:01
O r 30? Yeah, that was fucking my friend is actually the one that Perkins put that together. And then the two was We're doing it. It was awesome. We're fucking That was in Alberta, the Commissioner's. Ah. So when When men street people street people thinking when construction workers and stuff coming from the streets to work in a prison, they'll have these commissioners of those they call him commissioners. They're kind of like guards. What? They're just there to guard to make sure that inmates don't interact with them, Don't steal their tools, anything like that. Um um, but they are like, they're not there guards with their things, But they're commissioners

spk_0:   40:48
in mostly the mostly retired like military people in there because we use them. Like when we did work at the airport, they were keeping on it. Yeah, So same thing. Okay, so the head, the head

spk_1:   40:59
guy, you know, Berta, the head guy of these commissioners. It was his daughter that was also working as a commissioner that my friend corrupted. Hey. And we used to do cross region there all the time. Me and my bro Fucking He's doing time forever. He loves doing armed robberies, and he loves doing cocaine in prison. Increase you, um anyways, fucking I don't know if he's ever gonna got himself out yet. He's always in trouble.

spk_0:   41:29
What was agrees that he's doing cocaine and the But you don't eat that much card in the

spk_1:   41:32
drawer while coke is expensive. You go through a lot to do it in prison. You gotta have something going pretty good. And so we did. Oh, yeah, I saw Cut. I'll get to the street here, so meet me. Him are pretty smart, right? We do crosswords together all the time. We're smart, but, you know, here I am in prison. He's actually joke with me and stating your music working, dumbest smart guy working, you know, myself, e that go in there all the time and I do crosswords compete against him or doing with them to see if we could finish ones that he couldn't. I couldn't, um We play Scrabble with each other all the time for gambling. on the whole time for our canteen? No, does whatever. Um and we're both cleaners. That way we could go work out in the afternoons where we had jobs in there and ah, the female. One of the commissioners used to sit in a chair by the window, just like one window where light comes in on the range and watch the guys work and, you know, make sure we stayed away from them. Ah, my friend, I want to say his name working. I don't sure working, but there is hope. It looks better. Every little thing you get your but no, we got busted for this. I spoke to my buddy. Spread out Spider. Right? Okay, you skin eso. He's going up to her and hiss cells right by where she sits all the time and she does crossword. She noticed. She said, that's prospect for lines that's crossed. So we like doing crosswords. So he and I would sit and talk to her and she, you know, be stuck on a cross for people to go. What is that? He started chatting her up, right? And fucking you. He wins their trust. Everything with this girl. She's a little overweight. She's I mean, she's awesome. She solid and I don't want I'm not bad more than at all, but she was kind of strange that she was, like, a throwback from, like, the eighties that should, like the big hair and big make up everything but use like a rocker girl for ca hairspray hair. And, ah, said she probably didn't do much over guys. Yeah, so yeah, I mean, good was it wasn't exactly only thing guys were banging down her door. Anything. And my body spite always just like your typical inmate. And, I mean full of calories and ship working. And, uh so, yeah, so he won her over. He's got a little sting going with her. And I don't even know at first when he's got going on. And so then I'm over in this cell. And like I said, I don't just go over there helping to cross Rich have a coffee. So I'm sitting in and it comes back to the newspaper and he drops the newspaper down on the desk as

spk_0:   44:01
just as he's saying to

spk_1:   44:02
me, He's talking about that female, right? Uh, the commissioner's daughter saying something about Oh, she gave him some crosswords that she couldn't finish, and he puts him on the table. Two big fat joints followed, and I remember this place. Remember him looking at me, His jaw dropping just a car while coup Big Joyce's spelling in this newspaper that she just handed him. Holy fuck. And right away that season get right, I I got bills. And so on top of my parole him in the little joints, right, Because these are massive. We're rolling in like prison joints. And so, uh, we roll smaller joints out of it that we're gonna go itself for canteen would take a few treat people, and right away his mind strings great ways. That's what I'm cool now I hope you don't make slow down. Let's think about this when we come up with little scheme. Teoh try and get to bring doping for him and so that she can make money for us to angle your teller Munyon before she is in care about the money. I mean, what she got her car but city and even kids she had, like, a crush like I like I thought at first I was on my body spiky, but it was on just an inmate retirees, I think because then it was on me and it was another friend of ours. Um, so I don't remember. Always will be

spk_0:   45:21
one of the most one of the most exciting things that have happened to her.

spk_1:   45:25
Really? Why? I was crazy, right? You know, she's in a federal prison. She's fucking now she's going to bring in dope for a fucking inmate. And I guess there's so my friend Spider, he's walking to the shower in just his towel so she could see him and shit like he's really for Twitter. Like getting her, like, all fucking what could haunt the drop for And, um, But I'm the one that's going picking up. So he talks you into bringing in some door for us, right? The first package. I'm always when it goes and picks it up from her. So there's little Stashes where the guards can't sear, which sheikhoun tucked behind a pillar on the range. She can never asked a really good spot, but there's also a little room where we keep the mop pails and stuff. Where she talking there, Right? So, um, I would meet her different places and I'd be the one that grabbed the package from and the first time I go to grab it from her, I I'm looking at her and she's looking at me and I'm trying to think you know, how I communicate your anxious right because it's fucking massive thing we're about to do and so that I look at her and she winks at me e like, got like, You know, I cough, I can full on wink. And then she watched. I didn't toe the mop bucket room. I I was going to go, But I thought she might be scared to walk in here with it in me. You're me. She walks right? And then she turns and looks at me and she pulls it out and she goes trying to be sexually Here you go as a holy fuck. And my girls think I'm awesome. Thank you. Writing that guy. But former and then I walk all right by me. Like what? You said Happy. I'm here room. We say what we fought and we can't believe it. Right? Buckets like a couple ounces of weed. Some more right off the hop. It was only supposed to be read because she brought us. We'd and figure It's not a big deal if you put more serious. Doping is more serious charges. And my buddy Spike, he loves watching hard dope toe. And I remember he's like, what? We're gonna get hard stuff. We're gonna put hard stuff in there, right? I'm gonna go, OK? And next thing you know, now he's getting other guys involved on the package cause he's got to get people that got the dope on the streets to put the package together, you know, because we don't got that kind of dope on the streets. We've both been in prison too fucking long. Right? Um so the more people get involved, the more chance of something going wrong. Right? And that was the problem. And, you know Ah, we were you were doing They were going to bring more and more in, um, she was firm with me. She was for it was sprayed. Inmates could tell we have tons of fucking dope. Like where we getting it? Guys in their they got nothing but time to sit and watch and pay attention. Return a mission. No one bumps hip, too. So because Spidey's the one hand, you note the dope, I'm the one going and grabbing it for right So everyone is watching spider time, not me. Right? But we're hanging out together all the time. I got to, you know, some guys were figuring things out. Um, there's stalls were getting from ever getting so big, Doctor, last one I grabbed from her Their guys in their they can do, Ah, different hobbies. And some guys in there make, like, need admits the big leather native mitts. And so I had a big pair of those fucking in there and I was walking in the package. Had to stuff it into the Mitch. I think you could barely fit in the cuff of the men in the cuff of the minutes. Like huge. That's how much does she was bringing us. Think it was crazy and we're giving guys Rick. It deals like that's one thing about me and my buddy Spike. You know what comes around, goes around and we fucking helped a lot of guys in there. Guys never normally selling, you know, like little pitter joints. We were selling a cigarette too full of fucking weed for the same as because, uh, for ah for you know, $30 Cantina. Can't remember. I want to say 40 was 15 years. Uh, canteen you could easily roll. It can enjoy instead of that. And a joint goes for $10. Can can you guys get reseller and make times like everyone was money and stuff? There's so much really, We had we'd still like the read part we had. We'd still within the next package came There was the hard dope that was always running out. And guys want to do more. Especially the pain killers in the coke, right? My body spiders, bringing coca Now what the fuck, man? I remember going to a cell. He does smashes a coke so big you almost fucking killed me. Was just the remnants that leftover was of hiss, hiss specs. It's smashed. So in there, like we can get our hands on needles and everything and fixing the fucking that's like, you know, fixing heroin. Don't that's like as far as drug addicts. So that's always people consider the worst. Like once you're fixing dope, that's the most addicted. You could be, right?

spk_0:   49:58
I mean, it was injected,

spk_1:   50:00
but smoking crack smoking speed isn't any better. So

spk_0:   50:04
you say fixing? What do you mean by that?

spk_1:   50:06
Well, because I fixed. Don't write like I've done everything right. You know what is fixed is in a needle. It's when you're like so and he's so he shooting up Coke, right? And he's doing, like, massive fracking fixes. So I walk in there and he's standing in itself. So in ourselves were allowed that Rick a little TV Little 12 to 14 inch TV were allowed a little stereo, Um, were allowed a couple pairs of street clothes and shoes like we're allowed a little bit of stuff in there right now. It's like bare minimum. You're allowed $1500 worth of property is the most you cover yourself. Most guys got a lot of guys don't have nothing in there. Some guys come in back. All right, Um, well, anyway, so I'm in the cellar, spiky, or I come walking in. He's standing in the first, and I'm looking at him and she's got headphones on his standing in front of his is ah, stereo. And one of the things he does when he's high is he taps, you can't see. But he takes his fingers and he touches his thumb with his fingers to back and forth real fast. One of his little twitchy things he does. So I walk in. I see he's got headphones on the stand in front of hysteria. Is doing that with this finger suffering, always listening to music in standing there and I see the spoon. Oh, and you know, I so I can see that it's just fiction. Do open it, really, And I lay back in the bed and then I'm reading from the finished listening to music so I can ask him fuckin for fixed, right? And then I look and I look down the headphones that he's got on his years. The wires not plugged in the phone call. He's standing there wringing. So when you do coke, you can't years you can't hear shit. I mean, so he's standing there. Just fix. He's got headphones on, doesn't come anyone to come into a cell and try and talk him, cause you're not gonna be able to hear them anyways. And so that's his cover is he does this fix and stands there with his headphones on ringing. The doctor is I see that and everything. And then you take your pulled up, going whipped up like I was laughing out of right wing with if I could touch use music, house boarding tells me where he is up to you. Like that's not actually a bad idea. All because he doesn't bake fixes. Right? So that my cake I'm fixing Thought he was. I left you some in the spoon there, Right? And I'm like, Well, you look great there. You can have that one. And so I'm like, OK, your kun really, really give you You don't put dirty regular or anything. You think that's fine and I'm clean, right? So I'm not good. Uh, but a guy I liked how I didn't fucking catch aids or hep C or something in prison and Parking digest from that, I don't know about working luck on my side, but plus, I was tried to be safe. It's possible I had my own rate, right? Most guys don't have their own rig, but you still end up every now and then helping a bro. You know, use your Regan. You clean it. Everything is best you can, but there's always a chance, right? Our

spk_0:   52:58
eggs, embassy and needle

spk_1:   52:59
meet. Oh, yeah. And so he's like, you can have that. I look at it and I said to him, I say there's nothing here because I was lost there. And it's just a little puddle of water and a little filter. And I mean, what the fuck is this giant eye socket up? And if I could hit myself with holy fuck broke the first thing I know, it's very where is my most fucking? Just like all I taste is coping him, and I can't feel my fucking tongue. I want to go to say something awesome. Boom! My fucking ears go like, man, I can't hear a fucking thing. And then my I started going that sort of a black circle closer on my eyes and my vision is becoming less and less like I've never felt that from cocaine before. I'm like, Holy fuck, and I sit back down on his bed. He I must I don't know. You must be able to tell something's wrong because it looks over at me. He said, you okay? You okay? And I could barely hear me Grabbed me by my arms, gazing back on the bed And I remember him saying, Here, hold the newspaper. You look fucking hyped. The guards walked by, Robert Body something talking. He hands me the newspaper so I can sit on his bed and hold the newspaper apps Overgaard watched by You can't see my face so that I look normal. Well, I'm so high I'm vibrating. He passes me the newspaper I hold in all the newspapers by b e Just dropping. It just lands on me. I thought I was going to die. Broke what? And it starts to wear off when I find I can step talking like Holy fuck you trying to kill me? It doesn't. I could die. He's like No. And speaking of cocaine. So when I was in there, I didn't fixed open. I went into prison. I started doing it in prison, right for the 1st 34 years of my bid. Actually, I said no to what all the time and so many friends in there makes their dope that you almost if you don't, you almost stand out for not like the stigma of being a drug addict in there. Nobody really cares because everybody's fucking drug addict. Right? Um, so I am. So my first fix ever did was with a different friend. It was morphine. But then the first fix a Coke ever did happen to be with my friend Spider. Because, like I said, he always tries to get in there. He's always trying to get it. I remember the first time he ever gave it to me. Same thing he gave me a picture of it. Act probably. Well, I'm gonna die on this parking shit. I got him by the seat of the pants as he was trying to walk out. I grabbed him by the back of his jeans. I'm holding onto him. Don't go or don't go over. I'm going under. I'm going under. I can let go home and you're not going under and took off for the seller. Go get us some heroin. Switch gears from doing coke heroin. But I don't like cougar working. And I don't like meth either. It's when you said that I've done a lot of math, but only because when I'm doing heroin, I don't want to go to sleep. Like when I was on the streets and shit trying to sell working dope. I end up doing more dope and everything to crime to get worked up all the time. Anyway, I would do meth to try and stay awake on the heroin as only time I in meth. But of course, I end up wired to meth that looked up on speed. You. But in prison, I didn't like to do speed or coke or any that. Why would I want to do that shit in there? I only just wanting to smoke weed when I first started doing time and then eventually we just wasn't enough. And then I started doing painkillers like morphine in shit. We call it Mojo in there, and I started doing that and then heroines in with the same thing. And so then I started shooting heroin in there, and I remember before I got out. I remember talking about, you know, I don't want to get out with a habit and everything. And I remember this one old timer and they're saying to me, you and you know what a fucking habit is yet, boy. And And I did it because when I got out to the streets. And that first night, I did good and everything. But when I finally did relapse and fuck up, pick up dope again and started doing dope on the streets and started doing opiates out here that I found out what a fucking habit was out here. You could do a lot of dope for a long time. And I got really addicted bucket I laid out on the sidewalk. Wanted fucking die addicted.

spk_0:   56:52
And is it because of the strength this stuff out in the street? So what's the difference is how much I

spk_1:   56:57
could do, right? Like in prison. You can only get so much You got to get shared with all the good guys. Even the guys that just, you know, got money to pay for it. You can't really have too big a habit in prison. Not like Oh, here. Right where you got tons of dope and you can just go on. Go on. Go on. Be a pay on it. Right. That's what I meant you on. You know what I have? It is like in there. Put it this way in there. I worked out every day. I would do it one day not do it the next. Do it one day, not do it the next. Like, you know, I was in, you know, I was in prison, so it doesn't matter if I was high, but I still care myself. Like I ate a shower. I worked out. I was functional when I got out to the streets and I started doing dope right when I got out, You know, I started working stuff first, and you don't try to hold it together. But then when I did start doing do about here, I was doing it so bad. Like I was doing it. And to the point where I was killing myself, overdosing, dropping all the time. I haven't really got bad and almost killed

spk_0:   57:59
and then to bring you back to the commissioners. Don't know. Not quite a present, but more the commissioner's daughter story. How did that one end up? Yeah. So

spk_1:   58:09
how we got busted was working my body, Speidel always involving people all the time. And I always say to him, Bro, don't get people involved. We don't need dope right now. But trucking he wanted do dope, so then he would go cuff dope from people and then tell them how we're getting ours in so that they would woke him up. So it's your like, trying to like he's trying to use our our angle as a way to get in before it even happened. You're I mean, being a drug addict, call a spade a spade being fucking dope head right. And I would always give him shortly. Just chill smoked meat for a week or so. Like, you know, we don't like it's always don't keep telling people. I was always my message to him. And then all of a sudden, I remember the day she got busted. She stayed solid. That's I mean, this woman is a rocket chapter. Amazing. I'm when other inmates were fucking being snitched goofs, You know, I mean, China fucking fuck up her life in hours working and trying to get themselves out. She stayed solid. So anyways, the days she's supposed to come and I'm gonna go meter to got the package from and that doesn't tell us. A quick telling people says, because I'm the one that was the meter. I'm the one that grabs the package. That shit goes bad. I'm the one getting busted. Not you. You know, I mean, so fucking, you know, quick drawn heat on our screen involving other people. I want to know what's involved in. I could get it. All the sudden friends and stuff were coming up to us in the shit only factor. Cops are fucking busting somebody in the parking lot like guys can see through defense out to the yard. Right? Go to the parking lot. And the cops showed their busting right, you know, suddenly calling locked down in the units, right? And I'm like, Fuck! You know what I mean? It's us, right? And I remember my buddy. Ah, a working. He's always said he's already locked in this cell. I walked up to a cell just to see where he's at in order me and let him know ops. He's gonna no to. And as I get to a cell, he's already locked in the cell cause they're calling emergency lock down. And he's looking at me through the window, right? And he's like, you know, they give me that look through. I don't know what the fuck happening, right? I just looked at him and I fucking I said I told you so, right? And that was a bad thing to say to remember. He got got mad, but that's because he was hurt. I said to him through his door aside, Fucking Poggi So And in many ways, it was yelling through his doors. I'm walking to my cell. The lockup exits lock up. Yeah, well, the fuck did you say that to me? How the fuck did you see that? I am a driver are right. But I did feel bad after other guys. Not the best thing to say to you, bro, but it was no true. So anyways, and I were locked up and sure enough, the guards, The next day it's gonna be nighttime. Now, the next morning they come and scoop spite out on this scoop me, actually. Scoop me first. I'm in the hole first, and then they bring a Speidel down. And as he's walking past my door, he's looking at me again, all sad. And then the guards walk off the range in the first thing, yells under his door to meet. He's like, you're mad, bro. I think I mean, the whole we're both fucked. I'm like No, it's all good, bro. We had fun. It's all good. I'm feeling pretty rough because I've already been in there a little bit longer them And we were waiting for that package to come so we could get painkillers. The morphine, Because we need that because we're toxic, right? We're going through withdrawal, so getting throwing the whole really fucking sucked. And so how we got busted was he went and told this fucking goof rat Shane Gallagher. Fucking piece of shit. Flick it. One of those guys always telling story. How fucking cool years know that, Brad? Brian, I never fucking like the fucking head. And he had fucking dope. And of course he had the dope my friend wanted. My friend went and got him involved and told him everything that was happening with us. And next to you know, what could our scores getting busted? So now we're in the hole, and all we got is what the guards are coming grabbing us. You're gonna mean and trying to teach their changes you to a screw that can't be a medically talking about. They're already trying to see were involved with this commissioner, right? What are you talking about? We don't know. Right? And Ah, um, So then we read the newspaper and they arrested her. She staying solid. She's got appear that there's no statements that the Oshie you see what I ratted? It was said in the newspaper. Guard was, you know, or a commissioner was just saying, Was the guard forced to bring in dope by inmates or something like that? You mean what you trying to save herself and say we made her do it kind of thing, right? No, no, no. She fucking denied that. She was bringing it to us and everything. She didn't bring it into the fucking prison. Even they couldn't even get her for trying to sneak in. And she had a fucking feeling. She smart woman like she's fucking solid. She had a feeling something was up. Probably all fucking extra cars in the parking are. But she, uh, when she came into the prison, she didn't have an honor. So then when they tried to say, You bringing dope in here like I don't got nothing, But they went out to her car, Of course, because cars on prison property, it's subject to being searched their search, your vehicle, and there's all the dope, right? So But she you know, she still doesn't Crumb. She's like, Well, whatever. I have dope in my car. What does that mean? Nothing. But she stay. Saw it. She lawyers up, She gets a lawyer's fucking fight it in court. Fucking awesome. You know, because if one person pleads guilty, you fuck up the rest of the people because they're not pretty much means they're guilty to. And I mean, so you all got to stay solid and all choose to fight it. Your demeanor of working, you figure out among yourselves, you know who's we should take the time, right? Uh, so anyway, so we can't talk to? Of course, we're in the hole in prison and she's on the street, but we can read the newspaper. My buddy, my buddy Spike. I was reading it to me like groceries and solid and read it to me. What's going on with their court cases? And he's interpreting. He's like, she must be fucking pleading like shit says entrance North European, everything he's like, it must mean she's doing this now. Okay, that's awesome. So then the guards were trying to investigate us for fucking involvement in this. We've been in the whole now for 45 fucking days, right? We're hearing the stories down in the hole from inmates about different things. Guys, air hearing in the yard, you know, over here. And you guys got busted. They were gonna bust Shane, too. And I'm like, whatever. They're gonna boshane. He's like, That's what Shane saying. He's saying, he's your guys, his co accused, and they were gonna bust him to that. He might be getting sent over and that he got charged in all of this stuff. We're hearing this in the whole right, and I'm right. His charge. We're not even charged. Why is this guy charged? You mean he's out there? Fucking lion. He's out there saying he's getting charging. Secrecy. Thinks we're in the hole getting charged because he is the one that ratted on us. So, um, remember I told you I managed the one time get myself into into minimum security. This was that one time. I just fucked up in minimum security. I just come back in the medium security. So in prison, you have points and how much points you have determined your security level so low points minimum me importance. Medium high points maximum, right. I had low medium points. My friends fight Almost had highly important, but we're both in medium, but because I just come back from being in a minimal my points. Really? Look. So we're in the whole The guard stays solid, were in there for 45 fucking days. As long as they can keep us investigating us and everything. Now they've got to make a move. Let us out. Transfer us one of the two. Um, that cause that female guard states all it She never admitted once that she was bringing doping. Merrick or not, I could get a note from the garden he was talking about, right? So it's awesome. So although all they can do is process for us for going to the hole. Every time you get thrown in the hole, you get points put on your fucking on you. And then if you get enough, you can get Max. And then also, the guards can override a couple points to try and max you or keep you in a medium, depending what they want to do. Is it um So my friends fight all. Of course. He gets Max off to the Mexico's, and he Oh, and he had just came from the max, right? So of course he's back off to the max me cause I just came from the minimum back inside, into the medium. I only get high medium, so I get back up to pop. Well, now I get back out. I want to see this fucking Shane Gallagher. You are all these things I'm hearing, right? I'm telling you, bro, I got out it like 10 something the fucking morning. I'm trying to find this guy. He's hiding on his unit, going to find him. The guards are telling me to go back to my unit because I just got out of the hole. You want to go back to the whole English get back, go to your unit. I'm fine in case I go back to my unit. And so So I guess I would like 10 something the morning. Now I go back to my unit, lock up for lunch, they count us, everybody's there. And now the clear account open us up to go. All of us walk to the cafeteria for lunch. I head back out to the yard looking for the fucking saying Callier, my fucking bro just got transferred to the fucking Max that they transferred him right up top. They came and grabbed him first in the morning. I thought I was going to his like I brought it. Looks like we're going to the max. I was like, Whatever. No problem working for And we've even had some good times there. You can get anywhere, and but then they don't come and get me to tell me. Pack, pack up my shit. Right. So if they're stupid me, they're gonna come to pack up my stuff, they're going to lock me cups and taking yourself. You coming to pack up my shit? I'm going back to my unit, right. I'm like, OK, so Sanoma in the yard looking for the Shane Gallagher, right? He fucking checked in when they locked us all up pieces. You know, Bob, about the guards you gotta put in the hold, got put in the hole. So I'm in front of his unit at lunchtime and all guys air coming out and they're telling me Oh, yeah. Shane's gone for sure he's doing that right. And you could hear him through the doors, begging the guards to put him in the fucking whole right. Fucking goof. And he's going around telling everybody out here that fucking Ah, he got street charged just like us where we never got street charts. So he knew when I got out, he was fucked, right? Used.

spk_0:   1:7:36
So you can ask to be checked into the hole with Just in isolation is the at work,

spk_1:   1:7:42
you know? You see, the guards checked you in order that you checking by an inmate in the guards. But you're in there. Oh, I guess. Like checked it. Checking it bad. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So, yeah. Checking has been the in meets. An inmate can go to the garden. See? Put me in the whole right, because the other and you're gonna fucking up and in the guards. That's what as what You get you into the guards and ask for help. When you go and do that, you become PC and that's your goof. Your piece of shit, right? PC is the protective custody. That means you've gone to the guards, know you asking the girls for help normal guys that go to the guards for help. Or guys that read kids read women rat on people fucking their goose, right. And for some reason, they can't stay in population with a It's not cause over violent and or we're gonna kill him. We're all fucking in there being ourselves. You're their old men in there that, you know, they're not fighters, you know? I mean, I was gonna fucking touch of fucking hair on their fucking heads because they're good guys. It's the goose that get fucked up, and they got to go check in, right? And this guy was obviously a goof, and I don't know what his motives were. That's what I mean. This guy was going to get dope. He was gonna get dope in this fucking package. And instead, he decides to snitch on it to try and get out, because being able to go to the guards and say, Hey, I got something to tell you. I know two guys that got the commissioner's daughter bringing in dope. You know what I mean? Asked if you hear anything, so they're gonna let you out, you're gonna become backing Joe. See this and I don't know what the fuck goes through his head. And so Yeah, So he got transferred somewhere. I don't know why they didn't let us find a book all about him. They hit him somewhere. So So he goes to the hole heading into summer, treated from their garden.

spk_0:   1:9:17
He he got hidden into his transferred, transferred somewhere else.

spk_1:   1:9:20
Yeah, he gets put in the hole and stashed away in protective custody, and then they transfer him to another prison, and then he would have gotten out or something. Like he must have got whatever. I don't know what the rewards are for snitching. I've never understood it, But I know that if you're in there for being a piece of shit just cause you go on snitch on people, that doesn't mean you should get to get out to the community. You know what I mean? Yeah. I don't even know why guards work with that shit. Right?

spk_0:   1:9:45
And any idea what happened to the commissioner's daughter? Did you find out what him?

spk_1:   1:9:49
No. She stayed fighting the charges and everything, and she did end up getting sentenced to possession charges. They're never ever to make her on bringing anything into the institution, and I don't think so. They were going after her heart at first, right? Because they want her to crack as they want us. You know, we're the assholes, right? When she's not cracking, they don't want a fuckin roaster completely because of us. So I think they let up on her. I don't know. This is speculation, right? Because I never had I never went to ST court, and never She stayed solid. So as it is missing, I snitching on us and getting her busted. You know what I mean? We never had to go to court. Um, so I'm speculating that they let up on her and just, you know, because she only had possession charges. Right? And at first they're trying to charge her for introducing drugs into a fucking institution. Right? That's most most your shirt.

spk_0:   1:10:40
How does it all work with the outside ghost office? It was You make that was sitting it up on the outside, but engine right. You must have. You must have it set up with the guys who's doing it. And how do you communicate with him? Because I'm sure that listening way we

spk_1:   1:10:54
got letters, We got visits and we got the phone. And then we also have cell phones that we get snuck in. Not just

spk_0:   1:11:06
the prison phones. Don't listen. Toe on those.

spk_1:   1:11:08
Quite alright. Listen to them. They listen to them and it's getting messed. Sometimes they're listening to them a lot. Sometimes we're not missing into that much raw, right? A guy? No, she it sit on there and nothing happens. And all of a sudden, shift it sit on there, and something does happen. So I think you know, guards countless in the fucking everything. So I think they specific guys they get information on, they go after them, right? Trying to hear shit. I don't know. We're not. Everything gets busted on on the phones, But still, you shouldn't talk on the guards phones, right? It just makes sense. Don't do it. So guys have phones in there that gets snuck in, and then you can pay to use the cell phone, right?

spk_0:   1:11:44
And then how do you probably go on the outside?

spk_1:   1:11:47
So the main way most guys do with bank transfers because most people in there don't have anything. They're just they're just a guy who got got busted and always in the pen. And but they got family and friends usually right? Usually family. And so they can call their family, and they can ask them for money. And then the family can put money into a bank account for the right, and that's called a bt of bank transfer. And so that's how you get stuff in there. So guys in there, they don't want their in prison. They don't want stuff in prison all the time. They want to get out to ship. So guys get jokes sent in there so they can sell it in there from bank transfers on the streets of them. Get out. They got street money for the dope, right? They still used some of the person you want to live good and buy shit. Buy food from the fucking food drives by food from the kitchen. Excuse me from inmates stealing it and shit and helping friends get high and getting higher yourself in ship. Most of the stuff in there you want to get street cash word on the street.

spk_0:   1:12:44
And there was another story that you told me that, um because we'll probably touch on the lady beside that. You spent a considerable amount of time in the hole. But there was one time that you had actually got to be a cleaner while you're in the hole and you're hooking people up with drugs. Well, you

spk_1:   1:13:01
know what was in Drumheller? Yeah, that was after the riots. Fucking so. Normally in the whole, the only guys that get to be cleaners are goose, right? The rats and shit, right? The guards give them jobs and shit. Um but so when we ride it, I was already in the hole already. And then I was in drum. I was in drum. There's two riots and drum. I was in the first right And the second writers in the whole bit. So when all the guys were coming to the whole from the right that the check ins, they don't want to be cleaners. They just want to see hitting yourself, so that whatever I can hear it. But they tell the guards whatever, they don't want me cleaners. So because I mean the whole online in the whole from riding I mean, just in the whole from fucking being in the hole, they they asked me English. You want to be a cleaner first? Oh, fuck wannabe cleaner for right? And they're like, no fucking it'll be just you and Cameron together. Person was Oh, my king, my Curtis And just be you and Mikey. And I was like, OK, so now wrote in the fucking there we can run back and forth and pass everything. So we had a hot pot like, uh, you know, hot but is like it's like a cattle that but you can pick the little off and you can cook in it and you plug it in K. So we had one of those and we would put dope in the bottom of it stuff. And that's how that's how we're passing dope around. But we could also do it. When we were locked up, we would tell the guards, Hey, can you pass on so the hot pot so you can make a coffee and then they'd be doping. The bottom of the hot part to the guard would fucking walking over to give it to the guy, not knowing he's bringing them the dope and the rig and everything that's in the bottom of the hot pot. And then and then the guy would come back in the governor. Hey, boss, can you take in this fucking hot pot so he can make Kraft dinner? Right? Guys like OK, but I'm not passing it around no more. And then you only a week where the guy does around again the next time. And this three guards usually work, right. So sometimes they mix up who was working? Yeah. I just have to go out again, taking you take it. And then you hear, guys. So now guys have been passing the hot pot around, so everybody's got their dope. And then now everyone's done their doping. Now here everyone laid on the forest, talking underneath the doors to each other from their cells. A and everyone's high. You can hear it in their bush. A bro. What's up? How's that coffee? Pretty good. How's that? How's that Kraft dinner? That was pretty good programs and get an obvious that everyone's fucking high, right? Shit like that. We do it out. That's in the hole. I

spk_0:   1:15:27
wouldn't even get hope down the other, like toe hook People up here to get dope in the house

spk_1:   1:15:31
while guys come down to the hole with that. Guys can get themselves through the whole guys. We're going to court and they know they're going to get whole time. They package it in the news, go to court safer tattooing or making a brew or fighting your any type of charge, right? And you go to court like Institutional court inside court, and then you go to court, call it kangaroo court, and then you get you can get hold time for it, or you can get a fine right, And they take that off our $69 paid. That's only if you're level a pay. If you're doing city in there and you're like, you know, level pay only getting like parking $49 or something Fucking pay like you're working on offer. It sucks organ.

spk_0:   1:16:11
And you said that you get dengue for, um, making a burger. I remember one time you said to me, that's kind of bit lenient on on what? Drugs. But alcohol is a huge No, no, because

spk_1:   1:16:23
you're making brooms. So if you get in trouble in there like I said and you get charged and you go to the whole right When you get out, you go back to yourself and everything's there. The guards is going. Put a lock on yourself. You got a roommate units. A good roommate. Still packed some your ship, and then you go back to your room, mate, if you know your roommate and you say, that's what you want. Um, but if you made a brew, you lose everything cause the guards don't want. So I mean, use everything like the guards will go to yourself. If I could strip it down, they'll take anything. You're not allowed. And then when you good out of the hole, you got to go back to a double salad. You got to go back to the bottom of the list. You gotta wait to get a single cell again. It sucks like you. Your pay level goes all the way to the bottom. They take everything away from you. You can whole loss of everything when you're in the whole, like there's different. Well, you can. You can do hole time with your TV or you can do hole time with no TV. I always got whole time and no TV. One time they did try to bring me achieving the whole It was shift change. The one guard, I guess just had a change of heart had already been done every 30 40 fucking days. You think English You want a TV? Because they have inmate welfare committee, TV's down their daughter loners. And I was like, Sure, entry, Bruce, Just a little black and weak looking thing, right? I'm a cool and I put it, I'm just sitting up in my myself and they're all standing here, the guard open. So shift change happens. And I was like, you know, half hour urinary. I hear the guards coming to do another round here, my cell door opening as I'm gonna fix my TV, still get to work. And he said something that English, something about my TV act that he was gonna fucking take it from me. Now the goof guard because I was on no privileges. I wasn't supposed to be a lot of TV, Right, So this card was just being nice, and I thought, Now, this card is gonna be a group like I know he is. He's gonna try and take your fucking TV. So I fucking really you want to take it and working through it. Adam should smashing shit Fucking taking in fucking pieces. And he closes my door real quick. You know, in any U starts talking to me, Thor it through my door, Got to calm down her. I was like, whatever. You're gonna take my TV, you want for you. But he's like, I wasn't taking your fucking TV. And I was like, but that's what I thought he was doing. So So that is like, calm down. I'm gonna open your doors. He can clean up in there. And then he was still being cool. He says, I'll go look if there's another TV easier, but I don't think there is. And I knew there wasn't there when they gave me with she black and white. It was like she just loner TV get the last one. And God, that's the holding. Doesn't why had already been down there for 30 40 holds My head was fucked up. So where your sample now? Yes. So we get doped on there all those different ways.

spk_0:   1:19:00
No, said white. Why is it so bad to make prove what they want? Alcohol, prison

spk_1:   1:19:04
guards? Because that's when guards get punched out. Well, at one time, guys can do coke. Guys can do speed and hide in ourselves. Guys can fucking do morphine. And what can just want your walk around around, around around right. But fucking you get guys drunk and they want to punch out fucking guards. Right? And you get a guy drunk enough, you will go punch a fuckin guard. And you got I know all sharing them on your name mean now send them down the range point amount of guard. So and so That's why the guards crackdown on Bruce. Big time. You know what? No bruise being made. You know what? Knowing meets, getting drunk. Don't want guards get assault. All right, It'll be

spk_0:   1:19:42
least Listen, It's also it's also a crazy how you know, prisons got that me and tell me that alcohol was the worst, because God's people getting hurt, but it's OK out in public like it's legal. Yeah, well, worlds it's two different worlds, but, I mean, it's still pretty damaging. David,

spk_1:   1:20:01
while my mom got punched out every time my dad got drunk, right. So fucking Yeah, I know it. I hate to stop myself. The feud I don't Like I said, I'm not a drinker. Right? In a few times I have a drunk. I've only done stupid shit. So

spk_0:   1:20:15
yeah, you tell me about, um uh, now I've got some stories, but when she had a zones, Um, so just to wrap this up any other interesting ways that, um, diet was born into their I went to the meaning,

spk_1:   1:20:34
So shy track. So you can always That I was doing it was, was, were had the commissioner, uh, daughter bringing us don't for a while, But then you can, and then we had stuff being shot in, then thrown in. That was pretty awesome. Um, other ways we're getting it done was through the visits that you get mules and so say that person is there were coming and they got the dope and they'll go to the pop machine. Syria. There's a pop machine in there, right? And they are fucking, you know, by pop, whenever you know, go to get the pop and they leave the dope where you get the pop out, right, And then we'll go to the machine. No, to get pop your immunity here by you. Get this poppin your reach in and grab. You know that he's got to go back to his table and somehow guard seen him, and we don't get caught. He's got to somehow get that group of his ass, right? And so most guys do it. No problem.

spk_0:   1:21:29
And do you? I think you've told me before The you guys kind of have ago. I see it up. That looks like he's obviously doing it. And they kind of the gods look at him. But the other guys, right? You're doing it.

spk_1:   1:21:40
Were you trying to trick the guards and stuff and you'll have a guy with market no tobacco and shit, something stupid like that, trying to hope in something. And then you got the real stuff going on in the other corner. But, yeah, there's all kinds of tricks in there.

spk_0:   1:21:55
What's the most amount of dope you've seen Border that way. This stuff we had shot in? No, I mean

spk_1:   1:22:03
or something up there. I Yeah, well, I know there's been no dope in a prison and we're guys there waiting for somebody. Get out of a PFD. That's a private family visit. They call it a conjugal visit. you and your girlfriend. Not your girlfriend, your wife, right? Or common law away. And then all the sudden there is, like, fucking for fucking ounces of fucking weed in the prison is sexually Hello? Came out of someone's butt. It's impressive. Yeah, right. You mean you can pack and squish stoke down and shit? But, I mean, you imagine the biggest fucking shit, you know, like I have never seen. Like, I don't know, I've never seen the biggest Oliver, but I imagine broken his biggest someone parking shit has been brought in. Yeah, I know there are guys that are known for being champs like, and it's really what guys can become famous for. And there were three guys in there that I think you Chinese or somewhere, actually, just even a normal guy for fucking having a loose ass, right? Being able to stick a lot of dope up there.

spk_0:   1:23:04
Yeah, American from work. What? What do you think of, um, the title of the podcast last week?

spk_1:   1:23:13
Don't forget to pizza guy.

spk_0:   1:23:15
You got to try and get a bit more creative, so I re choices. Let's that Let's try three different ones. You can choose huh? You can choose the title for this week. There's three options Is the that

spk_1:   1:23:31
way. We all talked about Tony's potato gown or commissioner's daughter. Um oh, I think that was the new work on it, but that you can't give it a title about me who continues in the prison. That was brutal. That seems, Should I do for fucking friends so that his debts get fucking paid? And then when I get out, I go see my friend PK and I leave it all in the fucking two knees and loonies. I get my five reminding normal money. Might you under are contributing. And I'm, like, here he's like, Why is it all in fucking Chief? I go. That's how I brought it over Broke. He's they think PK, right, Paul, care like you could shit too, right? Fucking He's like, no way I'm like, Yeah, that was where bro James, I was fucking. However, the solid bro

spk_0:   1:24:23
attorneys is off the listing,

spk_1:   1:24:25
and that's that guy I got was fucking brutal, like I'm telling you. Brought it feels like you got a shit like it. What do you can? I was walking on the bus. I could feel the weight of fracking. All the Tunisian loonies. Like water falling on my ass using a choice. Okay, overall

spk_0:   1:24:45
revenue. Wrap it up anyway. Prison. I prefer the stories. That's fucking word. I'll come up with something because

spk_1:   1:24:53
you figure out what is it. Now do it come up with some. I'll leave that up to you, bro.

spk_0:   1:24:57
If I could have a toilet and wait, if I could do the title in an accident to be toyed, I e get about like a tiger. It's kind of like a target. Uh, uh huh. I go into a surprised me. Okay. See, you guys obviously know. Know that Gillis won that argument. We didn't name the podcast about anything to do with Gillis putting up his about hope, but, ah, we use mud fresh money, cause there was quite interesting story of people creating their own currency in prison. Um, his mother stories like, sounds ahead, Uncle Rico from Napoleon dynamite check and tennis balls over the fence there. And she blows him on hell. Don't know how easy it is to give them, but you think it be a lot harder. I think a lot. Lot more screening and a lot more parameters to stop people from doing it. But they tell they get it in. So that was a good one. Um, next we're gonna touch on, um, well, the different characters that Gillis meet in prison any funny stories arising from that. So, um, yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed that one. And as I always say, give us a writing or view on apple podcast to help us out, and we'll see you next time on plain English.