The REGIS-TR RoundUp
S10E4: Women in Leadership Special for International Women's Day 2024
Episode Artwork S10E4: Women in Leadership Special for International Women's Day 2024 53:39 Episode Artwork S10E3: Data, Risk Weighting and Financial Information Services with Darren Marsh (SIX Group) 49:55 Episode Artwork S10E2: What's coming in 2024: ESMA's Work Plan, New Reporting Obligations & Refit Countdown 57:34 Episode Artwork S10:E1 End of Year Special 2023: Industry Challenges, Data Field Problems and Predictions for 2024! Merry Christmas! 58:03 Episode Artwork S9:E9 Annual Client Conference Live Part 2 41:27 Episode Artwork S9:E8 Live Event Special - Part 1: The Regulatory Outlook for 2024 36:46 Episode Artwork S9E7: Repo & SFTR Special with Danny Corrigan, CEO London Reporting House 40:23 Episode Artwork S9E6: FIA (Futures Industry Association) EMIR Refit Special with John Graham 48:40 Episode Artwork S9E5: Regulation, Government & Crisis Management with Urs Reich & Laura Rodriguez 43:01 Episode Artwork S9:E4 EMIR Refit FAQ Special - Feature Length Podcast Q&A 44:14 Episode Artwork S9E3: Cecabank - Building EMIR Refit Solutions as a Regulated Market Participant 33:27 Episode Artwork S9E2: EMIR Refit Special with Tim Hartley, Dir EMIR Reporting at Kaizen 35:50 Episode Artwork S9E1: EMIR Refit, Data Quality & Regnology, with Fabian Klar & Fraser Reid 31:33 Episode Artwork S8E6: CSDR Special Report with Jesus Benito, Head Domestic Custody & TR operations, SIX 39:48 Episode Artwork S8E5: EXCLUSIVE: EMIR Refit Readiness - 2023 Market Survey Preview with Novatus Advisory 31:19 Episode Artwork S8E4: New Year Show - Reviewing the 2023 EMIR Refit Guidelines & Technical Documentation 33:42 Episode Artwork S8E3: Christmas Special - Review of 2022 and predictions for 2023 32:00 Episode Artwork S8E2: Andrea Ostini Della Vedova on AI Regulation & the Future of AI in Regtech 35:54 Episode Artwork S8E1: LIVE CEO Special - EMIR Refit's Complex Clearing Regulations with Laura Bayley, John Kernan & Thomas Steimann 36:42 Episode Artwork S7E7: Season Finale - M&A Special with Bernard Gudowski (SIX Group) 44:55 Episode Artwork S7E6: Q3 & Q4 Preview - What Market Participants Should Expect from the Rest of 2022 45:10 Episode Artwork S7E5: Crypto, DeFi and CBDC Special with Anastasia Kinsky (GBBC Digital Finance) 45:00 Episode Artwork S7E4: The Future of Post-Trade Services with Javier Hernani, CEO at BME and Head of Securities Services for SIX Group 41:43 Episode Artwork S7E3: Client Relationship Management Special with Chris Mason & Maria Denise Cane 43:43 Episode Artwork S7E2: Reporting Expert Ron Finberg on REFIT Readiness, Resilience and Digital Compliance 45:57