Episode 2: Radiobiology 1

July 10, 2020 Aidan Season 1 Episode 2
Episode 2: Radiobiology 1
Show Notes

In this episode we cover neutron radiation, positron emission and electron capture and introduce the basics of the effects of radiation on our cells. We've answered some of your questions and have begun a new segment, "On the shoulders of Giants" where we talk about great figures from science history. This week we talk about George Washington Carver, an agricultural scientist and inventor who rapidly advanced farming and improved the lives of many Americans. 

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Time stamps:
Welcome message: 0:15
Introduction: 1:30
Neutron radiation: 2:25
Positron Emission: 4:25
Electron Capture: 6:50
Shoulders of Giants: 9:10
Effects of Radiation on cells: 14:35
Radiotherapy: 17:00
Fun fact about radiation: 19:40