Episode 3: Is Trump a Scientific Genius?

August 06, 2020 Aidan Season 1 Episode 3
Episode 3: Is Trump a Scientific Genius?
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In this episode we discuss the importance of clear and effective science communication in the modern era and how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the best and worst of how science is relayed to the public. Also covered in this episode is the effect that President Trump has had on the interpretation of information and selecting the truth. 
The importance of asking the right questions and having the right sources is greater now than ever. 

Our Giant of the week is Lewis Howard Latimer, inventor of the carbon filament for lightbulbs. Well done to those who got it right on our social media. Latimer should be credited with the modern lightbulb instead of Edison. Just another example of why we need to keep discussing the roles of black scientists and engineers in the development of modern society. 

Some brilliant Public Engagement from King's College and the Royal College of Art:

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Introduction: Curiosity and Communication
Science Communication
The point of this podcast
Coronavirus and Science Communication
Coronavirus and Conspiracy Theories: 5G and Facemasks
Trump: The gift that keeps on giving
Shoulders of Giants: Lewis Howard Latimer
COVID-19 vaccine: A New Hope?
Final Thoughts & Latimer Quotes