The Wedding Of Distinction

Selecting The Perfect Wedding Venue

November 16, 2021 Michael Fernino Season 2 Episode 2
The Wedding Of Distinction
Selecting The Perfect Wedding Venue
Show Notes

On this episode my guest is John Munno as we discuss selecting the perfect wedding venue! 
John Munno is the owner and photographer for John Munno Weddings. 
John’s interest in photography started in high school years when his father gifted him a family heirloom camera. That camera went with everywhere John went.  Thus was born his love for capturing beautiful scenes, precious moments and telling stories through photography.
As this interest continued to grow in his life, John went on to study photography at the New York Institute of Photography after which he started his career as a Nature and Landscape Photographer with a focus on creating beauty with healing photo art for medical buildings in Connecticut.   His photography has been featured in numerous galleries across the state as well as permanent installations in hospitals and medical facilities such as UCONN and Yale Hospital. 
Still with much love doing landscape and nature photography, over time, his direction shifted to full time wedding photography.   His wedding photography career started off as a photographer and studio manager for a large well established wedding photography company in Connecticut.  There he gained a ton of experience in all aspects of the business including shootings and editing of weddings, design of wedding albums, printing and of course working with a variety and multitude of clients.
At the same time, he wanted to provide a more personalized individualized approach to couple's wedding day.  He didn’t want a cookie cutter, high volume approach but wanted to provide something different, a unique, personalized wedding photography experience where he was able to take care of each client from start to finish, ensuring they had nothing short of an amazing wedding experience that would exceed expectations.
Thus was born his wedding photography company “John Munno Weddings” with the mission and vision to provide a unique personalized wedding experience delivering individualized care and attention with honesty, integrity and excellent customer service.   John is committed to every detail of your wedding from start to finish, and at the same time delivering creative, artistic, quality work with quick turn-around times and reasonable pricing.
John’s studio is based out of Southbury, Connecticut.  He is an established, seasoned professional wedding photographer in Connecticut.  He is most known and sought after for his classic, rich and colorful style of photography.  John is a 4 x Best of Knot Weddings and Knot Hall of Fame Award winning photographer with over 85 five star reviews.  He is loved by his clients for his hard work dedication and service.