Christ's Reward
The Cross in New York
The Cross in New York 18:36 You are Unique 17:05 The Blood of Jesus 19:08 The Moravian Cry 12:27 Burning Heart 16:58 Healings and the Power of God 18:15 Intimacy with God 22:08 The Reward of the Lamb Part 2 18:28 The Reward of the Lamb 16:40 Chosen by God 16:56 Good and Faithful Servant 20:29 Living by the Grace of God 18:42 Finding your Value 18:33 Testimonies of Salvation 23:27 The Gift of Righteousness 24:32 Motivated by Love 24:47 Loving Others 32:13 Becoming Confident 30:51 Overcoming Rejection with Boldness (Michael Seth) 27:31 The Power of the Church with Michael Seth 32:47 Holy Spirit Evangelism with Jeff Symons 30:20 The Simple Gospel with Jeff Symons 25:21 Passion in the Gospel with Daniel Hoyos 31:02 Opportunities for Christ in the Workplace with Daniel Hoyos 26:30 How to share a 15 second testimony 12:30